Misadventures of a minority-elect President 244

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Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

The truth about his dwindling popularity begins today’s misadventures of our malevolent minority-elect president* as he has never been and never will be as popular as his polls suggest, the depths of endless profound corruption and complete ineptitude from our demented delinquent and his fraudulent family are truly remarkable, Trump’s Ministry of Propaganda is working overtime to desperately keep his treasonous Orange ass out of trouble, history will not judge Trump or his followers kindly, Trump’s life has been one massive fraudulent failure after another and his presidency will be no different, why it is imperative to start recognizing and calling our Marmalade Miscreant’s lies and corrupt criminal actions what they are regardless of how pissed off his ignorant ass gets, for once in his life our Liar and Thief accidentally admitted the truth plus much more.

Is Trump really winning? The truth about the president’s popularity article from The Guardian. –

The polls showing our dimwitted dip shit’s popularity hanging around 41 percent are misleading which is one of the many reasons he is and always will be an illegitimate minority-elect president*.

Trump’s Ineptitude Is No Joke article from Bloomberg News. –

A partial list of reasons – there are MANY MORE – that America’s most corrupt-ever president* is unfit to be in office and should have been removed long ago.

After Getting Hosed by Kim Jong-Un in Singapore, Trump Does Putin’s Bidding Ahead of Their Helsinki Summit article from Alternet. –

Trump’s farcical ‘historic summit’ with North Korea was a bust so now he’s desperately trying to make everyone believe his Russian Master doesn’t own him and that there was no collusion – despite mountains of evidence showing that there actually was – and his upcoming ass kissing summit with Putin will also be a bust…

Zero Tolerance for Internment Camps article from The Nation. –

Terrorizing migrant children and their families by Herr Frump and his Gestapo will probably be okayed by our corrupt ‘Supreme’ Court so it’s up to us to put an end to it:

“Donald Trump has been in power for less than two years, and already, discrimination is a legal norm in America. As a nation, we’ve lost our standing in the international community. We’re continuing our country’s long history of ripping families of color apart. We’re rejecting refugees fleeing violence in their home countries, even as we provide the weapons to fuel endless wars. We’ve endured several different versions of travel bans aimed at Muslims, and gutted voting=rights protections that ensure our ability to hold leaders accountable for their actions, or inaction.

The Supreme Court of the United States’ decision to uphold Trump’s Muslim ban this week endangers many members of the communities I come from and work with as much as it affects the people arriving at our shores or our borders. It throws people into the same broken immigration system, and forces them into detention centers, full of fear that they will never see their sons, daughters, grandmothers, or cousins again.

There is nothing more heartbreaking than being kept away from your family. Donald Trump’s “zero-tolerance” policy exploits this pain in dark ways, but the Supreme Court is as complicit as Congress and the white supremacists lurking behind the scenes. The Court was established to balance unchecked power in our government, but under this administration it has become a tool for dismantling rights enshrined in our Constitution. Sadly, the majority’s decision to turn a blind eye to Trump’s rhetoric and clearly expressed intent to discriminate isn’t surprising.

And if the White House is doing its part to attack our communities with these policies, the Supreme Court upholds them, and the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) brings those policies to life…”

UNPRESIDENTED – A Complete Breakdown Of Donald Trump’s 75th Unpresidented Week As POTUS article from Medium. –

A look at our demented delinquent’s most recent failed week in office after being given dubious victories by our thoroughly corrupt ‘Supreme’ Court.

Trump Threatens Americans Who Disagree with Him in Slobbering FOX News Interview article from The Daily Kos. –

Trump spent the weekend threatening those who oppose him and his illegitimate presidency aided by his FOX News Ministry of Propaganda.

Ahead of summit, Trump finds new ways to help Putin’s Russia article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Always one to worship other dictators, our feckless fuhrer is already trying to find ways to prop Russia up and make them look good before he meets with Putin next week.

The Prime Minister Of The Netherlands Just Owned Trump On Trade article from PoliticusUSA. –

Trump’s tumultuous trade wars are coming back to bite him in the ass but he’s too stupid to figure that out:

“When Trump tried to claim that not reaching a trade deal would be a good thing, Netherlands Prime Minister Mark Rutte said no, we have to work something out.


In the midst of photo-op with Rutte, Trump was doing his usual trade babble, ” I think the relationship with the Netherlands is better than it was now. We’ll meet over next few weeks ago at NATO, and we’ll discuss that today also and discussing trade and the EU and lots of other things that tremendous numbers are coming out on the United States and government. Our economy is very good. Probably the best it’s ever been. And we are very close to making some very good trade deals, fair trade deals — I want to say fair, fair trade deals for our taxpayers and for our workers and our farmers and a lot of good things be happening. I think the EU we’re going to be meeting with them fairly soon to work something out if we do work it out, that will be positive. If we don’t, it will be positive also because—”…”

Is Trump’s Pardoning Power Really Unlimited? article from BuzzFlash. –

Admitting guilt by trying to pardon himself while pardoning the rest of his criminal cabal facing charges in his Russia scandal would in fact be disastrous for our impotent imbecile.

