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Deceptive Details Of Bailout Emerging

It’s been almost a month now since the bailout was shoved down America’s throat and illegally passed by Congress but the stock market continues steadily falling, unemployment is rising and the global capitalistic system is on the brink of collapse, and more details of the deception and lies from the corrupt political establishment in Washington — as well as more of the usual secretive actions and delusional deceptions being utilized by the Bush administration and the Republican party — are emerging and it appears that we’ve been sold another rotten bill of goods as a result of speculators cashing in on the derivatives that have played a central role in precipitating the current market meltdown, basically an unregulated gambling racket Congress voted to create and legalize.

Despite efforts being made by the news media to spread the myth, our financial crisis is not the result of economic freedom and laissez-faire capitalism. The housing bubble and its crash were purposely created by corrupted Washington politicians, as was the financial crisis we’re facing today. Main Street is losing big and Wall Street is getting away with their fraudulent actions while receiving money from the fraudulent bailout. The constant pursuit of financially struggling American consumers by big finance, as noted by AlterNet, is one of the overlooked causes of the financial meltdown we’re facing today.

Recently, Alan Greenspan admitted he “made a mistake” in believing banks could adequately police themselves. Greenspan didn’t make a mistake. He knew all along what would happen. Deregulation does not work but Wall Street has lobbied for deregulation in Washington for years. Greenspan was a major part of the global recession we’re witnessing today. It’s hard if not impossible to believe that Greenspan is “in a state of shocked disbelief.”

Despite the Wall Street meltdown, the nation’s biggest banks are reportedly preparing to pay their workers as much as last year or more, including bonuses tied to personal and company performance. A review of records by the Associated Press showed that so far this year the total costs for salaries, benefits and bonuses for nine of the largest U.S. banks — which also includes some that cut thousands of jobs — have grown by an average of 3 percent from a year ago. AIG has just about used up the $123 billion its received courtesy of the bailout. Taxpayers are footing the bill for the exorbitant compensations that some CEOs on Wall Street will receive.

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Voter Suppression Attempts Increasing

With less than two weeks to go until the 2008 Presidential election and Republican Presidential candidate John McCain lagging so far behind in the polls while being dragged down by his barely-vetted vice presidential candidate, growing desperation is resulting in more fearmongering techniques and attempted acts of voter fraud, disenfranchisement and intimidation, voters are being fraudulently duped into registering as Republicans, numerous problems with voting machines flipping votes are being reported and millions of voters continue being purged — all in typical Republican tradition.

The Republican party’s desperation is becoming more evident on a daily basis. Smear campaigns and blatant lies that were once effectively used by the Republican party no longer have the desired affect. Campaign rallies by the McCain/Palin campaign are stirring up riots and potential acts of terrorism, but little else. McCain did receive an endorsement from al Qaeda though.

Ohio’s Secretary of State has received death threats since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned a lawsuit by the Republican party and Ohio’s election web site has been hacked. Congress has received bomb threats and the New York Times, among others, has received postal mail with a white powdery substance. Just like clockwork, the threats and intimidations used to sway public opinion by the Bush administration are once again being utilized. As I’ve said before, the Republican party and the Bush regime will stoop to any level to make sure McCain gets appointed to the White House since he will continue Bush’s policies, and he’ll keep all the crimes committed by the Bush regime covered up — at least he’ll try to.

It’s not easy for the Bush administration and the Republican party to get away with things like they did the last two elections. Everyone is ready — almost to the point of expecting it — for the next attempted false flag attack by the Bush administration, and hiding something as big as the attacks of 9/11 again will be impossible. Don’t be surprised if another phony Osama bin Laden tape magically appears.

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Federal Corruption And Failed Leadership

The list of crimes committed by the Bush administration, many with help from his enablers in Congress, grows on a steady basis — more allegations of illegal spying and lies from Bush and the NSA, torture authorized by memos from the White House, violations of the Hatch Act by the Bush administration trying to ensure Republicans are re-elected to Congress in 2006, threatening to cut public funding to the Public Broadcasting System if they aired a documentary regarding the Bush administration’s approval and use of torture, illegal detention and trials of ‘suspected terrorists,’ most of which are created and funded by the CIA, fearmongering while threatening Marshall Law to pass the fraudulent bailout of Wall Street for the criminals who caused the financial meltdown to begin with — the list goes on and on.

Too much presidential power and corruption, aided by a corrupt, complicit Congress has done a lot of potentially irreparable damage to America and all who live here, as well as other parts of the world. The American public has had no representation or say in the destruction of their civil rights and freedoms while being methodically and steadily bankrupted by the failed, corrupted leadership of our Washington establishment.

A highly politicized Justice and Judicial system unwilling to uphold the law, choosing instead to allow the criminal actions of the Bush administration along with a nonexistant system of checks and balances, illegal propaganda and political theater have all played a major role in the destruction of Democracy and freedom. Some major ‘News’ outlets have played a major role in furthering illegal actions of the Bush administration while pushing illegal propaganda for major profits that we the people have all paid for in more ways than one.

The federal government has failed the public they’ve sworn to serve. A provision in Article V of the Constitution allows for the temporary creation of a fourth branch of government in the form of a convention of state delegates that operates outside of the control of Congress, the President and the Courts. It’s time for an Article V convention to put an end to the deceit and corruption of our federal government.

