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Flash Vulnerability Affects Many Windows Users

Danish Security company Secunia reported that more than 9 out of 10 Windows users are susceptible to the Flash zero-day vulnerability — that Adobe has reportedly known about since the end of 2008 — that won’t be patched by Adobe until later this week.

Secunia says that over 90% of Windows PCs run the vulnerable version of Flash and 48% of Windows PCs have buggy Adobe PDF Readers.

92% of the 900,000 users who recently ran Secunia’s Personal Software Inspector (PSI) utility have Flash Player 10 running on their PCs and 31% have Flash Player 9 — some users have both versions so the total exceeds 100% — according to Secunia.

Secunia’s PSI tool scans your computer to see what applications are installed and then checks to see if you have the most current version. If it finds a newer version of a program, it offers you a link to get it.

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$30B Over 10 Years To Israel For This?

U.S. taxpayers, courtesy of their Israeli-owned U.S. Federal government, will be footing President Obama’s $2.775 billion bill to support Israel’s illegal nuclear weapons, despite not being able to — or, more appropriately, not wanting to — support the many U.S. states that are still reeling from Wall Street’s defrauding of America.

On June 30, the Israeli government committed an act of piracy. The Israeli Navy illegally boarded the “Spririt of Humanity” ship in international waters, kidnapping its 21-person crew comprised of members from 11 countries, including former U.S. Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney and Nobel Laureate Mairead MaGuire, confiscating medical supplies, olive trees, reconstruction materials and children’s toys. The “Spirit of Humanity” was enroute to the Mediterranean coast of Gaza, the world’s largest concentration camp. It’s not the first time that type of crime has been committed by the Israeli government.

Gaza is home to 1.5 million Palestinians who have been brutalized by Israel’s ongoing illegal ethnic cleansing. The Israeli military is using American-supplied weapons and armaments to drive Gazans out of their homes and and off of their land which is being stolen by the Israeli government.

While the U.S. is great at talking about ‘human rights,’ it does nothing to stop the human rights abuses — at home or abroad — especially when Israel is the one doing the abusing. Then again, it’s well known that Israel owns the U.S. Congress and President Obama. We have an Israeli citizen serving as President Obama’s Chief-of-Staff in our White House. As noted by Paul Craig Roberts, when it comes to Israel, the American government is a puppet state that does what it’s told.

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U.S. False Flag Ops In Iraq Targeted U.S. Troops

More evidence has reportedly been found, showing that United States intelligence services recruited and paid for importing Afghan mercenaries from Taliban ranks into Iraq in order to attack Iraqi civilians and military personnel, as well as coalition forces, including U.S. service personnel — offering more evidence that not only does the CIA have no qualms about killing innocent Americans, they also have no qualms about killing U.S. military personnel.

The evidence also shows that the U.S. not only imported Taliban members from Afghanistan to create false flag terrorism against its own soldiers and Iraqis, it also imported materials to make IEDs to be used against its own soldiers and Iraqis.

During 2007, Iraqi police stopped a truck that was hauling a 40-foot trailer. In that trailer were between 30 and 40 Afghan Taliban who said they were brought into Iraq by the United States, tasked with stirring up trouble in Iraq, much of it ascribed by U.S. military commanders. Iraqi police were told by senior U.S. military commanders to allow the Afghani insurgents to depart without any further hindrance.

Al Qaeda was created by the CIA in their Washington offices so Saudi Arabia could bankroll Osama bin Laden through the House of Saud. Saudi Arabia has been one of the epicenters of terrorist financing and Washington, after being the recipient of billions of dollars in contracts, grants and salaries, has repeatedly looked the other way. A BBC documentary titled ‘The Power of Nightmares’ explains how Al Qaeda is nothing but a total fabrication designed by those in Washington to commit all kinds of treasonous acts, which has proven to be extremely convenient for illegally creating a neverending “war on terror.” More on the CIA’s creation and illegal use of Al Qaeda can also be found in this article from Oil Empire.

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