Here’s the Corrupt Financial Web That Links the Trump and Kennedy Families article from Alternet. –

The endless depths of corruption committed by Trump and his fraudulent family are truly remarkable and there will be a price to pay in the near future for it.

Leaked Trump Draft Bill Would Ditch WTO Trade Rules article from The Huffington Post. –

Someone should notify our nefarious narcissist that Congress, not the president or wannabe dictator, is responsible for writing legislation and passing laws – and that his FART Act stinks…

Rachel Maddow Reveals The Red Flags That Are Rocking Trump’s World article from PoliticusUSA. –

If Michael Cohen, Trump’s long-time fixer and accomplice, decides to cooperate with the Mueller Investigations into Trump’s crimes, prepare for fireworks as his already failing presidency implodes:

“Rachel Maddow stressed the red flags and the urgency that suggests that something big is coming with Michael Cohen and that something has the potential to end Trump’s world.


Rachel Maddow said:…”

Border Patrol and ICE, what will we call them next? Trump’s troopers? article from The Daily Kos. –

The overblown terroristic tactics and lies used by our dysfunctional dumb ass to illegally try and enable his despotic delusions of grandeur are out of control and need to dealt with accordingly.

When Does the American Government Become the Trump Regime? article from The Daily Beast. –

Since the ‘Supreme’ Court and Trump’s GOP brown shirt enablers won’t do anything to keep an out-of-control marmalade miscreant playing dictator in check he will only be stopped once we take the trash out in Washington and replace the vast majority of them.

History will not judge Donald Trump – or his followers – kindly article from The Daily Kos. –

That title pretty much sums it up in a nutshell…

Fox News Suddenly Questions Michael Cohen’s ‘Credibility’ article from The Daily Beast. –

Trump’s Ministry of Propaganda is working overtime to desperately keep his treasonous Orange ass out of trouble – and it’s not working:

“Apparently all Michael Cohen had to do to lose Fox News was sit down with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos.

Following an off-camera interview in which Cohen pledged his loyalty not to President Trump but to his family and his country, the hosts of Fox’s Outnumbered came down hard on the full-time fixer and sometime lawyer, openly questioning his “credibility” ahead of his potential cooperation with two separate investigations into the president.

Delivering a major understatement, Harris Faulkner noted that Cohen “seems to be creating some daylight” between himself and Trump, for whom he once suggested he would “take a bullet.” Going against the president, Cohen told Stephanopoulos that he doesn’t think Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation is a “witch hunt” and said that he trust the intelligence community’s “unanimous conclusions” about Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election.


Trump Takes Credit For Avoiding N. Korea War That He Almost Started article from PoliticusUSA. –

Our Twitter tyrant keeps taking his delusions and stupidity to new levels every day as the pressure from him imploding presidency continues choking him.

Tell Me More About Civility article from Esquire. –

How America’s worst-ever president’s* White House is illegally using their official Twitter account to attack the opposition at taxpayer expense.

Trump touts economy in spite of ‘unfair’ trade deals article from The Hill. –

Still lying his ass off about his non-existent accomplishments and taking credit for his predecessor’s economy – the delusions just keep coming.

Trump’s Messy Personal Life Doesn’t Turn Off Red-State Voters – Because He Shares Their Sexist View of Women article from Alternet. –

Sharing many of the fatally-flawed traits with their traitorous president* – including mountains of ignorance – helps explain why many of his minority of minions still support him:

“One of the most chronic sources of irritation in the era of President Donald Trump is watching publications like the New York Times roll out an endless number of articles that purport to explain red-state voters in sympathetic tones, but instead come across as condescending head-pats to the presumably half-literate yokels of middle America. Such pieces appear to irritate liberal readers in general, but I feel a special, personal antipathy for them. The people being so woefully misrepresented to readers are the same kinds of people that I grew up with and am related to. I have strong social and moral disagreements with them, but by and large they are not actually morons.

The latest installment of this ongoing New York Times project of hick-gawking disguised as compassion comes from Matthew Schmitz, a senior editor at the Christian-right magazine First Things. In a piece entitled “Trump’s ‘Purple’ Family Values,” Schmitz claims to explain why red-state Americans — whom he presents as uniformly working-class, while only college-educated “elites” live in New York — support Trump despite his chronic adultery and multiple marriages. They themselves have “messy lives,” Schmitz writes, and can relate to him, unlike both liberal and conservative elites who, he believes, “share an upper-class stress on respectability and a strong taboo against out-of-wedlock birth.”

