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Misadventures of a minority-elect President 69

Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

Trump – in all his idiocy – is doing his damnedest to be a war president, Trump flip flops on his first 100 days saying they don’t mean anything because he’s such a screw up, how he is destroying Conservative media, our blackmailer-in-chief demanding Democrats approve a budget that includes his Mexico wall, how Trump’s twitter tirade against Conservative Media backfired, our illegitimate, racist Attorney General is contemplating conducting a major assault on press freedoms, Trump associates fomenting terrorism in Indonesia, latest Trump directives reveal our moronic lackluster leader in all his fraudulent glory, why demanding answers on Trump, Russia and the election is not ‘McCarthyism,’ Trump’s bombings could result in major blowback, mental health professionals gathering at Yale to discuss their duty of warning the public of the danger posed by our minority-elect President and much more.

Washington threatens war against Iran article from The World Socialist Web Site. –

‘America First’ means more wars.

Is the Deep State Our Only Control Over Trump? article from AlterNet. –

Afternoon Idiocy Watch article from Mother Jones. –

Why Trumpian Conspiracy Theories and Anti-Semitism Are Intimately Connected article from AlterNet. –

“Our modern political climate has helped bolster the oldest conspiracy theory of all.

Earlier this month, white nationalists found cause to rejoice. The culprit behind many of the bomb threats plaguing JCCs and Jewish schools around the country?—?a young American-Israeli man living in Ashkelon, in the south of Israel?—?was arrested. The teenager, apparently utilizing sophisticated identity-masking methods, was responsible for a yet-unknown but apparently large proportion of the bomb threats terrorizing toddlers, schoolchildren, and Jews at prayer, according to Israeli police.

For white nationalists like David Duke, the suspect’s religion was proof of a theory they had championed: that Jews, in a coordinated plot, had created the attacks to “get sympathy to push their ethnic agenda.” A popular meme, “Hey rabbi…watcha doin’?,” resurfaced: It depicts a hook-nosed Jewish stereotype spray-painting a swastika onto the wall of a synagogue. Reactions to the unlikely arrest further proved the durability, in a conspiratorial age, of the oldest conspiracy theory of all: anti-Semitism…”

Donald Trump Complains About Deadline He Set For Himself article from The Huffington Post. –

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