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Misadventures of a minority-elect President 77

Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

Trump ignorantly claims his first 100 days are ‘just about the most successful’ in U.S. history – despite being oblivious to the obvious, Trump keeps making his daughter look foolish, Trump’s lie about saving U.S. jobs is already imploding, after our illegitimate minority-elect President’s first 100 days it’s fair to say that history will not be kind to him or his duplicitous administration, mistrust of the majority in Trump could prove extremely dangerous in the event of a catastrophe rooted in science – or anything else for that matter, the problem with no legal pretext from our War Criminal-in-Chief justifying his bombings in Syria – as well as Afghanistan, ruminations that Twitter users are starting to tune Trump out, why we shouldn’t laugh at Trump’s 100-day faceplant, Sessions tries to cover Trump’s ass over Flynn as our lackluster leader’s Russia scandal continues to grow, GDP lowest in 3 years as Trump’s economy starts its downward spiral and much more.

Trump: My first 100 days are ‘just about the most successful’ in US history article from GMA on Yahoo! News. –

Day 100 of our illegitimate minority-elect President: Life is great in Trump’s land of delusion – almost as great as his record setting inauguration…

The first 100 days of Trump article from The Guardian. –

Trump’s budget slashes millions from the institution Ivanka praises as’ instrumental’ for women article from Think Progress. –

The Great Job Exodus Is Upon Us: Trump’s Promise to Save American Labor Is Already a Bust article from AlterNet. –

“At least 12,000 positions have moved or are in the process of being moved abroad since late January.

One of the many impossible promises Donald Trump made on the campaign trail was that he, and he alone, would be able to stem the tide of American jobs moving overseas. Though it was on its face a lie as unbelievable and untenable as all the other lies, it only further solidified Trump’s “America First” bonafides with his base.

Fast-forward to nearly 100 days into Trump’s presidency, and his casting of himself as a hybrid strongman-miracle worker seems only slightly less absurd than his supporters’ continued belief in this invention. Not only has Trump not been the great job savior he proclaimed himself, but thousands of jobs continue to flow to places like Mexico and China.

One day after he vowed to exit NAFTA, a ThinkProgress analysis found that “since Trump was sworn in on January 20, at least 11,934 American jobs have either been moved abroad or are in the process of leaving the country.” The figure is based on data from the Department of Labor Trade Adjustment Assistance program, but since there’s no agency or organization that keeps exact tabs on the number of jobs leaving America for cheaper environs abroad, “the actual number is almost certainly much higher.”…”

How the world sees Trump, 100 days in article from CNN. –

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