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Misadventures of a minority-elect President 79

Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

Host of White House Correspondents dinner lambasts Trump – who had to re-energize himself with a campaign rally in PA – despite being asked not to, our wannabe dictator bemoans the U.S. Constitution as ‘archaic’ and ‘really bad’ for the country, the truth keeps blowing the lid off Trump’s Syrian gas attack fairy tale, more on Ivanka’s miscreantics as special adviser to her minority-elect father, corporate rights trump human rights in our wannabe dictator’s land of delusion, Trump’s first 100 days make history – for having the lowest approval ever, Trump cancels interview when pressed on his fraudulent Obama wiretapping claims, Trump’s trade tirades frustrating GOP, tripping over Trumpcare due to his own ignorance, Trump’s first 100 days sucked so bad he had to put out his own Fake News ad to make himself look good, the U.S. Constitution could provide a couple of ways to remove our fraudulent Liar-in-Chief, the growing number of protests and protesters, our authoritarian President’s reign of idiots, be on the lookout for another false flag – worse than Trump’s Syrian gas attack fairy tale false flag – as Trump flails to save his presidency and much more.

White House correspondents Dinner host blasts Trump, despite being asked not to article from Yahoo! News. –

Trump bashed White House Correspondents and media… it works both ways.

Trump happy to be with ‘much better people’ than Washington press corps article from CBS News. –

Beyond 100 days, Trump faces more legislative challenges article from Yahoo! News. –

Lavrov Dismantles UK-Led Sarin ‘Investigation’ in 30 Seconds article from Russia Insider. –

The truth keeps blowing the lid off Trump’s Syrian gas attack fairy tale:

“Lavrov blows the whistle on the OPCW and its ‘investigations’ in Syria

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has a simple message for the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons: Stop with the bullshit.

Speaking with journalists in Moscow on Monday, Lavrov pointed out that the OPCW has taken more than four months to ‘analyze’ chemical samples from Aleppo, which would likely implicate Syrian ‘opposition’ forces in war crimes. And surprise, surprise — the OPCW needs even more time before it can release a report.

Meanwhile, it took this prestigious organization only four days to declare that Sarin was used in the April 4 attack in Khan Sheikhun…”

Our Political Reality Is the Stuff of Nightmares article from AlterNet. –

Part of the problem lies with those that voted for Trump actually believing he cares for them…

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Misadventures of a minority-elect President 60

Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

White House unfreezes hiring and outlines plan to ‘drain the swamp’ – which is extremely corrupt courtesy of our illegitimate president, more evidence revealing why there needs to be an independent investigation into Trump’s Russia scandal, Trump’s illegal bombings in Syria and Iraq are killing far more children than those killed during the Syrian military’s bombing of an al-Qaeda storage depot filled with noxious chemicals – being promulgated as the Syrian ‘gas attack,’ contradicting Trump’s Syrian gas attack fairy tale, more evidence appearing to show that Washington’s claims of Syrian gas attack were orchestrated false flag designed for regime change in Syria, more on Donald Trump’s war crimes, apparently Trump’s love affair with Stephen Bannon is over, still lying about being surveilled by President Obama, mixing personal business while running the White House, dipshittery in Trump’s land of delusion from our clueless mastermind who knows exactly what he’s not doing, more waffling on campaign promises – this time over China and NATO, an update for Trump voters and lots more.

White House unfreezes hiring, outlines plan to ‘drain the swamp’ article from Yahoo! News. –

Colleagues of Devin Nunes have now seen his ‘unmasking’ intelligence. They’re bipartisanly underwhelmed article from The Week. –

Yet more reason there has to be an independent investigation into Trump’s Russia scandal.

Deaths from US bombings triple in Syria, Iraq article from the World Socialist Web Site. –

While our media fawns over his Syrian gas attack fairy tale, our illegitimate president is killing far more children and civilians than the Syrian military’s bombing of an al-Qaeda weapons depot that was storing noxious chemicals responsible for killing those children and Trump’s illegal attack on the Syrian Air Force. One major question going unanswered is where did al-Qaeda get noxious chemicals from?

