Misadventures of a minority-elect President 141

Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

Having his daughter sit in for him at a G20 meeting – sparking outrage immediately – while ‘attending bilateral meetings’ begins today’s misadventures of our illegitimate, minority-elect President who showed the world once again that he is anything but presidential, the price we pay for ‘electing’ a demented delinquent to the office of President who correctly predicted we would be sick and tired of ‘winning,’ we have a plutocracy under Trump and his cabal, Trump Jr. isn’t doing daddy dearest any favors as he again draws attention to his corruptness, Trump’s Ministry of Propaganda busily trying to spread more propaganda and fake news to benefit him and a lot more.

Donald Trump ‘behaving like a dictator by leaving underqualified socialite daughter to fill in for him at G20’ article from Yahoo! News. –

The fact that he has his offspring sitting in for him at a high-level meeting speaks volumes about America’s popular vote losing president.

Nikki Haley Contradicts Trump Line On Russian Election Interference article from The Huffington Post. –

What happens when you appoint incompetent miscreants to cabinet posts: Within hours of Trump trying to deflect attention from his Russia scandal Haley contradicts him…


More proof that our national embarrassment couldn’t care less about people preferring instead to stay in bed with fraudulent corporations that own him.

White House Confuses Taiwan And Chine In Painful G20 Press Release Blunder article from Talking Points Memo. –

Revealing yet again that our Ignoramus-in-Chief is anything but presidential:

“Just before leaving the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany on Saturday, President Donald Trump held a bilateral meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping. Following that high-level talk, the White House blasted out a transcript of Trump’s public remarks preceding the meeting, a document that called Xi “President Xi of the Republic of China.”

One problem: the “Republic of China” refers to Taiwan. China is referred to as the “People’s Republic of China.”

This is not the first time that Trump has blundered into the extremely sensitive question of Taiwan’s sovereignty.

Before he was even sworn into office, Trump angered China by taking a phone call from Taiwan’s president, something a U.S. leader has not done in decades. Though Trump defended the call at the time, he later told Xi he would honor the “one China” policy and not recognize Taiwan’s status as a sovereign nation…”

President Trump’s ‘fake news’ attacks on CNN are mostly bluster. This tweet proves it. article from The Washington Post. –

More details on our Hitler-aspiring wannabe dictator’s war on the media and the truth while trying to make everyone believe his lies and propaganda…

Why Putin Loves Trump: He’s Making America Weak Again article from AlterNet. –

The price we pay for ‘electing’ a demented delinquent to the office of President…

Donald Trump Jr. shares fake clip of president shooting ‘CNN’ out of the sky article from CBS News. –

Once again Trump and his offspring present the perfect argument for birth control…

Trump’s lawyers want tweets about sex abuse tossed saying they were simply ‘hyperbole’ aimed at getting votes article from The Raw Story. –

Reaping what you sow then trying to feign ignorance:

“In a startling admission by one of President Donald Trump’s lawyers, attorney Marc Kasowitz noted in a legal filing that then-candidate Trump’s Twitter statements denying allegations of sexual assault were aimed at attracting voters and should not being considered in a civil suit filed against the sitting president.

According to LawNewz, Kasowitz claims the sexual assault allegations made by former Apprentice contestant Summer Zervos — which date back to 2007 — are false and were politically motivated.

In the motion to dismiss or delay Zervos lawsuit, submitted late Friday night, Trump’s attorney attempted to explain how Trump’s tweets were not intended to offend her.

According to the Supreme Court of New York filing, “The Statements — all of which were advanced during a heated political campaign to convince the public to vote for Mr. Trump, and many of which were published via Twitter –constitute non-actionable rhetoric and hyperbole that is protected by the First Amendment.”…”

What liberals can learn about morality from Donald Trump article from The Week. –

What we can learn from the actions of an immoral, minority-elect President…

Australian journalist Chris Uhlmann’s scathing analysis of Trump goes viral article from Philly.com. –

More on our national embarrassment’s second foreign follies trip and the ineptitude that reigns supreme in his land of delusion.

When Republicans ‘Win,’ the Rest of Us Lose article from Truthout. –

When Trump said we’d be tired of winning if he became president, he didn’t know how right he was since the only ones that benefit when he ‘wins’ are the Trump cabal and their corporate owners.

This is What Plutocracy Looks Like article from Counter Punch. –

More on how sick we the majority that didn’t ‘elect’ him are of Trump’s criminal agenda when he ‘wins:’

“In significant ways popular condemnation of Donald Trump and the corporate titans and billionaires he brought with him to ‘public’ office is cluttered beyond what makes analytical sense. Mr. Trump is the quintessential plutocrat— a self-interested man of inherited means and limited life experience who stumbled upward through political economy engineered to benefit his class. It is this very public nature of his ‘success’ that attaches class culpability to his actions.

