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Misadventures of a minority-elect President 78

Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

At his much needed campaign rally – being surrounded by like-minded minions – Trump berates media for not noticing his achievements… of which there are very few, the fact that our Liar-in-Chief and his illegitimate administration are certifiable dampens Trump’s first 100 daze of delusion, Democrats give up on working with Trump – will focus instead on obstruction as the GOP has done for the past 8 years, despite the obvious Trump can’t understand why he will always be our minority-elect President that has no mandate, our illegitimate leader is unhappy with media coverage of his first 100 lackluster days, Trump’s delusions on Face the Nation include having nothing to do with the election hacking, dissecting Trump’s ill-begotten first 100 days, committing war crimes for political gain, about the ‘threat’ that is North Korea and lots more.

Trump blasts media at 100th day rally in Pennsylvania article from The International Business Times on Yahoo! News. –

Trump is the best president ever – in his farcical land of delusion.

100 daze of Trump: euphoria and nausea on the White House rollercoaster article from The Guardian. –

The fact that our Liar-in-Chief and his illegitimate administration are certifiable dampens his first 100 daze of delusion.

Democrats give up hope on striking a deal with Trump article from Politico. –

Reagan Adviser Slams Trump Rally Speech As ‘Most Divisive Ever’ From A President article from The Huffington Post. –

And he wonders why the majority of American’s refer to him as the unpopular President with no mandate:

“David Gergen says Trump’s message to Americans who didn’t vote for him was: “I don’t give a damn what you think.”

A former adviser to three Republican presidents called the speech Donald Trump gave before a crowd of supporters Saturday in Pennsylvania the “most divisive” he has ever heard from a president.

David Gergen, a CNN political analyst who advised GOP Presidents Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan — and Democratic President Bill Clinton — said he found the speech “deeply disturbing” with little change from Trump’s bombastic, divisive campaign messages.

Trump slammed the press — again ? as “fake news,” vowed to topple Obamacare and promised to build the border wall between Mexico and the U.S. “Don’t worry, we’re going to have the wall,” Trump said at the rally marking his 100th day as president. “Rest assured. Go home, go to sleep.”…”

Trump blasts media coverage of his first 100 days on show he call ‘Deface the Nation’ article from Yahoo! News. –

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