A multi-level analysis of the US cruise missile attack on Syria and its consequences article from The Saker. –

A little lengthy but well worth the read:

“The latest US cruise missile attack on the Syrian airbase is an extremely important event in so many ways that it is important to examine it in some detail. I will try to do this today with the hope to be able to shed some light on a rather bizarre attack which will nevertheless have profound consequences. But first, let’s begin by looking at what actually happened.

The pretext:

I don’t think that anybody seriously believes that Assad or anybody else in the Syrian government really ordered a chemical weapons attack on anybody. To believe that it would require you to find the following sequence logical: first, Assad pretty much wins the war against Daesh which is in full retreat. Then, the US declares that overthrowing Assad is not a priority anymore (up to here this is all factual and true). Then, Assad decides to use weapons he does not have. He decides to bomb a location with no military value, but with lots of kids and cameras. Then, when the Russians demand a full investigation, the Americans strike as fast as they can before this idea gets any support. And now the Americans are probing a possible Russian role in this so-called attack. Frankly, if you believe any of that, you should immediately stop reading and go back to watching TV. For the rest of us, there are three options:

1. a classical US-executed false flag

2. a Syrian strike on a location which happened to be storing some kind of gas, possibly chlorine, but most definitely not sarin. This option requires you to believe in coincidences. I don’t. Unless,

3. the US fed bad intelligence to the Syrians and got them to bomb a location where the US knew that toxic gas was stored.

What is evident is that the Syrians did not drop chemical weapons from their aircraft and that no chemical gas was ever stored at the al-Shayrat airbase. There is no footage showing any munitions or containers which would have delivered the toxic gas. As for US and other radar recordings, all they can show is that an aircraft was in the sky, its heading, altitude and speed. There is no way to distinguish a chemical munition or a chemical attack by means of radar…”

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Misadventures of a minority-elect President 59

Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

Still playing family feud in the White House over power trips, more on the miscreants who helped our illegitimate president get elected, pushing propaganda about Russia to try and cover Trump’s Syrian gas attack fairy tale, wife of arrested Russian hacker claims her husband’s alleged hacking helped Trump win the presidency, brief respite from his ongoing daily ineptitude hasn’t changed the overall ignorance of the Trump cabal, Putin says he expects ‘fake’ gas attacks to discredit Syria’s Assad – meaning there may possibly be another false flag planned by Trump’s cabal, too much power in the hands of someone as corrupt as Trump is not a good thing, taking a page straight out of Hitler’s playbook, Trump taking a toll on Republicans, costing Americans their retirements, running the White House like a CEO camp is going to piss off a lot of Trump supporters, students just got screwed royally by Trump’s Education Secretary, more lies rolling off Trump’s lips over job creation under his illegitimate tenure, Trump’s presidential transition under investigation, prepare for another deceptive attempt involving Trump’s administration to cut Social Security, our current inept White House even screwed up its annual Easter Party and more.

Steve Bannon Throws His Worst Insult at Jared Kushner article from Marie Claire on Yahoo! News. –

Supporters Who Got Trump Elected Are Pursuing Vicious and Divisive Agendas article from AlterNet. –

US Official: Russia knew Syrian chemical attack was coming article from the AP on Yahoo! News. –

Still pushing propaganda to cover Trump’s Syrian chemical attack fairy tale – as usual the Russians did it. Once again, show us the evidence.

Wife of Arrested Russian Hacker: ‘The Virus My Husband Allegedly Created Was Related to Trump’s Victory’ article from AlterNet. –

“Pyotr Levashov was arrested in Spain under a U.S. international warrant on Friday.

The wife of an alleged Russian hacker has revealed that her husband’s recent arrest is linked to President Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 election.

Reuters reported on Sunday that Pyotr Levashov was arrested in Spain under a U.S. international warrant on Friday. The Justice Department declined to provide details because the case is under seal.

