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Miscellaneous software and freeware sites and useful (mostly freeware) programs

This page has links to numerous freeware and shareware sites, various graphic tools, internet, web design and programming tools and software, misc. software sites, security tools and software, and system and office tools and utilities.

Freeware and Shareware sites

100-downloads.com – Top-100 essential downloads of free software and freeware for Windows XP – http://100-downloads.com/

The portable freeware collection – http://www.portablefreeware.com/

Portableapps.com – your digital life anywhere – http://portableapps.com/

Shell Extension City – great collection of software – http://www.shellcity.net/

MajorGeeks.com – freeware software and reviews – http://www.majorgeeks.com/

Most Popular Freeware on GRC.COM – http://grc.com/freepopular.htm

Reviews and free downloads at Download.com – http://download.cnet.com/windows/

SnapFiles – download freeware and shareware software programs – http://www.snapfiles.com/

Tucows Downloads – Download freeware and shareware software – http://www.tucows.com/windows.html

Best Download – download the best program, mp3, game, and emulator software – http://www.bestdownload.com/index.php

Rocketdownload.com – http://www.rocketdownload.com/

New Freeware Today – http://www.nonags.com/

Freeware Files.com – Free Software Downloads – http://www.freewarefiles.com/

Freeware Home – Collection of Free Software and Internet Services – http://www.freewarehome.com/

OldVersion.com – find older versions of all kinds of software for Windows – http://www.oldversion.com/

Freebyte.com – numerous freeware useful programs and utilities – http://www.freebyte.com/

Download the last freeware version of popular programs – http://www.321download.com/LastFreeware/

Classic Software® – several interesting programs; categories include tools, system, security, editing and programming – http://www.classic-software.ro/Files/Software.html

Products available on FREESerifSoftware.com – http://www.freeserifsoftware.com/

Graphics tools
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GIMP – The GNU Image Manipulation Program – http://www.gimp.org/

Photo Wizard – http://www.americansys.com/photowizard.htm

Picasa – http://picasa.google.com/ – one of the best image organizers and photo editors around. And, courtesy of google, it’s free

PIXresizer – resize pictures and change file extensions easily and quickly, plus several other useful programs – all freeware – http://bluefive.pair.com/pixresizer.htm

FastStone Image Viewer – an image browser, viewer, converter, and editor with features including resizing, renaming, cropping, color adjustment, watermarks, and a broad array of other image-managing features – free – Other programs (all free for personal use) include: FastStone Screen Capture, FastStone Photo Resizer, FastStone 4in1 Browswer, FastStone Player (multimedia) and FastStone Pacman – http://www.faststone.org/index.htm

PhotoResizer – resize a photo or picture for e-mail or publishing on a Web site – free – http://www.showyourphotos.com/

Easy thumbnails – a popular free utility for creating accurate thumbnail images and scaled-down/up copies from a wide range of popular picture formats – http://www.fookes.com/ezthumbs/

IrfanView – one of the most popular viewers worldwide – http://www.irfanview.com/

Internet, web design and programming tools and software
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BellsNWhistles.com – http://www.bellsnwhistles.com/ – several of the images on this site are from there. Most of them are free. An excellent source to learn about html too. Site has all kinds of information

AdDesigner.com – Design and download free banners in seconds – http://www.addesigner.com/

MediaBuilder 3D Text Maker – Create Free 3D Banners for Your Web Pages! – http://www.3dtextmaker.com/

FlamingText: Free online tool for generating custom webpage graphics and animations. – http://www.flamingtext.com/

FlashButtons.com – Free Animated Flash Buttons Menu Generator. – http://www.flashbuttons.com/

WebKit Personal Edition – http://www.sofotex.com/WebKit-Personal-Edition-download_L17436.html

CoffeeCup Software – HTML Editor, Web Hosting and Cool Website Design Software – http://www.coffeecup.com/

Matt’s Script Archive, Inc.Free Perl CGI Scripts – http://www.scriptarchive.com/

Thefreecountry.com – Free Programmers’, Webmasters’ and Security Resources – http://www.thefreecountry.com/

Filezilla – A free FTP program that also offers an FTP Server side – http://sourceforge.net/projects/filezilla

