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Welcome to my little part of the web. Hopefully you won’t leave here empty handed. Visitors looking for my blog can find it here or by following the links above.

As you can tell, my name is Bill. I currently reside in Northern CA with my beautiful wife and cat.

After spending years helping people with their computer problems and collecting all kinds of links from numerous places and searches etc., I decided that I wanted to put a site together for people who love to surf the internet and to help point people in the right directions to find the help they need or to help themselves.

I decided to share some of the most helpful links I’ve ever had the fortune to come across while researching things. I’ve been collecting information and useful links for years and I enjoy helping people with their problems in my spare time.

A little bit about the web site:

The main page of this site is now the Bill’s Links and More Blog which contains links to useful reference sites, other articles I’ve written and my link pages.

The Links pages contain over 2000 unique links broken down into 14 categories:

Computer Seller Links Links to computer manufacturers, various computer parts and accessories, various software sites and computer recycle info 110
E-card Greeting Links Links to free electronic greeting card sites – mainly nice, but a few adult too 70
Free Essential Software Links The ‘Free’ program page contains links to freeware programs including Anti-Virus, Uninstallers, desktop search tools, browser toolbars and add-ons, temporary and internet file cleaners, firewalls, graphic editors and creators, zip utilities, alternate web browsers and more Coming soon
Job Search Links Links to various job search sites and helpful information 73
Links to Links and More Links to hundreds of links, some useful sites with some interesting information and free online games 304
Medical Help and Info Links Links to numerous resources to look up medical information, diseases, diagnosis’, drug information and reference, information about doctors and some medical search engines 296
Misc. Software Links Links to numerous freeware and shareware sites, various graphic tools, internet, web design and programming tools and software, miscellaneous software sites, security tools and software, and system and office tools and utilities 152
Shopping and Travel Links Links to numerous shopping sites as well as travel search and information sites 115
Song Search Links Links to song and lyric search sites 18
Spyware Help Links Links to reputable spyware information and resource sites, programs and tools to help fight spyware including Anti-phishing toolbars and Identity Theft and Fraud aid and resources 139
Tax Help and Info Links Links to tax help, information, software and investment sites 38
Various Search Links Links to general search engines and search engine information, reference and research sites, child and kid related search engines and reference sites, clip-art and web development search related sites and magazine sites Coming soon
Web Design Help Links Links to MS Frontpage, Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro and NetObjects Fusion help, tutorials and resources as well as miscellaneous design and information sites and search engines you can add to your site 154
Windows Help Links Links to hundreds of Windows help, support, tips and tricks and information sites, several useful programs, and Video and Sound card manufacturer sites 43

If I had more time I could probably break them down into at least 50 more categories. I have purposely tried not to include links that have numerous pop-ups, are harmful to your computer or are affiliated with spyware in any way. Always pay attention to what you do and click on when visiting any link and use common sense. Please feel free to pass the links along to others.

The information within these pages is supplied as is. No guarantee of any kind, implied, expressed or otherwise is made in relation to the accuracy, reliability or content of these pages. I will not be held liable for any damages arising from the use of, or inability to use these pages.

Microsoft, Windows and DOS are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. All other copyrights and trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners. You are responsible for adhering to their copyrights. Downloaded and online material is copyrighted whether or not a copyright notice is present. Read all the fine print in the EULAs (End User Licensing Agreements).

Please feel free to contact me if you have something to suggest or add, need help with a computer problem, know of other useful links or categories you’d like to see added, and to report dead links. Thank you for visiting.

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