Misadventures of a minority-elect President 136

Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

The more our illegitimate, popular vote losing president rants on Twitter, the more his approval rating sinks – it’s at 37 percent at the start of today’s misadventures, how our national embarrassment is destroying the U.S. and his credibility around the world, Trump – enabled by his Ministry of Propaganda – has left reality far behind, our fake president still spreading fake news – this time about ‘great job numbers’ that aren’t actually so great, looking for a way to love America as our demented delusionist spends his first Fourth of July in office, Trump’s growing list of Constitutional violations and conflicts of interest is out of control and causing chaos at the U.S. ‘Justice’ Department, on the hijacking of the presidency by the maniacal heathen currently occupying the White House – and the miscreants that aid, abet and support his dimwitted dipshittery and a lot more.

Poll: Trump’s approval rating sinks below 40 percent as Twitter controversies swirl article from AOL News. –

Our Loser-in-Chief’s popularity falls to 37 percent after his recent Twitter tantrums.

Donald Trump did more than ‘wrestle’ CNN in a video. He attacked democracy article from The Guardian. –

Robert Reich on our Twitter tyrant’s war with the media and the truth.

The Constant White House Enabling Of Trump’s Perverse and Pervasive Narcissism article from AlterNet. –

On how our Hitler-aspiring wannabe dictator can’t handle fact and truth and how the miscreants in his White House enable his delusional alternative reality.

Trump is destroying his credibility with the world article from CNN. –

How our national embarrassment is doing his damnedest to destroy the U.S. and his credibility around the world:

“When President Donald Trump enters the annual G20 Summit this week, he will begin an important dialogue about a series of pivotal issues ranging from financial regulation to trade and immigration.

The conversations, which the G20 has been conducting since 1999, will involve cabinet-room style talks with all the leaders in this powerful group as well as side discussions between particular leaders focusing on the challenges that their respective nations face and tensions that exist between them. Most eagerly anticipated are the potential interactions between Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

But Trump walks into this summit with the United States now in a much weaker position than when he started his presidency. The President, who prides himself on making America great again, brings with him a set of liabilities that will make it more difficult for him to persuade others at this crucial gathering in Hamburg , Germany, to listen to his recommendations or fear his threats — despite all the economic and military power that the United States brings to the table.

Social media unease

Let’s begin with the tweets. Putting aside the specific content of the recent blasts from the Oval smart phone, the President’s ongoing Twitter storms make all leaders uneasy. The heads of government in most nations prefer a certain amount of predictability and decorum from other heads of state. To have one of the most powerful people in the room being someone who is willing to send out explosive and controversial statements through social media, including nasty personal attacks or an edited video of him physically assaulting the media, does not make others at the G20 feel very confident about how he will handle deliberations with them…”

Meet the ‘modern-day president’: Donald Trump may have degraded the dignity of the office beyond repair article from Salon. –

How America’s worst-ever president keeps proving that he has no business being in the White House or running a country.

Trump: ‘Fake News will be forced to discuss’ White House accomplishments article from Politico. –

Our dimwitted dip shit actually believes he has accomplished something – when what he has accomplished isn’t something you brag about…

Smackdown! Trump’s insult act comes from pro wrestling hype article from The AP on Yahoo! News. –

The video Trump posted while claiming fake news against CNN was inspired from his pro wrestling delusions and fantasies.

Our Government Now Lies Somewhere Between Beverly Hillbillies and Game of Thrones article from Esquire. –

How the National Enquirer – the latest addition to his Ministry of Propaganda – and Trump have left reality far behind:

“Reality is pitching a novel that no editor would buy.

First, there’s this morning cable TV couple—who really are a couple, as it turns out. Then, there’s this big-time New York real estate guy who’s been around the celebrity long and loudly enough that they made jokes about him in the first season of Law and Order, but who had a second life as the host of a reality show in which he got to pretend to fire people. So this guy runs for president and the couple are some of the only people who take him seriously—who suck up to him, one might say, were one unkind. Through a fluke of the Electoral College, the guy gets elected.

(At this point, the editor starts wondering how fast he can shuffle Reality toward the elevators.)

The guy turns out to be pretty bad at the job and he starts behaving erratically in public. Alarmed, the TV couple begins sounding a warning that the new president may be three sandwiches short of a picnic. The president then tweets about the woman of the couple bleeding from her face at a New Year’s Eve party he’d hosted in Florida. The entire political establishment howls in outrage because this is both weird enough and trivial enough to become a Thing. The president responds by leaking that the couple had begged him to squash an unflattering story about them in the nation’s most famous supermarket tabloid, the one the president had cited in accusing the father of one of his rivals of being linked to the Kennedy assassination.

The editor, by now, has thrown Reality out a window. Which, pretty much, is where we’re at right now in our politics. Reality has been thrown out the window…”

Trump White House: millions more uninsured is ‘not losing, it’s choosing’ article from Think Progress. –

Screwing millions of people with his fraudulent healthcare tax giveaway bill is just another accomplishment in Trump’s land of delusion…

Trump touts ‘great job numbers’ that aren’t actually so great article from The Los Angeles Times. –

Once again our fake president is spreading fake news to try and justify his incompetence.


