Misadventures of a minority-elect President 56

Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

Today’s misadventures in Trump’s land of delusion begin with our minority-elect President’s supporters feeling betrayed by their illegitimate leader, accusations that Trump conducted illegal airstrikes in Syria to deflect attention from his mounting domestic problems, Senate immorally – and possibly illegally – forces another corrupt alt-right wing “Justice” on the American people to further enable Trump’s corruption, justifying Trump’s illegal Syrian airstrikes with a suspicious source, Americans are being led by fools, more revelations that our minority-elect President ordered illegal airstrikes in Syria to distract from his ongoing dipshittery – and possibly try to end the ongoing investigations into his alleged Russia collusion scandal, Trump’s non-existent foreign policy puts malice for personal gains over actual policy, still fraudulently exploiting his office for personal profit, Trump’s illegal airstrike in Syria aid and abets Al-Qaeda and more.

The Donald Trump subreddit is flipping out over Syria airstrike: ‘Trump has betrayed all of us’ article from AOL News. –

Observers Warn That Syria Attack is Trump’s ‘Wag the Dog’ Moment article from Common Dreams. –

“Reports that Russia was warned about stirke fuel accusations that military action was taken to distract from mounting domestic problems…”

Senate Confirms Neil Gorsuch To Supreme Court After Historic Blockade Of Obama’s Nominee article from the Huffington Post. –

Forcing another corrupt alt-right wing “Justice” on the American people will not work out well in the end.

Why Is Media Citing Man Accused of Kidnapping Journalists as Credible Source on Syrian Chemical Attack? article from AlterNet. –

Because they need misinformed Americans to believe their bull shit:

“With military intervention on the horizon, media outlets cite Shajul Islam, a doctor accused of working with extremists in Syria.

Calls for regime change in Syria are once again filling the airwaves, and President Donald Trump has said he is considering further military intervention in the country.

(Update: After this article was published, the U.S. launched a missile attack on a Syrian government airfield, which ISIS subsequently exploited.)

Media outlets have been pouring fuel on the fire of war. One of the key voices calling for Western intervention that is being amplified by corporate news networks is Shajul Islam, a doctor in the al-Qaeda-controlled Syrian province of Idlib.

Islam has accused the Syrian government of carrying out a chemical attack on civilians. Dozens of major media outlets have cited his claims, while conceding that they have not been independently verified…”

The Trump Administration: ‘Ship of Fools’ article from the Centre for Research on Globalization. –

Trump doesn’t have authority to order strikes against Syria article from the Boston Globe. –

Why did Trump decide to attack Syria? Just turn on your TV article from Yahoo! News. –

Yet more revelations that our minority-elect President ordered illegal airstrikes to distract from his ongoing dipshittery – nothing distracts from reality like false flags in the knick of time…

Did Trump Attack Assad to End the Russian Collusion Story? article from Newsweek on Yahoo! News. –

Op-Ed: Trump just yanked the Russia card right out of Democrats’ hands article from Yahoo! News. –

“What a difference 24 hours and 59 Tomahawk missiles can make.

Yesterday if you mentioned the words “Russia and Trump,” you were probably having a conversation about the enduring allegations that the Russians somehow colluded with the Trump campaign and that they somehow tipped the 2016 election.

But now those words are likely a part of a conversation about how President Donald Trump broke with Russia in his decision to respond to the alleged Syrian nerve gas assault on its own people with Thursday night’s missile strike.

That’s a dramatic flipping of the script in Washington, Moscow, and beyond. It’s not exactly an example of a totally negative story turning into a totally positive one for President Trump, but it’s close. Because from now on, the narrative that the president is some kind of puppet of Russian President Vladimir Putin is going to be much harder to promote. An independent President Trump is harder to completely tear down than a man supposedly being remote-controlled by the Kremlin… no matter what he does…”

Not necessarily. Trump has too many Russia scandals going on and too many other distractions from his myriad of corruption/ethic issues and his duplicitous actions speak much louder than the horse crap that spews from his mouth and fingertips.

(As I said yesterday, the timing of his illegal bombing in Syria is a little too coincidental…)

The U.S. strike in Syria failed to change anything article from Think Progress. –

Goodbye U.S. Senate article from the Los Angeles Times. –

Absent policy, Trump follows other motivations to military force video from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Trump’s non-existent foreign policy puts malice for personal gains over actual policy.

Commemorating the president’s 10th consecutive weekend at a Trump-branded property article from Think Progress. –

Fraudulently exploiting his office for personal profit for 10 weeks in a row now.