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Dangers Of Deceptive Political Corruption

The inept, prejudiced McCain/Palin campaign, and the disaster the Republican party has become these past almost eight years under the corrupt, incompetent leadership of President Bush — controlled by numerous large corporations in multiple industries — coupled with U.S. troops being deployed on U.S. soil and members of Congress being threatened with Martial Law if the fraudulent, socialistic bailout to ‘rescue’ the large corporations that control President Bush from financial ruin while economies are imploding around the world due to the corrupted actions of President Bush and his administration on top of illicit Executive Orders and Signing Statements issued by President Bush, many of which remain top secret, has resulted in numerous questions of Bush’s intentions as desperation engulfs the Republican party and America continues paying a heavy price.

Lack of accountability and oversight coupled with complicity and capitulation from a U.S. Congress that is riddled with major corruption and no regard for those they were elected to serve — many of which have been bought and paid for by large corporations — while being led by politicians who have aided and abetted war crimes and acts of treason committed by the President — has resulted in the disaster America and the rest of the world is facing today.

Intentionally deceitful propaganda led to the Iraq war. Illegal, unconstitutional pieces of ‘legislation’ such as the Patriot Act and the FISA amendment to name a couple, the financial crisis, and many other disasters created by the Bush administration has resulted in Bush believing he has limitless powers — which in truth are illegal, unconstitutional powers derived from his illegal, immoral actions — and Congress has done everything to enable and nothing but condone his actions.

Intentionally deceitful propaganda has provided numerous opportunities for Bush to destroy America and all who live here while delusionally putting himself and his Republican operatives above the law. The good news is that since the use of propaganda by the federal government is illegal, at the end of Bush’s delusional dictatorship, he and his cronies can be held accountable for their actions. The dangers America has faced and continues to face as a result of propaganda and fearmongering under the delusional leadership of a Republican wanna-be-dictator President need to be stopped dead in their tracks. Impeachment would take care of that, but because of her complicity in Bush’s crimes, Speaker Pelosi won’t ‘allow’ it. If for some reason Bush did attempt to implement Marshall Law, states should be encouraged to take action the way Arizona has. If Marshall Law is implemented, Arizona says it will secede.

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Election Fraud Increasing As Desperation Grows

As dirty politics and smear campaigns continue headlining the ongoing Presidential race, a veritable smorgasbord of unethical tactics are being resorted to, primarily by Republicans — mailing racial, fear-inducing DVDs in an effort to scare the public into voting for McCain/Palin that have resulted in innocent children being gassed, voter suppression, dress codes while voting and phony letters telling voters that they’ll be arrested when they go to vote to name a few — tactics that are driving voters in droves to Democrats.

There are numerous allegations of plans to steal the next election, including, according to Robert Kennedy Jr., about 30 scams the Republicans are deliberately using, particularly in swing states to get Democratic voters off the rolls. Numerous deceptive ads full of lies are hitting newspapers across the country in attempts to scare people and coerce public opinion. Recently a high-level GOP IT consultant was subpoenaed in a case alleging tampering with the 2004 election. Crucial information on flaws in voting machines is still being withheld from the public.

A once beloved “War hero” turned into a hose bag — an intensely dishonorable man with a long list of lies and deceptions who is desperate to become President — who, if elected, albeit more likely appointed than anything else, will continue the destructive policies of President Bush, and destroy what is left of this once great country.

John McCain’s biggest problem, aside from all the desperation, was getting stuck with Sarah Palin as his running mate. Sarah Palin is about to be raked over the coals due to her illicit actions involving her Troopergate scandal and her association with corrupted Alaska Senator Ted Stevens. Knowing the Justice system under the Bush administration though, Palin will undoubtedly not be held accountable for any of her actions.

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Political Deception And The Bailout Bill

The proposed bailout plan from the Bush administration failed in The House of Representatives because people are sick and tired of being terrorized, cheated and lied to and because some in the House of Representatives want to keep their jobs. The bailout/rescue bill is being voted on again by the House on Thursday. The Senate, possibly in violation of the Constitution, passed a ‘revised bill’ — some revisions include more tax breaks in attempts to sway Republican approval, along with a bunch of other legislation — tonight. If the bill needs to be passed so badly, why is so much other garbage being added to it? Once again we’re being lied to and deceived by many in Washington.

Some Republicans and Democrats were smart enough to realize just how immoral and dangerous the plan is so they voted against it. Then you have some, such as speaker Nancy Pelosi who had the gumption to say that the party was over on Wall Street and that Democrats fought for a better bill. Not exactly. The version of the bill Pelosi was pushing and voted for doesn’t even come close to stopping the party on Wall Street. If it weren’t for the fact that Americans are about to get royally screwed by Washington again, Pelosi’s comments would be funny.

An interesting article from USA Today explains how politics and fear have created a backlash in Washington and videos explaining that the bailout is for foreign investors can be found from YouTube. More on why the FED is in such a rush to pass this extremely flawed legislation can be found from Rumor Mill News. America is being expected to pay for a Wall Street Crisis. With Bush, Paulson and Bernanke using dire warnings and threats — committing the equivalent of financial terrorism — the question arises as to how much truth there is in the stock market crashing tomorrow if this bailout/rescue plan doesn’t pass. If it does pass, who’s to say it would work?

Once again President Bush is chastising Congress and the American public, reportedly saying that the economic damage to the nation will be “painful and lasting” if Congress fails to pass a $700 Billion bailout/rescue bill. Mr. President, why not have one of the 400 richest Americans — whose wealth increased by nearly $700 billion during your two terms in office and whose combined net worth is $1.6 trillion — pay for your bailout? You’ve cost America too much lasting pain already and we’re sick and tired of it.

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