NetFor2, a simple solution to Internet networking – Enables two computers to share the same telephone line, cable or DSL connection without the need for a computer network. You don’t have to install any new hardware in your computers. All you need is a serial cable connecting your two PC’s. You will pay just one ISP subscription fee, one telephone bill, and no concurrent hours cost – http://www.netfor2.com/copy2.html

Amara software – inexpensive, easy to use flash web design software – programs include flash photo animation, news ticker, button maker, slideshow builder and intro and banner builder – http://www.amarasoftware.com/

Welcome to Squeak.org – http://www.squeak.org/ – Programming system

Linear Programming for Beginners – http://www.linear-programming.com/

Bloodshed software – providing free software to the internet community – Free programming compilers – http://www.bloodshed.net/

Advancedsurvey.com – free and paid – conduct your own survey – http://www.advancedsurvey.com/

Zoomerang online survey software: create and send your own survey – http://www.zoomerang.com/

Instant survey – http://www.instantsurvey.com/

Qumana blog editor and blogging tools – available for windows or macs – the blog editor is a free blog publishing tool that works with a lot of the popular blogging sites – http://www.qumana.com/

Zoho.com – affordable software for individuals and free online creation tools – http://www.zoho.com/

Open Office – free office suite – http://www.openoffice.org/

Notepad++ – a free source code editor and notepad replacement which supports several programming languages – http://notepad-plus-plus.org/

Kodi: What it Is and How to Use it to Stream Movies, Music and TV Shows article from Life Wire – https://www.lifewire.com/what-is-and-how-to-use-kodi-4126811

How to Record Phone Calls on Your Smartphone – which can convenient but make sure it’s legal – information from Life Wire – https://www.lifewire.com/record-phone-calls-iphone-or-android-4129175

Drug Dangers was developed to educate the public and lend a hand to people who have been affected by defective drugs and medical devices. Our goal at Drug Dangers is to keep the public educated and informed of all defective medical devices and dangerous medications that are currently available on the market today. Pharmaceutical companies are trusted to put safe products on the shelves, yet thousands of people lose their lives each year due to prescription medications with adverse side effects. By spreading awareness, we believe we can lower this statistic by decreasing the number of recalls, saving more lives of those who have been affected – https://www.drugdangers.com/

Miscellaneous software and sites
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Individual software – Individual Software is a leading publisher and developer of award-winning education, business, and personal productivity software for consumers, schools, corporations, and government agencies – http://www.individualsoftware.com/. I have purchased their software as well, and highly recommend it

Christmas Music Player – 40 Holiday Music Favorites! – http://www.cmbsoftware.com/xmasplay.htm

e-Sword downloads – the best free bible study software for windows – http://e-sword.net/downloads.html

HarmlessLion.com – software development and random activities – some freeware and other useful information – http://harmlesslion.com/

Security tools and software
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Microsoft Safety & Security Center – http://www.microsoft.com/security/default.aspx

Hamachi VPN – organize two or more computers with an Internet connection into their own virtual network for direct secure communication – free – https://secure.logmein.com/products/hamachi/

Free DNS service – Easy, web-based domain manager – ZoneEdit.com – http://www.zoneedit.com/

NoAds – Stop Annoying Popup Web Ads – http://www.southbaypc.com/NoAds/

Emsisoft Anti-Malware – http://www.emsisoft.com/en

In Controls MSConfig CleanUp utility – free – remove disabled items from MSConfig – http://www.get-in-control.com/msconfig-cleanup/

K9 web protection – free (for home use) internet filtering and control solution – http://www1.k9webprotection.com/

Advanced windows care personal – free – a comprehensive pc care tool that takes an integrated approach to help protect, repair and optimize your computer – http://www.iobit.com/

Spy the spy – a free tool to monitor changes to Windows files and folders – a universal spyware and virus tracker – http://www.mediachance.com/free/spythespy.htm

Pandora File Recovery – (from the site) a powerful free tool that provides its users an effective way to attempt recovery of permanently deleted files – http://pandorarecovery.com/

Reactive Software – Password Recovery has never been easier – http://www.reactive-software.com/

Autostart and Process Viewer (APV) – Manage your startup-programs and processes. The program also notifies you when a new program appears in your autostart – http://www.konradp.com/products/autostart-and-process-viewer/

