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Misadventures of a minority-elect President 53

Trump could end up costing Republicans big time in the 2018 elections, Trump’s war on journalism, if you like Middle East wars you’re going to love Trump – who blamed his predecessor for the Syrian gas attack despite telling him not to attack, Trump’s popularity hits yet another new low, Trump removes Bannon from the NSC, ethics issues are growing at a rapid pace, slammed for his support of Bill O’Reilly saying he didn’t think O’Reilly did anything wrong or acted inappropriately regarding his sexual harassment lawsuits, Trump cabal pondering whether or not to make visitors from Germany, France and other close allies hand over their social media passwords, creating distractions and blaming Obama for his flailing presidency, despite the lack of evidence showing Syria gassed its own people, Trump suggests he’ll so whatever he wants – including carrying out surprise attacks, which of course would be illegal, using an apparent chemical weapons attack – which will most likely end up being another false flag – as justification for invading Syria as his plans for Syria and Iraq being to take shape, another baseless claim despite having no evidence to deflect attention from his failing presidency and more.

Donald Trump Still Doesn’t Understand the Unemployment Rate article from the Fiscal Times on Yahoo! News. –

Trump’s in Trouble: Republicans May Face a Massive Wave During the 2018 Midterms article from AlterNet. –

Trump’s War on Journalism article from the Los Angeles Times. –

“In Donald Trump’s America, the mere act of reporting news unflattering to the president is held up as evidence of bias. Journalists are slandered as “enemies of the people.”

Facts that contradict Trump’s version of reality are dismissed as “fake news.” Reporters and their news organizations are “pathetic,” “very dishonest,” “failing,” and even, in one memorable turn of phrase, “a pile of garbage.”

Trump is, of course, not the first American president to whine about the news media or try to influence coverage. President George W. Bush saw the press as elitist and “slick.” President Obama’s press operation tried to exclude Fox News reporters from interviews, blocked many officials from talking to journalists and, most troubling, prosecuted more national security whistle-blowers and leakers than all previous presidents combined.

But Trump being Trump, he has escalated the traditionally adversarial relationship in demagogic and potentially dangerous ways…”

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