If the problem is plutocracy, this is the one that must be addressed. Otherwise, who are these wise and caring plutocrats who are preferred to Mr. Trump? When Hillary Clinton was giving speeches to Wall Street ($21 million in speaking fees in two years), was she speaking to the intelligent, competent and socially ‘woke’ plutocrats who will someday soon save the environment and end U.S. militarism? When Barack Obama was bailing out Wall Street, was he bailing out the good and just plutocrats who really care about the rest of us?

The conceptual challenge of the moment is reconciling the form and function of late-capitalist political economy with its product(s). Even if Mr. Trump were a ‘rogue’ plutocrat, he brought enough of his class-mates into his administration to provide ballast to the ‘ship of state’ were they collectively interested in doing so. The most public political tension now playing out is between those who prefer the veil of ‘system’ against the venal vulgarity of that system’s product now visible for all to see. What Mr. Trump’s political opponents appear to be demanding is a better veil.

The howls of outrage coming from displaced Democrats would be hilarious if they weren’t so pathetic. Quickly, who wrote Barack Obama’s ‘signature’ legislation, the ACA (Affordable Care Act)? A health insurance industry lobbyist named Liz Fowler wrote it. Who are the intended beneficiaries from the ISDS (Investor-State Dispute Settlement) provisions of the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) ‘free’ trade agreement that Mr. Obama so vigorously supported? Wall Street, hedge funds and multi-national corporations at the expense of national, state and local governments and their citizens…”

Trump Jr. met with Russian lawyer to get dirt on Hillary: report article from The New York Post. –

This should piss off daddy dearest and get his week off to a horrible start…

Trump returned to Twitter to defend his meeting with Putin. It didn’t go well. article from Think Progress. –

After all they bullying and thuggery it’s hard to believe our Twitter tyrant still has an account… which he used to embarrass himself again.

New Study Undercuts Trump FCC Chair’s Justification for Rolling Back Net Neutrality article from Truthout. –

The lies being used by the miscreant our demented delusionist appointed to chair the FCC to gut Net Neutrality and give control of it to corrupt corporations just got smacked down again.

Pro-Trump media claim “shadow President” Obama is violating the Logan Act article from Media Matters. –

Alt-right fringe media – acting as our dimwitted dip shit’s Ministry of Propaganda – trying to spread more fake news and lies to deflect from their leader’s malfeasance:

“Fringe media supporting President Donald Trump have claimed that former President Barack Obama violated federal law and is acting as a “shadow president” because he has talked to former and current foreign leaders since the end of his presidency. The claims, which have at least partially been parroted on Fox News, are an extension of conservative media’s ongoing conspiracy theory that Obama runs a “shadow government.”

Since Trump’s inauguration, conservative outlets have baselessly claimed that Obama is running some kind of “shadow government,” a conspiracy theory which has since been invoked by a Republican congressman and by one of Trump’s attorneys. The right-wing hysteria took on a new level of feverishness after Obama met with a handful of former and current world leaders, some of whom he worked closely with as president.

Pro-Trump fake news purveyors were quick to attack Obama for his post-presidency activities. Several websites, including American Today, Patriots On The Right, US Postman, and USA Daily Time, claimed in June that Obama was “undermining President Trump” while “advertis[ing]” his “shadow government.” They suggested that Obama had “committed treason” and “violated” the Logan Act, a law barring private citizens from interfering with American foreign policy and for which no one has ever been prosecuted. The Federalist Tribune and The Washington Feed also asserted that Obama would get “a lengthy jail sentence” as a consequence of the law. Eventually, more fake news purveyors continued to push the false narrative, with Mad World News, USA Newsflash, GOP The Daily Dose, The Angry Patriot, Global Politics Now, Freedom Daily, US Advisor, ENH, and Before It’s News joining in.

Additionally, “alt-right”-affiliated Infowars and fake news purveyors Conservative Fighters, TruthFeed, and Red Rock Tribune hyped a Daily Caller piece suggesting Obama was a “shadow president.” “Alt-right”-affiliated The Gateway Pundit also called Obama a “shadow president” who “may be breaking the Logan Act.” There has also been some discussion regarding Obama and the Logan Act on the “alt-right”-affiliated forum 4chan /pol/…”

‘This isn’t quite the truth yet’: Ex-US attorney says Trump Jr. is still lying about Russian lawyer article from The Raw Story. –

Like father like son – the lies and deception never stop.

Don’t fall for the ‘fake Trump’ article from CNN. –

Once a Con Artist and Showman…

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