Ophcrack – a windows password cracker based on rainbow tables – a bootable CD that contains a pre-installed Linux OS plus password recovery tool – free – http://ophcrack.sourceforge.net/

RunScanner – (from the site) freeware windows system utility which scans your system for all configured running programs and autostart locations – http://runscanner.net/

TestDisk from CGSecurity – powerful free data recovery software – http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk

Fine Recovery – a free data recovery tool that allows users to undelete files, recover a deleted hard drive, and restore folders – http://www.finerecovery.com/

Recuva – undelete, unerase, file recovery – free tool to recover deleted files from the makers of crap cleaner – http://www.piriform.com/recuva

WOT – Web Of Trust – a website reputation rating community – free internet browser add-on – https://www.mywot.com/

KeePass Password Safe – free, open source, light-weight and easy-to-use password manager – http://keepass.info/

KeyMaker Password Creator – a free, unique password creator that generates a random password based on a phrase which can be used to recover the password if you forget it – http://www.snapfiles.com/freeware/security/fwpass.html

Free Hex editor from HHD Software – an award-winning large files optimized freeware editor for everyone who works with ASCII, hex, decimal, float, double and binary data – http://www.hhdsoftware.com/free-hex-editor

Sideswipe – a free secure disk drive cleaning tool – delete files on drives completely once and for all – http://www.clonestarsoftware.com/wipehome.html

SafeHouse Explorer – free encryption software that can protect files residing on your internal hard dive, external drive, memory sticks, network servers, CD/DVDs, iPod and U3 smart drive – http://www.instantfundas.com/2009/03/safehouse-explorer-hides-your-files-in.html

System and Office tools and utilities
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Max2k.com – http://www.max2k.com/ – Several very useful easy to use freeware programs. Categories include Utilities, Math, Internet, Games and Funny Jokes. Max wrote a program for me that allows me to extract links from documents. I can personally recommend his talents and programming skills

NirSoft Freeware Utilities – http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/index.html – Password recovery and network monitoring tools, Internet related utilities, command-line utilities, desktop, system and other utilities and programming information and links to other useful sites

Look in my pc – Free PC Profile, Audit, and Diagnostic Report Utility – An awesome tool for getting information from your computer – http://www.lookinmypc.com/ – from the the creators of CyberSitter

WinSCP – freeware SFTP and SCP client for Windows – http://winscp.net/eng/index.php

MWSnap – Mirek’s Free Windows Software – a free tool for making screen snapshots and a few other programs – http://www.mirekw.com/winfreeware/index.html

Password Safe – a free password management program – http://passwordsafe.sourceforge.net/

Data Recovery Software and Undelete from R-TT – http://www.r-tt.com/

WinZip® Home Page – http://www.winzip.com/win/en/index.htm

Firefox – Rediscover the web – https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/new/

Thunderbird – Reclaim Your Inbox – https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/

MyZips Computer Software: Download computer software here – http://www.myzips.com/

Application Database – Greatis Software – http://www.greatis.com/appdata/useless.htm

Essential PIM – free extremely simple personal information manager – http://www.essentialpim.com/

Online Conversion – Convert just about anything to anything else – http://www.onlineconversion.com/

Techsupportalert.com – The best freeware reviewed and rated – http://www.techsupportalert.com/

Bulk rename utility – easily rename several files at one time – freeware – http://www.bulkrenameutility.co.uk/Main_Intro.php

Deepburner – a free program for burning CD’s and DVD’s – http://www.deepburner.com/

XXCOPY – a versatile file management tool – http://www.xxcopy.com/ – great for backups

BenchmarkHQ – Free benchmarking programs – http://www.benchmarkhq.ru/english.html?/be_main.html

JetAudio – A freeware real player alternative plays .RA, .RAM, and .RMI files – http://www.jetaudio.com/

Ultraplayer – A freeware alternative to real player and windows media player – http://www.ultraplayer.com/

Xteq X-Find – A program to help you find what you’re looking for – http://www.xteq.com/products/xfnd/index.html

Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder – To find you windows product key if you lose it – http://www.magicaljellybean.com/keyfinder.shtml

HD tune – benchmarking program – freeware – http://www.hdtune.com/

Eraser – an advanced security tool – freeware – http://eraser.heidi.ie/

Resource Hacker – view, modify, rename, add, delete and extract resources in 32bit Windows executables and resource files – http://www.angusj.com/resourcehacker/

