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Misadventures of a minority-elect President 73

Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

Trump’s unpredictable – albeit primarily ignorant – foreign policy, the White House wants to ensure you never know the truth about Trump’s Syrian gas attack fairy tale, resisting the derangement of Donald Trump, the top controversies of Trump’s first 100 days, our minority-elect President is still lying about winning the popular vote, the problem with Trump’s massive corporate tax cut scam, Trump’s delusional dipshittery comes with a high price, the unprecedented influence of Ivanka Trump – thanks to the illicit moves of her father, Trump’s order to defund sanctuary cities blocked, betraying his disingenuous ‘Hire American’ promise, Breitbart faux ‘News’ still tied too closely to Bannon to retain credentials on Capitol Hill, Ivanka defends her daddy as a champion of women’s rights as leaked plans reveal his true intentions, again Ivanka reveals she is definitely her daddy’s girl, Trump’s failure of a presidency, Trump’s insecurity is his defining trait – which is what makes his delusions so dangerous and lots more.

Trump foreign policy at 100 days: The downside of unpredictability article from Yahoo! News. –

Russian and western dispute over Syria chemical attack further muddies truth article from The Guardian. –

The world may never know the truth about Trump’s Syrian gas attack fairy tale.

The Trump standard: The 45th president’s norm-busting first 100 days article from Yahoo! News. –

Jim Hightower’s Tips for Resistance: Donald Is Deranged, but People Are Fighting Back From Coast to Coast article from AlterNet. –

“A feisty, creative civic spirit is igniting activists in nearly every zip code.

A majority of the public almost always blesses new presidents with a honeymoon gift. In a gesture of patriotic fairness, even people who voted against the incoming chief say, Okay, we’ll give you a chance. We’re hoping you’ll be better than we thought.

This grace period usually lasts a while before the public starts to sour. As New York Times columnist Charles Blow noted, our last five presidents enjoyed lengthy periods in office before a majority of Americans registered disapproval:

* Ronald Reagan–2 years
* George W. Bush–3 years, 3 months
* George H. W. Bush–3 years, 1 month
* Barack Obama–1 year, 3 months
* Bill Clinton–1 year, 7 months

Enter The Donald, whose policies, personality, moral principles, and assorted psychoses have rocketed him through the shortest honeymoon ever. His performance achieved majority disapproval in… just 8 days!…”

The Top Trump Controversies of The First 100 Days article from NBC News. –

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