Trump’s approval ratings are around 37 percent as opposed to the 47 percent of Americans that support impeaching him.


Looking for the definition of normal in Trump’s delusional alternate reality:

“So one day brings President Trump’s nastiness toward cable TV co-hosts. Another day brings even more gratuitous comments about them, then Sunday the suggestion (via a doctored video) that he’s justifying violence against CNN.

You keep thinking that, well, now the guy’s gone too far. This will make a difference. Even the diehards will say enough is enough. “Trump took his social media war against American journalists to a new level on Sunday…” (The Financial Times)

“It’s insane,” said Willie Geist, sub-host on Morning Joe this morning, while also wondering if we’ve become “desensitized” to all this. And, as pundit Sam Stein noted, an irony is that Trump loves and is obsessed by the press.

And, so far, the true believers don’t seem to care, in part because of a seemingly dramatic turn in how many of them just don’t believe the press. Does the press have a “watchdog” role? Most Republicans thought so a year ago, but not now, as Pew Research has underscored…”

Is Patriotism Possible in Trump’s America? article from Rolling Stone. –

Looking for a way to love America as our demented delusionist spends his first Fourth of July in the White House.

Trump’s Voter Fraud Endgame article from Slate. –

Our Loser-in-Chief’s ‘election integrity’ investigation is a pretext to repeal the National Voter Registration Act that will fail.

How the Psychology of Cyberbullying Explains Trump’s Tweets article from Politico. –

To understand our Hitler-aspiring wannabe dictator’s attacks on journalists and the truth in general, simply look at the behavior of cyberbullies…

Trump loves big media despite the CNN jab article from Newsweek on The Raw Story. –

Trump loves big media despite the CNN jab

Large corporate media conglomerates don’t have to fear being broken up or regulated under America’s worst-ever president:

“Despite President Trump’s attacks on the media—his jabs at Mika Brzezinski’s appearance last Thursday and his CNN bodyslam video on Sunday—his administration continues to provide a safe space for the nation’s largest media companies to get even bigger.

While Trump’s broadsides have enraged the media, his administration’s policies have contradicted his threats to break up big media and have actually aided the rapid pace of consolidation among the very networks he’s attacking.

Consider CNN’s parent company, Time-Warner, which also includes HBO, the pay television network, and the Warner Bros studios. It is being purchased by telecom giant AT&T in an $85 billion deal that requires a federal okay. The merger was announced in October, during the height of the presidential campaign, and attacked by candidate Trump, who weighed in like an antitrust populist against the union of the two behemoths.

“As an example of the power structure I’m fighting, AT&T is buying Time Warner and thus CNN, a deal we will not approve in my administration because it’s too much concentration of power in the hands of too few,” Trump said on October 22 as the campaign reached its final days and each side focused on its most important messages…”

This 21st Century Modern Presidency Is a Spectacular Sh*tshow article from Common Dreams. –

Our Twitter tyrant’s delusional tweets and tantrums are only a small part of the bigger picture of his profoundly corrupt, dysfunctional sh*tshow…

7 Times Trump Proved He Knows Nothing About History article from Pop Sugar on Yahoo! News. –

There doesn’t appear to be much of anything our minority-elect president knows about aside from greed, scams and breaking the law…

Paul Krugman: Trump Is About to Launch His First Major War, and It’s as Ill-Conceived as You’d Imagine article from AlterNet. –

Threatening our allies while trying to start an ill-conceived Trade War will be another faux pas our dimwitted dip shit will regret.

Top Ethics Official Resigns, Says Working for Trump Requires ‘Abandonment of Conscience’ article from Common Dreams. –

Numerous pending lawsuits against Trump for everything from violations of the Constitution to conflicts of interest are growing:

“A top Justice Department official tasked with reining in corporate crime and upholding accountability standards has resigned, citing “conduct at the top”—a thinly veiled reference to President Donald Trump and his staff—that made her job impossible.

Hui Chen was hired as a “full-time compliance expert” (pdf) in the Justice Department’s Fraud Section in 2015 following a career as a federal prosecutor. She had also previously worked as a compliance officer with several major companies.

On Twitter, Chen frequently expressed frustration with the inner workings of the Trump administration, particularly following the firing of former FBI Director James Comey in May.

“I am not willing nor able to compartmentalize my values as an [ethics and compliance] professional, a citizen, and a human being,” she wrote.

Earlier this month, Chen announced that she would attend the March for Truth, a rally that called for an independent investigation into the Trump administration’s ties to Russian officials…”

Don’t Call It the Trump Administration – This Is a Regime article from AlterNet. –

More on our Hitler-aspiring wannabe dictator’s desire to become a tyrant instead of a president.

As evidence of campaign collusion with Russian hackers mounts, Donald Trump is falling apart article from The Daily Kos. –

Prepare for more Twitter tantrums and tirades as our impotent leader continues to implode…

The Hijacked American Presidency article from The New York Times. –

A superbly crafted column about the joke that is our president and how his idiocy is the gift that keeps on giving…

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