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UK Police Creating their own Criminals

In what appears to have been a lesson well-learned from their American counterparts on how to create your own ‘terrorists’ and violate rights and laws, police in Britain are reportedly spending £9m in a scheme that gathers the personal details of thousands of activists who attend political meetings and protests, and storing their data on a network of nationwide intelligence databases.

Last year Police in some U.S. cities were busted trying to create criminals out of peaceful political dissenters under the guise of fighting the fraudulent ‘War on Terror.’ In a similar move, police in Britain are monitoring ‘domestic extremists,’ despite the fact that they have not committed any crimes.

Domestic Extremism — a term that has no legal basis — can apparently include activists suspected of minor public order offenses such as civil disobedience or peaceful demonstrations. Protesting illegal activities conducted by your Government, trying to change legislation or domestic policy can also subject you to ‘criminal’ surveillance.

The ‘terrorism and allied matters’ committee of the Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo) receives £9m in public funding from police forces and the Home Office runs three national police units that are responsible for combating domestic extremism.

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The Perpetuating Financial Fraud Cover-Up

If the United States Government spent as much time trying to fix the Financial problems their Treasonous actions have enabled and created instead of trying to constantly cover them up, the world would be a much better place and we wouldn’t be facing the repetitive financial crises that we have faced — and will continue to face until the perpetrators and enablers are put in prison where they belong.

President Obama has continued where President Bush left off in the war on Democracy, Rights and Liberties, despite the campaigning lies of hope and change. Instead of telling the people the truth about all the Treason and war crimes committed by the Bush administration, Obama and those in his administration are covering those up as well. ‘National Security’ and ‘States Secrets’ are nothing more than extremely questionable attempts by the Federal government to keep their atrocious crimes hidden from the public.

Sneaky, underhanded politics have plaqued this nation for decades. This past decade has revealed a Congress that keeps passing egregious — and oftentimes unconstitutional — ‘legislation’ to keep their crimes covered. A recent example of sneaky, underhanded politics involves the House of Representatives slipping a provision that bans the release of photos showing detainee abuses (torture) into a Homeland Security spending bill ‘apparently under direct orders from the Obama Administration.’ For years Congress has been railroading ‘legislation’ that screws their constituents and it’s time to put an end to that.

The massive fraud — everyone involved knew that exotic instruments were intentionally created to defraud investors — that caused the economic crisis has been purposely covered up because our Representatives in Washington know that once the truth is known, their world’s will collapse and the financial plutocracy that has ruled this country for decades will come crumbling down. Politicians have been paid well by the Financial industry at the expense of the rest of America.

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Banks Struggling as Wall Streets Profits

Wall Street is recording record profits and, as noted by The Daily Kos, is partying like it’s the Roaring 20’s but for many Banks and the Middle Class, the real world is collapsing — unemployment is through the roof, wages are shrinking and consumers are still leery of spending money — and, as noted by the New York Times (NYT), the contrast between the immense good fortune of a few and the continuing suffering of all too many bodes ill for the future due to the fraud that has run rampant for the past several decades.

America has once again become the victim of a major financial slump created on Wall Street that is still resulting in the loss of many jobs. As a result of America’s slump, Goldman Sachs is making record profits and paying record bonuses. Since Wall Street was ‘bailed out’ by American taxpayers, nothing has been done to insure that the financial crisis doesn’t happen again or to stop any new fraudulent activities.

According to the NYT, it’s not a simple case of flourishing banks versus ailing workers: banks that are actually in the business of lending as opposed to trading, are still in trouble. Citigroup and Bank of America (BofA) are just a couple examples of banks that are now reporting losses.

Goldman Sachs made a lot of money and benefited greatly from a questionable bailout that put large sums of public money at risk — money that was used to bailout AIG and money that was used to extend many of Goldman’s extremely questionable betting practices and bonds.

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It’s Time to Fix the Fraudulent Financial System

For several million dollars in campaign contributions — also known as bribes — you too can own a member of Congress, get whatever you want and have American taxpayers bail you out when your fraudulent actions cause the greatest depression since 1929 and make sure that meaningful reform that might cut into your billion dollar profits and fraudulent business practices doesn’t happen, as well as making sure you stay out of prison despite all the fraudulent crimes you’ve committed.

President Obama, in his brief career as a U.S. Senator and presidential candidate reportedly received more money from the FIRE Sector (Finance, Insurance, Real Estate) than anyone else in the history of the legislative branch — a total of $42,268,166.00.

Two other presidential candidates, John McCain and Hillary Clinton came in a close second and third: John McCain received $33,339,458.00 and Hillary Clinton received $29,800,366.00 from the FIRE Sector. Three other Senators — John Kerry, Joe Lieberman and Chris Dodd — also former presidential candidates, received a lot.

Wall Street isn’t taking any chances. Senator Dick Durbin admitted this past April that banks are still the more powerful lobby on Capitol Hill, and they own the politicians in Washington. A financial coup d’etat has ended up plaquing this nation. Since 1990, the financial sector has doled out $2.28 billion in campaign contributions and $3.69 billion in lobbying since 1998.

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U.S. is Being Lied to War with Iran

The U.S. government and its illustrious mainstream media — as well as a few other governments — are again busily trying to manufacture consent for a war with Iran by purposely lying about Iran’s nuclear program and intentions while completely ignoring Israel’s nukes. Israel is the reason America is now involved in two (three if you include Pakistan) illegal, never-ending wars and Israel is the reason the U.S. government has such a hard on for attacking Iran.

The U.S. has known about the 150+ nuclear weapons that Israel has possessed for the past four decades, yet no mention is ever made of that…presumably because Israel has owned U.S. politicians for decades. The same people that lied us into invading and occupying Iraq are now trying to lie us into attacking Iran. The Bush administration left office in January 2009 and was replaced by the Obama administration — our leadership has a few new faces, but many of the old ones remain — and the eight months that have passed since Bush left office have revealed that the rhetoric of hope and change has been nothing more than double speak and lies.

The same strategy used by the Government and its propaganda pushers — the mainstream media — to guide us into a never-ending, unwinnable, illegal occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan/Pakistan are reportedly being used again. This time around, Iran is the target. Mr. ‘hope and change’ is using the same exact fabricated playbook that the previous criminal White House cabal used. History is about to repeat itself. When Obama announced that ‘Iran is breaking rules all nations must follow,’ he is technically and legally wrong.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) monitors Iran’s nuclear energy program since Iran has signed the non-proliferation treaty — something Israel won’t do because they’re intent on keeping their nuclear bombs hidden from the world’s view, despite the fact that virtually everyone knows they exist — to make sure that Iran’s nuclear program isn’t being used to make weapons.

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