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Misadventures of a minority-elect President 329

Imagine supporting Trump from Crooks and Liars

Chronicling the misadventures of our forever Impeached minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

Today’s misadventures of our forever Impeached malignant minority-elect president* begins with his inability to accept responsibility for his moronic minions dying due to his epic failed response to the coronavirus pandemic and he can’t feel any empathy or remorse so he tries to blame everyone else, still having difficulty telling the truth despite the bubble in his alternate reality bursting and bringing him down, on the many dubious ways we’ve never had a president like Trump before, how he’s desperately trying to make you forget how stupid he is after suggesting injecting disinfectant to cure the coronavirus – and how it too will fail miserably as with everything else he does and so much more.

Trump shows a total inability to have empathy or remorse when confronted with the consequences of his actions article from Alternet.

Trump’s epic failure of a response to the coronavirus pandemic is causing deaths to his moronic supporters, along with the rest of us and anyone foolish enough to believe his ignorant ass, and he’s incapable of feeling empathy or remorse – which is why he lies all the time and tries to blame everyone else for his f*&k ups.

A Complete Analysis Of Trump’s 169th Unpresidented Week As POTUS article from Rantt.

A look at the Donald’s most recent failed week in which committed a crime by telling his moronic minions to protest stay-at-home orders while further endangering the idiots that are his base – and the rest of us – with his constant ignorant malfeasance and lies, furthering his failed response to the coronavirus crisis.

Nancy Pelosi Bluntly Sumps Up Trump’s Pandemic Response: ‘Delay, Denial, Death’ article from PoliticusUSA.

Speaker Pelosi gave Donnie a failing grade for his failed response to the coronavirus pandemic due to his profound corruption and ignorance – and it’s not getting any better:

Fringe Protests Can’t Distract From Trump’s Failures article from The New Yorker.

Having a massive fraud for a president* whose massive coronavirus pandemic response failure has cost tens of thousands of lives encouraging a bought and paid for right-wing minority of idiots to protest shelters-in-place and telling them to ‘Liberate’ their governors isn’t going to bode well for the Don:

“The demonstrations against the coronavirus shutdowns came to upstate New York on Monday, with a lunchtime “Gridlock Buffalo” protest, at which cars and trucks blockaded Niagara Square, in the heart of the city. The event was specifically directed at Governor Andrew Cuomo, who recently extended his stay-at-home order until May 15th, but it was similar to protests in Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Texas, Wisconsin, and other states.

According to the Buffalo News, the person behind Monday’s protest was Rus Thompson, a local conservative activist and supporter of Donald Trump who was involved in a pro-Trump protest last summer timed to coincide with a pro-impeachment rally. This is not surprising. A demonstration in Lansing, Michigan, last week which attracted national attention was organized by “a group founded by a pro-Trump state representative and his wife, Meshawn Maddock, who is on the advisory board for an official Trump campaign group called ‘Women for Trump,’ ” the Associated Press reported. And, according to the New York Times, a protest outside the statehouse in Austin, Texas, which took place on Saturday, was organized by Owen Shroyer, the host of a radio program from Infowars, the right-wing disinformation Web site.

The fact that Trump supporters and right-wing entities are instigating the protests doesn’t mean they don’t have any popular support, of course. But it should figure more prominently in media coverage. So should the scale of the demonstrations, which, in many cases, has been modest. The biggest was the one in Lansing, which attracted several thousand protestors, in cars and on foot, local police said. In Brookfield, Wisconsin, and Annapolis, Maryland, the participants numbered in the hundreds, according to local news reports. In Frankfort, Kentucky, last Wednesday, “about 100 people” called on Governor Andy Beshear to reopen businesses, the Louisville Courier-Journal reported. And in Madison, Wisconsin, “a few dozen people marched around the Capitol,” on Saturday, the local weekly Isthmus reported.

These gatherings pale in comparison with other mass protests we have seen in recent years, including the Tea Party rallies in 2009 that attracted hundreds of thousands of participants. Immediately after Trump was elected, several million Americans took part in local and national versions of the Women’s March. Following the February, 2018, high-school massacre in Parkland, Florida, the March for Our Lives drew hundreds of thousands of people to Washington, D.C., and other cities. As recently as last December, tens of thousands of people marched to demand Trump’s impeachment…”

Trump’s latest tweets are an alternative world where the pandemic takes a backseat to MSNBC coverage article from Vox.

