When a Fake President Cries About Fake News

Listening to President Trump’s recent diatribe about the media before paying honor to Veterans at an Independence Day event that took place a couple of days early was quite revealing, though not for him in a good way as Trump has a history of conducting Twitter tirades to spread fake news about his accomplishments, threaten blackmail, slander and defame opponents, and to deflect from his ongoing scandals, including Russia and his many conflicts of interest.

It’s hard for Trump to accept the fact that he lost the popular vote by almost 3 million to Hillary Clinton – 11 million when you throw in third party voters, and milenials, as well as a majority of America, consider his presidency fake and illegitimate and despite his best attempts, he has no mandate. Distracting from fact and truth with his Twitter tirades while conducting his war on the media only serves as a reminder that the majority may be right and it’s difficult for him to handle.

Over the past few days Trump has conducted a steady tirade of Twitter tantrums: One against MSNBC for firing Greta Van Susteren, one against Morning Joe hosts – also on MSNBC, and one against CNN for spreading fake news. A day after starting his Twitter tirade against the Morning Joe hosts Trump dug in and added fuel to the fire. Trump constantly cries fake news against CNN as well as the New York Times, The Washington Post and a couple of other media outlets reporting on his Russia scandal but the more tirades he conducts, the more it becomes obvious that his cognitive deficits are growing.

Since day one Trump has proved repeatedly that he is a liar. Since day one Trump has used Twitter and a multitude of other right-wing ‘news’ outlets to spread his lies and propaganda as fact. Tweeting simply provides an outlet for him to spread falsehoods and lies to his millions of supporters – many if not most of which were actually found to be bots – without having any accountability from the majority that didn’t ‘elect’ him and the media. Acting like a demented delinquent while spreading lies and fake news inevitably leads to credibility issues and mistrust.


There are many issues created from Trump’s Twitter tantrums, one of the biggest being that the majority that didn’t elect him and the media use the same Internet to remind him of how wrong he is. Another big problem created by Trump’s Twitter tantrums is the fact that he doesn’t think before he tweets about the consequences of his threats or implied actions so when it comes back to bite him he has a hissy fit. Of course, when you constantly live in a a demented, alternate reality, the temper tantrums and ignorance are easily justifiable since you make up facts as you go.

Being of unsound mind and unable to hold the office of President doesn’t phase Trump or the White House and other politicos that try to support him and justify his delinquent – albeit oftentimes illegal – actions. Despite the growing backlash and lack of credibility from his recent trio of Twitter tantrums, Trump and his White House defended his tweets as being ‘modern day presidential.’ Defending ignorance with more ignorance serves as yet another reminder that the majority that didn’t elect him may be on to something.

Mounting evidence of Trump’s growing cognitive deficits and inability to tell the truth are easy to understand when you’re familiar with Trump and his past before being elected to the White House by a minority. Looking at his past business dealings – including six bankruptcies – as well as his history of pushing scams, most recently his Trump University scam, and the people he surrounds himself with in his administration, as well as his growing ethics issues and conflicts of interest, it becomes glaringly evident that the only place Trump belongs is in prison or in an institution.

Trump was able to take a break from his most recent Twitter tirade by taking time to post a fake video of himself body-slamming and dunking a CNN host which was posted on Reddit by a pro-Trump hate group. The tantrums and the spreading of fake news make it obvious that our Twitter tyrant has serious mental issues going on and that the pressure of all his other scandals coupled with the fact that he is and always will be a minority-elect President with no mandate are getting to him.

Another issue caused by all the tactless tweets and rants and raves is that in addition to having no mandate, Trump has a major credibility problem. Being seen as an illegitimate, popular vote losing fake president with no mandate, no credibility and no trust from the majority of the public is causing him to lash out and implode. The problem with having a fake president crying about fake news is that he is unable to take responsibility for his own actions, lies and other acts of malfeasance. It’s always someone else’s fault. Being unable to face the truth – let alone tell the truth – while trying to force your illicit, non-existent agenda down everyone’s collective throats won’t work for long. Acknowledging the issue and recognizing it for what it is will go a long way towards putting an end to it once and for all.

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