Monthly Archives: June 2010

Facebook’s Hidden Dangers

As Facebook’s popularity and user base grows, Facebook puts its users at greater risk of identity theft and other crimes, and poses serious threats to its users privacy.

Joan Goodchild, senior editor of CSO (Chief Security Officer) Online says that Facebook’s 400 million users are not protected from prying eyes, scammers and unwanted marketers. She says your privacy may be at far greater risk of being violated than you know when you log into Facebook due to security gaffes or marketing efforts by the company.

Facebook has been coming under fire lately. 15 privacy and consumer protections organizations filed complaints with the Federal Trade Commission, charging, among other things, manipulation of privacy settings to make users’ personal information available for commercial use.

In a major security breach, some Facebook users found their private chats were accessible to everyone on their contact list, causing many to wonder just how secure Facebook really is.

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