Levashov’s wife, Maria Levashova, told RT that the arrest is related to Russia’s interference in the U.S. election…”

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Misadventures of a minority-elect President 57

Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

Much of the U.S. Congress and our pusillanimous corporate media – acting as the Ministry of Propaganda – fawning over Trump’s illegal Syrian airstrike instead of holding him accountable, more Americans suffering from insomnia courtesy of our illegitimate minority-elect President, Trump’s Syrian delusions, jingoistic fawning over Syria with the utter lack of skeptical inquiry – sounds all to familiar (think Iraq’ alleged WMD’s), once again Trump’s ignorant hypocrisy on full display, first election in the Trump era could signal downward spiral for GOP, report suggests Ivanka Trump may have convinced her father to illegally bomb Syria, Trump’s hypocrisy on Syrian refugees, TV spends too much time on Trump’s idiocracy, many of his supporters are waking up to the reality of their ignorance, Syrian chemical attack appearing more like an orchestrated incident for Trump to use for personal gain and as a distraction, Trump’s illegal Syrian airstrike killed more civilians than Syrian military, more evidence that Trump’s dubious claims of voter fraud are based on farcical delusions, Trump endorsements bad for business, shifting to the center in an attempt to reset his failing presidency, U.S. Military-Industrial Complex to make more than $70 million from U.S. taxpayers to replace missiles fired at Syria, still desperately trying to justify his fraudulent Obama wiretapping fairy tale, Trump’s presidency is already a joke – but no laughing matter and more.

The Spoils of War: Trump Lavished With Media and Bipartisan Praise For Bombing Syria article from the Intercept. –

Luring Trump into Mideast Wars article from Consortium News. –

Insomnia Map: It’s Hard to Sleep at Night When You Didn’t Vote for the Maniac in Charge article from AlterNet. –

Trump’s threat to the 2020 Census article from Politico. –

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Misadventures of a minority-elect President 56

Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

Today’s misadventures in Trump’s land of delusion begin with our minority-elect President’s supporters feeling betrayed by their illegitimate leader, accusations that Trump conducted illegal airstrikes in Syria to deflect attention from his mounting domestic problems, Senate immorally – and possibly illegally – forces another corrupt alt-right wing “Justice” on the American people to further enable Trump’s corruption, justifying Trump’s illegal Syrian airstrikes with a suspicious source, Americans are being led by fools, more revelations that our minority-elect President ordered illegal airstrikes in Syria to distract from his ongoing dipshittery – and possibly try to end the ongoing investigations into his alleged Russia collusion scandal, Trump’s non-existent foreign policy puts malice for personal gains over actual policy, still fraudulently exploiting his office for personal profit, Trump’s illegal airstrike in Syria aid and abets Al-Qaeda and more.

The Donald Trump subreddit is flipping out over Syria airstrike: ‘Trump has betrayed all of us’ article from AOL News. –

Observers Warn That Syria Attack is Trump’s ‘Wag the Dog’ Moment article from Common Dreams. –

“Reports that Russia was warned about stirke fuel accusations that military action was taken to distract from mounting domestic problems…”

Senate Confirms Neil Gorsuch To Supreme Court After Historic Blockade Of Obama’s Nominee article from the Huffington Post. –

Forcing another corrupt alt-right wing “Justice” on the American people will not work out well in the end.

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Misadventures of a minority-elect President 55

Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

More on Trump’s illegal airstrike in Syria, Trump’s approval rating still in the toilet, with the stroke of a pen Trump eviscerates years of workplace protections for women, helping Al-Qaeda’s terrorists in Syria, numerous good reasons to impeach Trump, the impending clash between the U.S. and Russia, more evidence showing that the Syrian gas attack was orchestrated by the U.S. as pretext for bombing Syria, Ambassador accidentally reveals that Trump is violating the Constitution, McConnell immorally gives stolen Supreme Court seat to further enable Trump’s duplicitous agenda, Trump’s delusional assessment of his early ‘achievements.’ the Trump cabal cozies up to Neocons and more.