Pdf995 – create a pdf document from any Windows program that can print – free – http://www.pdf995.com/

SearchWithin – a free full text index search engine that allows you to quickly search inside the files on your drive or network – http://www.searchwithin.com/

Feedreader – free news reader – http://www.feedreader.com/

WebReaper – offline web site explorer – free – http://www.webreaper.net/

emailStripper – free – emailStripper is a free program for cleaning the “>” and other formatting characters out of your emails. It will restore “forwarded” or “replied” emails back to their original state so they’re easier to read – http://www.papercut.com/emailStripper.htm

Belarc advisor – builds a detailed profile of your installed software and hardware, including Microsoft Hotfixes, and displays the results in your Web browser – free – http://www.belarc.com/free_download.html

Memtest86 – free – a thorough stand alone memory test for x86 architecture computers – http://www.memtest86.com/

WhoLockMe shell extension – freeware – if you try to delete a locked file and it won’t delete, this little program will give you information on what program is using it so you can stop it and remove it – http://www.dr-hoiby.com/WhoLockMe/index.php

CadStd – Computer aided design software – free – http://www.cadstd.com/

Quick shutdown – free – fast and easy-to-use shutdown tool that allows you to shutdown, reboot, hibernate, logoff, standby or lock your computer with the one mouse click – http://www.winutility.com/qsd/

Video Inspector from KC Softwares – free (from the site) – a tools designed to provide you with as much information as possible about your video files. With VideoInspector you’ll know why your video files has no sound or refuses to play correctly. VideoInspector will help you installing the required CoDecs (coder/decoder software) for an optimal performance. VideoInspector can also inspect your system to find which codecs are available, and it can also process multiple video files and export its result in HTML or plain text files – http://www.kcsoftwares.com/index.php?vtb

Flash player uninstaller from Macromedia – (this is a direct download link) A free tool to uninstall flash player – http://download.macromedia.com/pub/flashplayer/installers/8/uninstall_flash_player.exe

FastStone screen capture – free for home use – http://www.faststone.org/FSCaptureDetail.htm

PC Wizard from cpuid.org – free – (from the site) a powerful utility designed especially for detection of hardware, but also some more analysis. It’s able to identify a large scale of system components and supports the latest technologies and standards. This tool is periodically updated (usually once per month) in order to provide most accurate results – http://www.cpuid.org/pcwizard.php

Uninstall Tool – free Ultra small and fast utility that helps you to uninstall various software from CrystalIdea Software – available in several different languages – http://www.crystalidea.com/

Media Investigator file recovery software – free software to help you recover deleted media files – http://www.digitalfilerecovery.com/

PC De-Crapifier – want to get rid of all the garbage that comes bundled with new computers when you purchase them? This tool will help you do that for free – a must have tool of you plan on purchasing a new computer from some of the big name companies – http://www.pcdecrapifier.com/

WhatColor – a very inexpensive pc tool for colorblind people that works on most versions of windows (in japanese or english) – http://www.hikarun.com/e/

TextMaker Viewer – open, view and print all common word processing formats free of charge – http://www.officeviewers.com/

Free download manager – a full-featured download accelerator and manager – http://www.freedownloadmanager.org/

System Scheduler from Splinterware software solutions – a free scheduler to run applications, popup reminders and other useful tasks. Various scheduling options and ability to send keypresses to applications make this a really useful tool – there is a pro version available too as well as other useful software – http://www.splinterware.com/

ExTools – free tools and utilities for Excel spreadsheet editing – http://www.excel-extools.com/

ASAP Utilities – free – the essential add-in for Excel users – http://www.asap-utilities.com/

Startup Delayer from r2 Studios – freeware – allows you to setup how many seconds after Windows has started, to load each program – Windows 98 thru XP – http://www.r2.com.au/page/products/show/startup-delayer/

TeamViewer – free (for personal use) desktop sharing and remote control software – http://www.teamviewer.com/index.aspx

KeepVid.com – download videos direct from most video sites – http://keepvid.com/

OldApps.com – providing most of the current and old versions software online for free – a lot of different software to choose from – http://www.oldapps.com/