Schmitz then pushes the argument further:

A third model can be found among working-class whites, blacks and Hispanics — let’s call it purple. In these families, bonds between mothers and children are prized above those between couples. Unstable relationships are the norm, and fathers quickly end up out of the picture…”

Trump’s new trade bill is peak Trump article from The Week. –

More on Trump’s trade delusions and the ‘legislation’ he thinks he’s going to be able to implement to control trade…

In Trump era, fewer Americans feel proud of their country article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Not surprising considering that the majority that didn’t ‘elect’ him realize how much of a fraudulent sham his illegitimate presidency is…

Donald Trump’s Presidency Is As Bad As His Steaks – But He May Win in 2020 Through Pure Luck article from Alternet. –

More on the fraudulent con job that has been Trump’s entire career and the stupidity of the minority of minions that could end up helping him in 2020.

Trump’s life has been one failure after another – his presidency will be no different article from The Raw Story. –

Despite all the bluster and eternal never ending lies, our demented delusionist’s life story is nothing but one big failed zero and his presidency will be no different:

“Before he was the nominee of the Republican Party, Donald Trump took the stage in March of 2016 flanked by pallets of bottled water, rows of wine bottles and, most peculiarly, a pile of raw steaks. This bizarre stunt came in response to a critical speech made days earlier by Mitt Romney in which the 2012 Republican nominee listed Trump’s failed ventures and declared, “A business genius he is not.”

Trump’s remarks seemed less concerned with Romney’s criticism of his demeanor and unfitness for office and more about defending his entrepreneurial acumen. Instead of touting his victories that night in Michigan and Mississippi, Trump went item by item, saying his bottled water company was “very successful” and his wine was “the finest wine.” As for the steaks, Trump claimed they cost “50 bucks,” but a reporter who looked closely at the wrapping noted that they weren’t actually Trump’s brand, but rather Bush Brothers.

Counterfeit steak aside, the stunt was another example of Trump’s usual concoction of truth, lies and exaggerations. The water had actually been bottled by a company that licensed its product to other companies. The wine was actually produced by a winery registered to Trump’s son that offered a disclaimer that it was not “owned, managed, or affiliated with Donald J. Trump,” and Trump’s steak currently isn’t available for purchase. He also mentioned his magazine, which folded, and Trump Airlines, which defaulted before it was sold.

Romney’s attack obviously hit home because it was true. In his decades in business, Donald Trump has failed at nearly everything he’s tried. Though his real estate ventures have been profitable, on and off, his investments have mostly flopped, including his turn as a casino magnate that led to “crushing debt,” his airline business which lasted less than three years and his cavalcade of failed ventures that led to four separate bankruptcies. In fact, analysis has shown that if Trump had simply invested his money in the stock market instead of all his harebrained businesses, he’d now be worth $10 billion more than he is at this moment…”

Trump’s Russia Denials Crushed By Bipartisan Senate Intelligence Committee Report article from PoliticusUSA. –

Despite his desperate lies about not being involved in Russian collusion it’s looking more and more that his presidency really is illegitimate and he’s not going to handle that well.

Forget ‘civility’: Take Donald Trump’s threats of violence seriously, before it’s too late article from Salon. –

All the dissention and anger in this country towards our dystopian Orange dip shit is valid and he’s the cause of it so we need to pay attention to his threats and put an end to them once and for all.

It All Matters article from Splinter News. –

Why it is imperative to start recognizing and calling our Marmalade Miscreant’s lies and corrupt criminal actions what they are regardless of how pissed off his ignorant ass gets.

Trump Just Accidentally Admitted That He Knows Nothing article from PoliticusUSA. –

This may be the very first time – definitely during his failed illegitimate presidency – that our Liar and Thief actually told the truth:

“At an event in West Virginia, Trump himself said that he thinks that he is brilliant, but that he really knows nothing.


Trump said, “Now we have what’s called the VA I used to say why don’t they do that? I didn’t know anything. I thought I was totally brilliant. I thought this was the greatest idea. I went to tell people about this, and they said yeah, we’ve been trying to get that passed for forty years. I was very good at getting it passed because we got it past three weeks ago. So now you have VA Choice where if you have to wait, you go to a doctor, we pay the doctor. So it’s great. And we are very proud of that. And we are very proud of what’s happening at the VA. In order to maintain our security as a nation, we understand that we must have economic strength as well. And nobody believes it.”…”


Though with any luck our Lord of the Lies will be removed from office after November or when Mueller finishes his investigation…

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