President Trump Just Ordered Military Strikes Against Syria in Response to Chemical Attack article from Mother Jones. –

Trump doesn’t care about all the children being killed by America’s illegal wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen and Libya, and he doesn’t care about all the children being deported in his aggressive deportations, doesn’t care about all the refugees – many of which are children – from the U.S. devastation in the Middle East but we’re supposed to believe he suddenly cares about Syrian children allegedly being gassed?

The bombing of Syria: A new chapter in the US drive for global hegemony article from the World Socialist Web Site. –

Trump’s Approval Rating Today Is… article from International Business Times on Yahoo! News. –

Still very low…

In One Executive Order, Trump Revoked Years of Workplace Protections for Women article from Mother Jones. –

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Misadventures of a minority-elect President 54

Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

Taking inexperienced family members and putting them in unprecedented positions of reckless power, turning his Obama wiretapping fairy tale up a notch, Trump is rapidly becoming a national embarrassment – even to those that voted for him, Trump dubbed as Conspiracy Theorist-in-Chief, the White House refuses to turn over documents it promised to turnover for investigation, Trump to overturn more Obama regulations and put the public at risk by decree, too many Trump disasters to count, how the Koch brothers won the White House, Trump’s failing foreign policy, China is now more popular than Trump among Americans, internal Civil war fracturing Trump’s already flailing White House, thinking of an illegal Syrian invasion over alleged sarin gas attack – with no investigation into what happened or evidence – to produce more refugees that he will refuse to let enter the U.S., Trump just became an official War Criminal with illegal airstrike in Syria, GOP cheats to advance ‘Trump’s corrupt agenda,’ the U.S. Senate should censure our Caligula with orange hair and more.

Jared and Ivanka ask what their country can do for them article from Yahoo! News. –

The perfect example of the nepotism and corruption that is the Trump brand.

Trump just turned his Obama wiretapping conspiracy theory up to 11 article from the Washington Post. –

“President Trump has yet to provide or unearth proof that the Obama administration targeted him with surveillance, more than a month after initially making the stunning claim.

But that’s apparently not going to prevent him from making even more extraordinary and evidence-free claims about the matter.

Trump spoke with the New York Times on Wednesday and went all-in on his claim that the Obama White House used its surveillance and national security powers against him. Trump accused former national security adviser Susan E. Rice, who was reported this week to have unmasked the names of Trump associates in intelligence reports, of having committed a crime, without providing evidence. He also suggested that other Obama administration officials were involved in the conspiracy, without providing evidence…”

Caligula with Orange Hair article from Common Dreams. –

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Misadventures of a minority-elect President 49

Trump’s next scandal beginning to simmer, succumbing to former President’s Bush and Obama’s perpetual war, Trump still can’t take responsibility for his actions or apologize for his massive f*ck ups, major ways Trump is bring chaos to our lives, Trump still freaking out about his Russia scandal, still trying to distract from his fraudulent wiretap fairy tale, facing questions of interference in investigations, trying to shift the heat off his Russia issues with insults and ignorance, wrapping up Trump’s fraudulent University fiasco, still being protected by his brown shirts in the U.S. Congress, sexual assaulter-in-chief declares April sexual assault month, the time is ripe for a false flag terror attack under our minority-elect President and more.

Trump’s next scandal is already starting to simmer article from the Daily Kos. –

Trump Succumbs to Bush/Obama Perpetual War article from Information Clearing House. –

“President Trump is becoming the third post-9/11 president to prosecute bloody conflicts in the Mideast and impose mass surveillance at home, with no end in sight, observes retired Col. Ann Wright…”

What Happens to a Country Whose Leader Can’t Say ‘I’m Sorry’ article from AlterNet. –

Donald Trump and Russia: what we learned this week article from the Guardian. –

6 Major Ways Donald Trump Is Bringing Chaos to Our Lives article from AlterNet. –

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Misadventures of a minority-elect President 44

