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The Government Could Be Storing Your Baby’s DNA

Routine screening for a panel of genetic diseases, often done without the parents’ consent, is mandated by the government on all babies born in the U.S., and many states, also unbeknownst to the parents, reportedly store newborn babies DNA indefinitely, sparking a new debate about whether it’s appropriate for a baby’s genetic blueprint to be in the government’s possession.

Many parents are unaware that their baby’s DNA is being stored in a government lab, but when they find out, they take action. Parents in Texas and Minnesota have filed lawsuits to have their baby’s DNA removed from government’s newborn baby DNA data base.

Texas reportedly transferred hundreds of infant blood spots to an Armed Forces lab to build a national — and someday international — mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) registry between 2003 and 2009. Records released after the state agreed in December to destroy more than 5 million infant blood spots, also revealed that an effort was made to limit the public’s knowledge of aspects of the newborn blood program and to manage the debate around it. A lawsuit was filed but the plaintiffs never saw the records involved because the state of Texas settled the case so quickly that it never reached the discovery phase.

States Now Mandate that Newborns be Tested for 28 to 54 Different Conditions

Starting in 2002, the Texas state health department reportedly began storing blood spots indefinitely, for “research into causes of selected diseases.” Four years later, Texas started contracting with Texas A&M University’s School of Rural Public Health to warehouse the blood spot cards, which were accumulating at a rate of 800,000 a year. State health officials never notified parents of the changes; they didn’t need parental consent for the birth-defect screening so they didn’t ask for it for research purposes. More on what the Texas Tribune calls the “DNA Deception” can be found in this article.

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Cheney Admits to Colluding and Conspiring to Torture

During a recent television appearance, former Vice President Dick Cheney wantonly — and proudly — admitted to violating section 2340A of the federal criminal code that makes it an offense to torture or to conspire to torture.

In a normal criminal justice system that hasn’t been subverted by corrupted politicians and lawyers, Cheney would have convicted himself with his confession, but in the U.S. — at least for now — the justice system does not apply to politicians regardless of how corrupt and treasonous they are.

This past Sunday, Cheney admitted to being ‘a big supporter of water boarding,’ which, depending upon who is doing it, has been regarded as torture and a serious war crime. As noted by AlterNet, Japanese commanders were prosecuted for using it on American prisoners during World War II. Those rules — according to the government — don’t apply to U.S. politicians who illegally lie this country to war. The hypocrisy really is astounding.

In the U.S. however, it is deemed ‘justifiable’ when highly politicized ‘Justice’ Department lawyers illegally say it is. In Cheney’s warped sense of reality, water boarding should still be ‘on the table.’

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European Inquiry Suggests Swine Flu Pandemic Driven by Big Pharma for Profit

Makers of the Swine Flu vaccine had a very profitable year in 2009. By last June, CSL Limited’s annual profits had reportedly risen 63 percent over 2008, GlaxoSmithKline’s 2009 earnings spiked 30 percent in the third quarter alone, to $2.19 billion and Roche made 12 times more in the second quarter of 2009 than of 2008, all because of a Swine Flu pandemic that, according to a Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) investigation, was driven by collusion between the World Health Organization (WHO) and Big Pharma.

Revelations that the Swine Flu pandemic was falsely created are not new. Much was written about the creation of the pandemic when it began, questioning the accuracy and motives that were behind it.

Recently, the Council of Europe launched an investigation into whether the WHO ‘faked’ the Swine Flu pandemic in order to boost profits for vaccine manufacturers. The inquiry was held in Strasbourg, France.

Dr. Ulrich Keil, director of the WHO’s Collaborating Centre for Epidemiology, slammed his own organization and Dr. Keiji Fukuda, the WHO’s flu chief, for ‘producing angst campaigns.’ Dr. Keil says the false pandemic was completely exaggerated in contrast with all the really important matters the WHO deals with in public health.

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