Due to his despotic delusions of grandeur, Trump – our Twitter tyrant – believes that all the delusional bull shit he tweets is akin to God’s words but that isn’t preventing his alternate reality from imploding.

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Misadventures of a minority-elect President 328

C19 lies Trump from Pinterest

Chronicling the misadventures of our forever Impeached minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

Trying to blame everyone else for his massive coronavirus pandemic response begins today’s misadventures of our forever Impeached malevolent minority-elect president* as he tries desperately to deflect the blame from himself as usual, despotic delusions of grandeur are still running rampant in Trumpland – which is still incapable of handling facts and the truth – courtesy of his massive coronavirus pandemic failure – Trump has wiped out his predecessor’s entire recovery from the last depression and so much more.

A Complete Analysis Of Trump’s 168th Unpresidented Week As POTUS article from Rantt.

A look at how Trump’s massive coronavirus pandemic response is failing bigly and how he’s trying to blame everyone else.

Trump’s latest coronavirus press briefing featured one of his most memorable meltdowns yet article from Vox News.

Trump is desperately trying to rewrite the history of his failed pandemic response and as usual is failing miserably:

Trump Declares He Has ‘Total’ Authority As President In Defiant Press Briefing article from the Huffington Post.

Despotic delusions of grandeur still run rampant in Trumpland as he claims that he has total authority over governors to reopen states when in fact he does not.

This Fake President Must Resign article from Common Dreams.

Being unable to handle his job – let alone the coronavirus pandemic – due to his profound corruption and stupidity – is proving problematic for our forever impeached, illegitimate president*:

“It appears that whatever luck America has regularly enjoyed has now run out since our worst president holds the office when our worst pandemic in a century is afflicting us.

In his daily Trumpaganza show, the president keeps saying that he is learning a lot. But given his chronic inability to process information, just what is he learning? Apparently to keep relentlessly returning to his basic formula of chest-beating, blame-shifting, and disinformation. Trump demands credit for any good news, refuses any responsibility, whines that he’s the victim of mean governors/media/China/W.H.O./Democrats, churns out false promises and conspiracy theories (e.g. Hero nurses slipping ventilators out the back door? Really?) yet never seriously rallies the country behind a national plan entailing short-term sacrifice and struggle. He’s no Winston Churchill, nor even the Queen of England based on her inspiring remarks last week.

Now it’s largely too late to cabin the virus given his wishful thinking for two months between mid-January through mid-March and lost trust after a lifetime of lies. A person who thinks he can get away with altering the weather with a sharpie won’t have the trust necessary to defeat this invader.

Trump’s one reliable focus has been on his reelection image as a self-proclaimed “war-time president.” Yet instead of a Dr. Win-the-War, as FDR was famously called for his skill at projecting both candor and confidence, we get a smiley-face Dr. Pangloss straining two weeks ago to issue an “all clear” for the economy by Easter Sunday…until doing a 180° after seeing overwhelmingly negative polls. He then quickly implied that any number of fatalities less than 240,000 would vindicate him in November, appearing to move-the-goal posts in the hope of scoring at least a field goal by Labor Day. “In what circle of hell,” asks Susan Rice, “is that a good outcome?”…”

Donald Trump’s scapegoat hunt: Blame China, blame Fauci, blame the governors article from Salon.

The Donald is trying desperately – albeit failing miserably – to find a scapegoat to blame for his criminal incompetence but the only idiots that believe him are his supporters and it’s not going well for him…

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Misadventures of a minority-elect President 327

Avoiding prison Trump from Pinterest

Chronicling the misadventures of our forever Impeached minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

Today’s misadventures of our forever Impeached malignant minority-elect president* begins with his catalog of endless corruption and stupidity which has resulted in the mess we face from the coronavirus pandemic today, despite his lies about not being responsible for the failure that has been his coronavirus outbreak response, he is DEFINITELY responsible for it and it’s going to hurt him bigly, there is no limit to the depths of Trump’s malfeasance and stupidity, the reason he’s pushing a drug as a cure becomes crystal clear once you follow the money, cementing his place in history as the worst, most corrupt and ignorant president* in U.S. history.

A catalog of capital incompetence: The short list of things Donald Trump did to kill America article from The Daily Kos.

A look at the utter corruption and ignorance that is the Trump administration and the damage their forever impeached illegitimate leader has unleashed on the American population – keeping in line with his ‘America First’ creed – which will cost many American lives.

