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Misadventures of a minority-elect President 49

Trump’s next scandal beginning to simmer, succumbing to former President’s Bush and Obama’s perpetual war, Trump still can’t take responsibility for his actions or apologize for his massive f*ck ups, major ways Trump is bring chaos to our lives, Trump still freaking out about his Russia scandal, still trying to distract from his fraudulent wiretap fairy tale, facing questions of interference in investigations, trying to shift the heat off his Russia issues with insults and ignorance, wrapping up Trump’s fraudulent University fiasco, still being protected by his brown shirts in the U.S. Congress, sexual assaulter-in-chief declares April sexual assault month, the time is ripe for a false flag terror attack under our minority-elect President and more.

Trump’s next scandal is already starting to simmer article from the Daily Kos. –

Trump Succumbs to Bush/Obama Perpetual War article from Information Clearing House. –

“President Trump is becoming the third post-9/11 president to prosecute bloody conflicts in the Mideast and impose mass surveillance at home, with no end in sight, observes retired Col. Ann Wright…”

What Happens to a Country Whose Leader Can’t Say ‘I’m Sorry’ article from AlterNet. –

Donald Trump and Russia: what we learned this week article from the Guardian. –

6 Major Ways Donald Trump Is Bringing Chaos to Our Lives article from AlterNet. –

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