Trump has options in Syria, if he wants them article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

“Donald Trump’s new approach to Syria bears little resemblance to his position from a few days ago, last week, last year, or even four years ago. By way of an explanation, the White House points to Bashar al-Assad’s brutal chemical attack on Tuesday, which NBC News reports killed at least 100 people – including 25 children – and injured 400 others.

In other words, the president’s military response last night has a humanitarian motivation: Syria’s regime is responsible for a deadly atrocity, the argument goes, and the United States felt it was necessary to respond. The New York Times published a headline (which has since been changed) that told readers, “On Syria Attack, Trump’s Heart Came First.”

This is an incredibly generous interpretation of yesterday’s developments, based on nothing but Trump’s rhetoric. We’re to believe the president, moved by compassion and sympathy for Assad’s victims, struck at Syria as an expression of American disgust…”

Here are 45 times Trump said attacking Syria was a bad idea and might start World War III article from Mic. –

Airstrikes Without Justice article from Counter Punch. –

Dan Rather Slams Journalists Who Hailed Donald Trump’s Bombs As ‘Presidential’ article from the Huffington Post. –

Before This Is Over, Republicans Are Going to Wish Hillary Clinton Won article from New York Mag. –

“Imagine what the political world would look like for Republicans had Hillary Clinton won the election. Clinton had dragged her dispirited base to the polls by promising a far more liberal domestic agenda than Barack Obama had delivered, but she would have had no means to enact it. As the first president in 28 years to take office without the benefit of a Congress in her own party’s hands, she’d have been staring at a dead-on-arrival legislative agenda, all the low-hanging executive orders having already been picked by her predecessor, and years of scandalmongering hearings already teed up. The morale of the Democratic base, which had barely tolerated the compromises of the Obama era and already fallen into mutual recriminations by 2016, would have disintegrated altogether. The 2018 midterms would be a Republican bloodbath, with a Senate map promising enormous gains to the Republican Party, which would go into the 2020 elections having learned the lessons of Trump’s defeat and staring at full control of government with, potentially, a filibuster-proof Senate majority.

Instead, Republicans under Trump are on the verge of catastrophe. Yes, they are about to gain a Supreme Court justice, no small thing, a host of federal judges, and a wide array of deregulation. Yet they are saddled with not only the most unpopular president at this point in time in the history of polling, but the potential for a partywide collapse, the contours of which they have not yet imagined. The failure of the Republican health-care initiative was a sobering moment, when their early, giddy visions of the possibilities of full party control of government gave way to an ugly reality of dysfunction, splayed against the not-so-distant backdrop of a roiled Democratic voting base. They have ratcheted back their expectations. But they have not ratcheted them far enough. By the time President Trump has left the scene, what now looks like a shambolic beginning, a stumbling out of the gate, will probably feel like the good old days…”

Neil Buchanan: Why Is Trump Bothering to Govern? article from Newsweek on Yahoo! News. –

Donald Trump, Inevitable Hawk article from the Atlantic. –

Roaming Charges: Metapysical Graffiti article from Counter Punch. –

“I don’t know who was behind the grisly chemical attack in the northern Syrian city of Khan Shaikhoun that killed more than 70 people, including many children. All of the actors in the region–the Assad regime, the rebels, Russia, Al Qaeda, Israel, the Kurds, the Turks, the Iranians and the US–have access to chemical weapons and we know that the US, Israel, the rebels and Assad have probably used them in the past. Take your pick, choose your poison.

I am not a conspiratorialist, who furiously digs through deep strata of fantasy to find “crisis actors” and rogue CIA X-teams behind every school shooting, bombing or air crash. In fact, I find most conspiracy theorists to be lazy thinkers, craven opportunists and intellectual thugs. They are the bane of my inbox. The question here, as always, is who benefits from this depraved act and who suffers?

The timing is certainly suspicious. The Assad regime had nothing to gain and everything to lose from dropping chemical bombs on civilian targets. The Syrian government is winning the war. The rebel forces are in retreat. ISIS is a splintered force. Europe is desperate for a resolution to the Syrian war and an end to the tide of refugees. And the Trump administration had announced only a few days earlier that the future of Assad was up to the Syrian people. Of course, all of this assumes that Assad is still a rational actor, which may prove an assumption too far…”

Former SNL cast member confirms what we all suspected about Trump in real life article from the Daily Kos. –

Syria: New U.S. Air Support On Request Scheme For Al-Qaeda article from Moon of Alabama. –

The Impending Clash Between the U.S. and Russia article from Counter Punch. –

The brilliance of managed chaos in Trump’s land of delusion.

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