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U.S. Supreme Court Ruling Opens Floodgates for Corporate Campaign Spending

Congratulations America! The U.S. Supreme Court has just made it official: Democracy in America is dead. Corporations are now officially allowed to pour as much money — money that corporations have received by overcharging customers — into political campaigns as they want, meaning that the large bribes to politicians, and, obviously, many others in Washington, will officially kill the election process. Apparently, appointing an imbicile to the presidency in 2000 wasn’t enough….

In easing decades-old limits on corporate spending in federal campaigns, the U.S. Supreme Court has reportedly ruled that corporations may spend freely to support or oppose candidates for President and Congress, offering more evidence of the problems America has with corrupted politicians appointing corrupted cronies to high places. For instance, back in 2006 it was revealed that dozens of federal judges gave contributions to President Bush and top Republicans who helped place them on the bench.

In yet another 5-4 vote, the Supreme Court overturned a 20-year-old ruling that prohibited corporations from using money from their general treasuries to pay for their own campaign ads. 24 states that had similar limits regarding corporate spending in campaigns could also be affected by the ruling.

A prohibition on direct contributions to candidates from corporations and unions was left in place after the ruling which accepted the argument that limited spending places unconstitutional restraint on free speech, violating their First Amendment rights.

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Obama Executive Order 13528 Subverts Posse Comitatus Act of 1878

On January 11, 2010, President Obama signed Executive Order (EO) 13528 (PDF) — right after the over-hyped Flight 253 ‘terrorist’ attack, the fraudulently engineered Swine Flu pandemic and a few other man-made disasters — that, among other things, establishes a Council of Governors, chosen by the President who, as noted by the Intel Daily, will rubber-stamp long-sought-after Pentagon contingency plans to seize control of state National Guard forces in the event of a ‘National Emergency.’

Executive Orders are orders given by the President that are generally used to direct Federal Agencies and officials in their execution of laws or policies established by Congress. In many instances, especially during this past decade, Executive Orders have been used to guide agencies in directions contrary to Congressional intent. Executive Orders are controversial since they are sometimes use to make law without the consent of Congress. It’s time for a closer look at EOs & Directives and it’s time to fix the intentional, oft illegal, subversion of laws.

In keeping with tradition, no mention was made in the corporate media of President Obama’s EO 13528 that egregiously subverts the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878. A White House Press Release claims the ten member, bipartisan Council was created ‘to strengthen further the partnership between the Federal Government and State Governments to protect our Nation against all types of hazards.’

Once appointed, according to the White House Press Release, the council will be reviewing such matters as involving the National Guard of various States; Homeland defense; civil support; synchronization and integration of State and Federal military activities in the United States; and other matters of mutual interest pertaining to National Guard, homeland defense, and civil support activities.

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Barack Obama: The Healthcare Industry’s $20 Million Man

Much has been made of the egregious sums of money that get ‘donated’ to members of Congress to influence legislation and avoid reform — and, for all intents and purposes, accountability — but oft overlooked in the ongoing health care reform debate is the amount of money that the health care industry gave to President Barack Obama when he was a candidate in 2008.

To the healthcare industry, Barack Obama, who received almost three times more than Senator John McCain during the election cycle, is the $20 million dollar man. Analysis from the Center for Responsive Politics for Raw Story revealed that President Obama received a staggering $20,175,303 from the healthcare industry in 2008 while John McCain received $7,758,289 in ‘contributions.’

A revealing report from Raw Story shows that Obama received $19,462,986 from the health sector, which includes $11.7m from health professionals, $1.4m from health services/HMOs, $3.3m from hospitals/nursing homes and $2.1m from pharmaceuticals/health products. The remaining balance of the more than $20 million consisted of miscellaneous health donations from which Obama received $860,411. Your rising insurance premiums are being used to pay off politicians in Washington. An explanation of the complete breakdown can be found in the article from Raw Story. There is definitely a relationship between Obama and the health sector.

The staggering amount of ‘contributions’ from the health care industry to their $20 million dollar man in the White House serves as one example of why the endless cycle of corruption in Washington never ends and why it’s time to change or abolish lobbying laws and the corporate ownership of America’s politicians. Until it changes, the American people will continue being on the short end of the stick. Even more staggering is the fact that Americans donated half a billion dollars to Obama when he was campaigning and this is the thanks they get.

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DU From U.S. Munitions: A Stealthy Killer with Long Term Effects

U.S. munitions containing Depleted Uranium (DU) — a  stealthy killer with long term effects — that will kill Iraqi’s and U.S. servicemen and women stationed in Iraq — are reportedly causing an alarming rise in cancers, deformed babies and other health problems in Iraq.

Using DU in munitions is a war crime and there is plenty of well documented evidence of munitions containing DU being used by the U.S. and some of their allies against Iraq in 1991 and 2003. Radiation from those munitions and unchecked pollution are being blamed for causing the rising incidences of health problems Iraqi’s are dealing with today.

Despite the well documented use of DU in U.S. and coalition weaponry, officials say establishing a link between the radioactive metal and health problems among Iraqi’s and American service men and women is hard.

New, previously unseen kinds of cancer that were not recorded in Iraq before 2003 are being blamed on radiation from munitions that contained DU. A spike in the number of stillborn births, deformed and paralyzed babies has alarmed doctors in the western Iraq city of Falluja, which was the scene of two of the fiercest battles after the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq.

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EU Parliament to Investigate and Debate Faked ‘Pandemic’ Scandal

The Council of Europe member states will reportedly launch an inquiry in January 2010 to investigate and debate the faked ‘pandemic’ scandal stemming from the influence of the Pharmaceutical companies on the global Swine Flu campaign and on the extent of Big Pharma’s influence on the World Health Organization (WHO).

The EU Parliament’s Health Committee unanimously passed a resolution that calls for the inquiry in a long overdue move to public transparency of the ‘Golden Triangle’ corruption between the WHO, the Pharmaceutical industry and scientists that has caused death and permanently damaged the lives of millions of people worldwide.

Last July I started writing about the suspicious ‘outbreak’ of the Swine Flu in Mexico and the collusion between Governmental health organizations such as the WHO and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to expedite panic and create a false pandemic. This isn’t the first time the government has falsely — and conveniently — created a pandemic and it undoubtedly won’t be the last.

Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, chairman of the Health Committee of Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) is a medical doctor and epidemiologist, a specialist in lung disease and environmental medicine who introduced the motion because he considers the current ‘pandemic’ Swine Flu campaign of the WHO to be ‘one of the greatest medicine scandals of the Century.’

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