America has no federal response to this crisis article from Vox News.

Because he’s incapable of leading anyone let alone acting presidential, Trump is making America pay a heavy price – playing president* instead of doing the job reveals just how true that is.

WATCH: The Daily Show releases devastating video of Fox News and Republicans downplaying COVID-19 crisis article from The Raw Story.

A look at how the Donald and many of his enablers, including his Ministry of Propaganda – Fox faux ‘News’ – have downplayed the pandemic, with lots of damaging video:

Trump will definitely get crdit if deaths exceed 100,000, but not the good kind article from The Daily Kos.

Donnie likes to claim he’s not responsible for the disaster that has been his coronavirus outbreak failure, but rest assured, it is DEFINITELY his fault:

“We warned America, and Democrats delivered an impeachment to underscore the seriousness of the matter: Donald Trump wasn’t fit to be president. Republicans didn’t care, because tax cuts and judges, and now here we are.

Today, we’ll hit two Sept. 11ths’ worth of deaths, easily blowing by the 6,000 mark just two days after hitting a single 9/11. We’ve just about to reach a quarter-million cases, which is a whopping one-quarter of the total confirmed cases worldwide. By any measure, this is an abject disaster. Yet in a breathtaking display of goalpost moving, Trump said a couple of days ago, “[if] we have between 100 and 200,000 [deaths], we altogether have done a very good job.”

Yeah, nice try.

Trump is in a politically perilous position, for sure. His inability to respond to the crisis—from dismantling the institutions designed to identify (CDC outpost in China) and respond to such a crisis (the pandemic preparedness task force and FEMA), to incompetent staff, to an utter inability to be forthright and truthful to the American people, to simply misplaced priorities (stock market > grandma)—our nation never stood a chance…”

To Donald Trump, coronavirus is just one more chance for a power grab article from The Guardian.

The Donald would love nothing more than further his delusional attempts to become our dictator, but he has one major obstacle standing in his way – he’s entirely too corrupt and stupid to pull it off successfully.

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Presidential Pandemonium Punctuates U.S. Pandemic Failure

It’s All About Me, All Of The Time Trump from Crooks and Liars

The daily dose of the President* Donald J. Trump Con Man Show passed off as a Coronavirus Pandemic Response Press Briefing which is used to promote lies, falsehoods, ignorance littered with corruption and Conspiracy Theories while congratulating himself for delusional embellishments that exist only in what little is left of his very unstable mind are quite revealing and his pandemonium is quite dangerous. The so-called press briefings have devolved into miniature rallies to benefit the fatally flawed personality traits – self-aggrandizing Sociopathic narcissism – that benefits no one but himself while causing more dubious distractions.

The man who doesn’t take responsibility for his massive failure of a response to the pandemic outbreak and doesn’t listen to professionals who warned him months before the outbreak occurred and feels no empathy towards others and only cares about himself is in no position to handle the National Emergency we’re experiencing now. The results of the massive failure that has been Trump’s Coronavirus Pandemic response is all his fault, and in fact, much of that massive failure that has been the Trump Administration’s reaction to the Coronavirus pandemic could easily be construed as criminal:

Using the so-called press briefings to stay in the spotlight while gaslighting the nation isn’t working out too well for Trump as more and more people are realizing how incompetent he is. Instead of informing the U.S. population about fighting the Coronavirus pandemic and acting Presidential, he has corrupted that opportunity and transformed them into reelection campaign rallies wherein he attacks his political rivals, Governors and others that are critical of his failed response, pushes untested drug and herbal supplement treatments as well as other Conspiracy Theories crafted by Fox faux News and a couple of his other propaganda outlets, attacked the press for using his words against him and revealed exactly why he never belonged in the White House to begin with.

Trump is a one trick pony. As long as he’s the center of attention he’s happy and he’ll say and do anything to keep the spotlight on himself. You can rest assured that Trump’s pandemonium is intentional. It’s designed to keep him in the spotlight, deflect from his incompetence, distract us from the crimes he is committing and to cater to his endless corrupt delusions. The only thing it has resulted in so far is more American deaths from the Coronavirus, record unemployment and total chaos as hospitals scramble for supplies and small businesses wonder if they’ll ever recover. Meanwhile Trump says his gut will lead him but as the past three plus years have shown, that only means another corrupted moronic decision based on demented delusion that will benefit him and his cohorts is headed our way.