Today’s misadventures begins with the reason Republicans are constantly defending Trump’s most ridiculous lies – which will eventually come back to hurt them, Trump’s popularity continues staying in the basement, a timeline of the long, twisted history of the Trump-Russia scandal, the fraud that is Donald Trump is about to implode, questioning whether or not our minority-elect President is delusional enough to try and carry out a false flag terrorist attack, Jeb Bush realizes that Trump is a distraction in and of himself, relearning Democracy in the tenacious Trump era, Fox faux News send out alert about Trump working at the White House, demanding credit for Obama’s successes, reforming surveillance in the age of Donald Trump, further entrenching corruption in the Trump family tree, health care battle could hurt Trump’s tax overhaul plan, ruling by decree in the land of delusion to try and destroy every good thing your popular predecessor did, letter to the loser and more.

Why Republicans dutifully defend Trump’s most ridiculous lies article from the Week. –

“In the past, presidents have told big lies mostly for one of two reasons. In the midst of scandal or failure, they told lies to protect themselves and deny that they had done wrong: I am not a crook, we did not trade arms for hostages, I did not have sexual relations with that woman. Or they lied to convince the public to go along with a policy initiative, whether a war or a tax cut or a new program, when the truth was insufficiently persuasive.

Unlike his predecessors, President Trump lies for any reason at all.

I imagine the sinking feeling his aides get when he blurts out another whopper. “Now I’m going to have to go out and defend this,” they say with a sigh, then huddle together to arrive at the least laughable spin they can come up with, so they can rationalize the lie — which Trump will of course be unwilling to retreat from.

White House staff have little choice but to reinforce, justify, and repeat their boss’ lies, though I suppose they could retain some shred of dignity and integrity by quitting. But what about Trump’s fellow Republicans, particularly the ones in Congress? They’re in an uncomfortable position, knowing that he’s still popular with the GOP base and so not having his back could have electoral costs. Being a “maverick” might sound appealing, but not when it’s going to cost you lots of votes or hinder your ability to work with the rest of the party on your legislative priorities…”

Poll: Trump’s approval rating drops after his ‘worst week’ as president article from AOL News. –

Dollar, Equities Drop on Doubts Trump Can Deliver: Markets Wrap article from Bloomberg Markets. –

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Misadventures of a minority-elect President 37

Trump’s popularity sinks to new low as Trump touts poll showing it, Trump fumes over collusion charges with Russia and unleashes another tweetstorm about fake news, the illogical logic behind Trump’s environmental budget cuts, a terror attack – think false flag terrorism – would be an opportunity for Donald Trump, running out of foreign leaders to alienate, constantly spouting alternative facts is doing Trump no favors, Trump’s war on ethics isn’t either, White House won’t back off claims that Obama wiretapped Trump despite FBI testimony and no evidence, Trump still doesn’t understand NATO and is relabeling President Obama’s ideas for fighting ISIS as being new, White House still in full bull shit mode with lies over Trump and his daily activities, Trump aims to keep his promise on totally destroying the ‘Johnson Amendment’ – the line between religion and politics, when Trump loses or is angry holds a rally with fans only – for obvious reasons…, House ‘Intelligence’ committee working overtime to keep Trump’s malfeasance covered up, and so the family corruption in the Trump cabal continues to grow, Trump’s Ministry of Propaganda caught in another Twitter lie, Trump installs appointees in cabinet positions to track loyalty and much more.

Donald Trump: America’s Marie Antoinette article from CNN. –

Poll: President Trump’s approval rating sinks to lowest point ever article from AOL News. –

Trump touts poll showing decline in approval rating from FOX News on Yahoo! News. –

Poll Shows America Really Does Not Like You, Donald Trump article from Common Dreams. –

“After release of “cruel” budget, TrumpCare, and unsubstantiated wiretapping claims, president’s approval rating drops to lowest yet

Gallup has released the latest numbers from its tracking poll of President Donald Trump’s approval ratings, and things (again) don’t look good for the president.

Only 37 percent of respondents approve of Trump, an historic low for the poll. A whopping 58 percent disapprove of his actions in office so far.

Last month, Trump’s approval rating in the Gallup poll was 42 percent—which was also a record low for the poll at the time…”

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