TransferBigFiles.com – (beta) – (from the site) the easiest way to send large files to anyone – http://www.transferbigfiles.com/

Screen2Exe – free screen recorder that records it to an executable file – http://www.screen-record.com/screen2exe.htm

Revo Uninstaller – free uninstaller that helps you to remove any unwanted application installed on your computer and includes several other useful tools to maintain your computer – http://www.revouninstaller.com/

Pegtop PStart – free (from the site) PStart is a simple tray tool to start user defined applications. Designed to run portable applications (like portable Firefox & Thunderbird), you can start anything runnable from USB key devices or removable disks – http://www.pegtop.net/start/

Glary Utilities – numerous powerful and easy-to-use system tools and utilities to fix, speed up, maintain and protect your PC – http://www.glarysoft.com/glary-utilities/

VDownloader – download videos from Youtube, Google Video, Metacafe, MySpace, DailyMotions, Pornotube and other similar sites and save them in AVI or MPG format – http://vdownloader.com/

Mil free internet eraser – deletes internet cookies and history from your computer – http://www.milincorporated.com/free_internet_eraser.html

Reminder Cube – freeware desktop calendar with many functions – http://www.remindercube.com/en/home.html

XYplorerFree – a free version of a highly rated replacement for the Windows Explorer that doesn’t require installation – http://www.xyplorer.com/free.php

Amok Find More – freeware search program for Windows. Other free programs at the Amok.com site include CD/DVD Burning, Date Wizard, DelayDel, DVD Shrinker and a few more – http://www.amok.am/en/freeware/amok_find_more/

NovaBench 2 – free system benchmark software – http://novabench.com/

DesktopZoom – a free zoom/magnifying program with a lot of features – http://users.telenet.be/littlegems/MySoft/DesktopZoom/Index.html

Technitium MAC Address Changer – allows you to change Media Access Control (MAC) Address of your Network Interface Card (NIC) irrespective to your NIC manufacturer or its driver – free – http://www.technitium.com/tmac/index.html

HTTrack Website Copier – free software offline browser – allows you to download a world wide web site from the internet to a local directory, building recursively all directories, getting hTML, images, and other files from the server to your computer – http://www.httrack.com/

1-2-3FileConvert – converts PDF files to editable Word documents, retaining original format. This software also supports image extraction, and partial conversion feature – http://www.123fileconvert.com/

NeatSurf – free – a powerful and easy to use IE privacy security utility it prevents writing to your IE browser’s history, cache, cookies, user data, etc – http://www.matcode.com/neatsurf.htm

Virtual Box – free (open source) – a general-purpose full virtualizer for x86 hardware – http://www.virtualbox.org/

WobZIP – uncompress files online on the fly – supports 7z, ZIP, GZIP, BZIP2, TAR, RAR, CAB, ISO, ARJ, LZHCHM, Z, CPIO, RPM, DEB and NSIS – http://wobzip.org/

Lupo PenSuite – (from the site) a completely free suite of portable programs and games – more than 1700 programs and games available – http://www.lupopensuite.com/index.htm

Convert pdf to word – free online service that converts PDF files to Word or Doc format – http://convertpdftoword.net/Default.aspx

Simple Static IP – (from the site) At times there may be a reason you need to have your IP address set to static. A static IP is an IP address that never changes. By default peoples IP is dynamic which means it can change at any time. When port forwarding you forward to your local IP address, and if your IP changes your port forwarding will no longer work as it is not pointing to your new IP. This is the same for nearly all settings in a router that points to your computer, such as DMZ and logging. So to keep that from happening you need to set your IP to static so it never changes, then you no longer have to worry about your IP changing. (This should be done for computers behind a router) – free – http://www.pcwintech.com/node/30

Emco UnLockIT – a free utility that helps you to take control of any file or folder when it is locked by some application or system – http://emcosoftware.com/unlock-it

Clonezilla – a free, open source program to make a clone of your disk drive – http://clonezilla.org/

Text Converter – a free program that makes replacing and editing text, as well as many other useful functions easy – http://www.sttmedia.com/textconverter

Paint.NET – free image and photo editing software for windows computers – http://www.getpaint.net/

TweakNow PowerPack – a free suite of utilities that let you fine-tune Windows, your web browser, your registry and detailed information on your hardware – http://www.tweaknow.com/index.php

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