The Coronavirus outbreak that has been unleashed upon the world is unlike anything we’ve ever seen in our lifetime but dystopian delusions – ignorant bull shit – lies and rage tweeting don’t destroy diseases and someone apparently forgot to send our president* that memo. Using a bully pulpit and interrupting daily television programming to misinform and gaslight everyone while distracting with more deception and misinformation to cover up his latest crime spree only serves to highlight the fact that Trump doesn’t have a plan to deal with the pandemic, isn’t capable of handling a crisis, isn’t presidential – nor will he every be – and that in fact he should have been removed from office when he was impeached.

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Added Online Resources for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Added Online Resources for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Please note that this page will grow as more information becomes available.

As of today (04.07.2020) more than 209 countries and territories and 82,000 people have died from the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) that was alleged to have begun in Wuhan, China last year. In keeping with Donald J Trump’s – our forever impeached, illegitimate president* and his endless supplies of corruption and stupidity – ‘America First’ creed, the U.S. now leads the world in active cases of the coronavirus and, inevitably will soon lead in deaths from it too.

The first, and most important thing to remember about the coronavirus is that the majority of those that contract it also recover from it. People that have an existing co-morbidity – respiratory, lung and heart issues, diabetes, etc. – usually succumb to the disease faster than people that are normally healthy. So far, at least one infant, a couple of children and several elderly adults died from it, but it’s important to remember not to panic because of it, regardless of the never-ending dooms day news you normally see 24 hours a day.

Because we have a failed fraudulent con man suffering from pathological narcissism who only cares about himself, the U.S. hasn’t had an effective, resourceful response to the pandemic. Instead of heeding the warnings about the pandemic that he was warned about two months in advance, Trump decided to listen to Fox faux News – and other members of his vast propaganda network such as OAN, etc. – and ignore it thinking it would magically disappear and go away when the weather warmed up. When pressed about it he referred to it as a ‘hoax’ while lying repeatedly about having everything under control.

The U.S. couldn’t implement a pandemic plan for several reasons, including the fact that Trump disbanded the pandemic response team, fired the one person that was in China who was charged with handling the pandemic, decided to send the surplus of medical equipment we had on hand to China and Israel, and a multitude of other f*&k ups while ignorantly claiming he wasn’t responsible for it. Another reason the U.S. hasn’t implemented a plan to deal with the pandemic is because no such plan exists. Instead of listening to professionals Trump decided to listen to the propagandists – and soon it will cost his most ardent supporters drastically. Unfortunately the rest of us will pay a heavy price for it too.

To date, Trump’s response on the coronavirus pandemic could easily be considered criminal, but there are many things you can do to prevent contracting it and to prevent spreading it.

Despite the endless onslaught of fear – it never ends for several reasons – it’s important to remember a few things about the Coronavirus:

Use a Common Sense approach to protecting yourself:

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Misadventures of a minority-elect President 326

62 Million Morons Voted for Trump from Pinterest

Chronicling the misadventures of our forever Impeached minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

More of his lies and misinformation begins today’s misadventures of our forever Impeached malevolent minority-elect president* as he goes on Fox faux News – his Ministry of Propaganda – to spread his delusions without question about the coronavirus outbreak, his lies and misinformation are still taking center stage as he uses the coronavirus briefings as a pseudo rally to connect with his moronic minions by telling his usual lies and spreading his usual delusions, Trump keeps showing repeatedly that he is not now nor will he ever be presidential, how having a corrupt and ignorant White House has made the pandemic worse than it should have been, how he’s always trying pass responsibility for his massive failures onto everyone else and much more.

Here are 7 of the most ridiculous moments from Trump’s Fox News town hall article from The Raw Story.

As usual Trump lied during yet another of his infamous Fox faux News rallies where nothing based in reality comes from his lips but his moronic minions are still faithful:

Are Trump’s coronavirus briefings the new 2020 campaign rallies? article from The Guardian.

How the Donald is destroying his credibility by using the coronavirus outbreak briefings as a megaphone for pseudo rallies and purposely spreading lies and misinformation to his moronic minions on a daily basis and how the media needs to start delaying and fact checking them before they air.

CNN and MSNBC Staff Push Back on Airing Trump’s Coronavirus ‘Lies’ article from The Daily Beast.

On the many reasons not to air the Donald’s coronavirus press conferences because he has turned them into such a shit show and all he does is lie:

Trump Campaign Threatens To Sue After Hard-Hitting Coronavirus Ad Airs article from Crooks and Liars.

An ad showing Donnie’s initial response to the coronavirus outbreak – it’s a hoax, etc. – is upsetting the Trump team because it’s factual and reveals the truth, which is something they’re deathly afraid of:

“The Trump campaign are big babies, like Fat Head himself. But they know if any of this criticism sticks with Trump’s cult-like base he’s toast in November. That’s why they’re calling out the lawyers.

Source: Bloomberg

The Trump campaign asked TV stations in swing states to take down an ad featuring the president calling coronavirus a “hoax” that his allies say is misleading…”

Trump Says ‘LameStream Media’ Wants to Hurt His Reelection Chances by Not Reopening Economy article from PoliticusUSA.

A multitude of delusions are enveloping Trump’s little pea brain as he rants and makes more shit up to spew on Twitter.

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Bill’s Links and More Site Updates 04.02.2020

Please note: a new online resource with information on the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) will be coming soon.


Mattress Military Discount Directory – information on discounts for Military veterans and other resources dealing with sleeping from My Best Mattress

Car Insurance for Veterans – information for Veterans and their families for saving money and avoid being ripped off from The Zebra


Home Improvement Resources for The Elderly & Disabled: Renovations and Grants from RTA Cabinet Store

Consumer Safety Guide – some good information on the risks some products, devices and drugs have on consumers

A guide for handling cough and colds in the elderly – resources for handling illness in the elderly from Covonia

The Definitive Guide to Accessible & Responsive Street Furniture for the Disabled from Kings Wood Structures


Air Tasker – an interesting website where you can post tasks that need to be done or tasks that you will do for others

100 Most Common Job Interview Questions and Answers – and a lot of other useful information for anyone looking for employment from

Job Application Form Template – and other useful resources for making your company’s hiring process easier from Type Form

Remote working: a practical safety guide for businesses – information and resources for people that are working remotely from Glide Group


Best Niche Search Engines – Search engines that find what other search engines can’t from Lifewire

How to Remove Your Personal Information From the Internet – Help on ridding the Internet of your personal information from Lifewire

4 Search Tools to Find Email Addresses – Helpful sites that can possibly provide someone’s email address from Lifewire

The 7 Best Emergency Alert Apps of 2019 – With all the natural disasters and damage being reeked on this earth, here is information on apps that may help you stay prepared from Lifewire

How to find out who a caller is without answering – Information on how to call back a private number and confront masked callers from Lifewire – an excellent resource for Students and Teacher with a lot of useful information

Safety Trips for Traveling With Your Pets – essential tips for those that love taking their pets with them everywhere they go from

Parents’ Guide for Safe YouTube and Internet Streaming for Kids – and lots of other useful information for keeping kids safe online from Safety Detectives

Working with Schools from Raising a Sensory Smart Child – resources for dealing with special education services from Sensory Smarts


Whistleblower Info – helpful info designed to keep the public educated and informed of the many different types of government contractor fraud, medical & healthcare fraud, pharmaceutical and FDA fraud, tax fraud and more

Studying with Narcolepsy: 15 Tips for Successful Learning – and lots of other useful study and writing tips for smart students from Ivy Panda

A GUIDE TO SMART HOME TECH FOR THE DISABLED AND ELDERLY and a lot of other useful information from The Reviews Insider

Financial Help for Single Mothers – resources and information that is helpful to single mothers needing assistance

How to Get Teens to Stop Vaping – plus lots of other useful resources and information from Sunshine Behavioral Health

7 Ways Pets Can Help With Mental Health Issues – and other useful information for getting help with mental issues from EZ Care Clinic

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Homecare for Mesothelioma Patients – information and resources for people with Mesothelioma who need help from Mesothelioma Justice Network

Mesothelioma support for patients and their families dealing with the disease from Mesothelioma Hub

How to Calm a Child With Autism – techniques for avoiding and managing meltdowns and lots of other useful information for dealing with Autism

How to Create a Safe, Sensory-Friendly Backyard Landscape for Your Child With Special Needs information from Wikilawn

Treating Sensory Processing Issues, information and resources for dealing with special needs from Child Mind Institute


Protecting Yourself Against Identity Theft & Fraud – helpful information for avoiding identity theft and fraud and learning how to deal with it from Totally Money


What Is Chromium? – A browser that is similar to but less stable than Chrome from Lifewire

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