Misadventures of a minority-elect President 243

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Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

We begin today’s misadventures of our malevolent minority-elect president* with recognition of how this has been the best week for him – his corrupt Supreme Court gave him the green light to implement his illegal Muslim Ban and also dealt several blows to unions – and the worst week for America, there appears to be some special relationship between our retiring Supreme Court ‘Justice’s’ son and the Trump family which may explain why he suddenly decided to retire – raising many more questions which will open a larger can of worms for America’s most corrupt-ever president*, our Hitler-aspiring wannabe dictator would be a lot more dangerous were it not for the fact that he’s too much of a moron to be effectively authoritarian, our lackluster lame duck Liar-in-Chief isn’t even trying to cover up his lies any more and so much more.

This Has Been The Best Week For Trump But The Worst Week For America article from The Huffington Post. –

How a thoroughly corrupt, politicized ‘Supreme’ Court gave our national embarrassment the green light to implement his illegal Muslim Ban and purposely destroyed unions to benefit fraudulent corporations that own them, proving that the rule of law no longer exists and it’s up to us to change things.

Michael Cohen now popular in New York as friends and strangers encourage him to become ‘hero’ that saves America from Trump: report article from The Raw Story. –

Since it’s obvious that our feckless fuhrer’s gestapo and the so-called ‘Supreme Court’ won’t stop him, some are looking for his ex-lawyer to save this country and flip on Trump.

Inside the White House’s Quiet Campaign to Create a Supreme Court Opening article from The New York Times. –

It appears that ‘Justice’ Kennedy is retiring in collusion with creating a vacancy, due in part to the fact that his son helped America’s most corrupt-ever president* and his son financially – there is something very wrong with this picture if that is true…

Loans of over $1 Billion to Trump by SCOTUS justice Kennedy’s son, but nothing to see here… article from The Daily Kos. –

More on the sudden resignation of a ‘Justice’ with ties to Trump and his fraudulent offspring:

“Anthony Kennedy’s son works for Deutschbank and has loaned Trump over $1 billion in real estate loans.

….when he was a real estate developer, according to two people with knowledge of his role.

During Mr. Kennedy’™s tenure, Deutsche Bank became Mr. Trump’s most important lender, dispensing well over $1 billion in loans to him…

Mr. Crowbot (@creedence_tapes) June 29, 2018

But as we have seen there’s no collusion, not even Russian collusion in the Trump regime…”

The Lost City of Trump article from Politico. –

Our dimwitted dip shit actually thought he was going to build a city that the world would remember him by, but like everything else he touches, he failed.

Donald Trump and the media: The problem isn’t too much coverage – it’s how this president is covered article from Salon. –

Our fake president’s* war on fake news is a distraction, but the media should be recognizing his fraudulent, illegitimate ass for what it is and reporting it correctly.

Donald Trump is pretty sure he’s nailing this whole ‘President’ thing article from CNN. –

Life is good in your land of delusion when you’re profoundly corrupt and stupid – and your Ministry of Propaganda keeps making it appear that way…

The Paradox of Trump’s Populism article from The Atlantic. –

Fraudulently overstating his wealth on a regular basis is standard operating procedure for our Ignoramus-in-Chief since he always lies about everything else too:

“Throughout the 2016 presidential election, there persisted among his opponents a Millenarian faith in the silver bullet that would end Donald Trump’s presidential hopes. There were multiple failed prophets and prophecies of this faith: Trump’s comments about Senator John McCain not being a war hero were going to take down his campaign. Then his feud with Megyn Kelly. Then his kid-glove treatment of David Duke. His attacks on Khizr Khan. The Access Hollywood tape. Some rumored but never delivered opposition-research in the last weeks of the campaign. Needless to say, none of these incidents were fatal to Trump’s campaign.

The underlying principle of this faith, shared by Democrats and never-Trump Republicans, was simple: Trump is a fraud, and eventually people are going to realize this. For the most part, those who believed Trump was a fraud have not changed their mind. Surprisingly, however, some of them still retain hope at this late date that something will make scales fall from Trump supporters’ eyes so that they will realize it too.

Wednesday night in Fargo, North Dakota, Trump took a shot at these critics, and some of them heard in his words yet another opportunity for Trump to be revealed as a fraud.

“They call them the elite. These people. I look at them, I say, that’s elite?” the president said. “We’ve got more money and more brains and better houses and apartments and nicer boats. We are smarter than they are. They say the elite. We are the elite. You are the elite.”…”

Trump Lied About Parents Of Korean War Vets, Now He’s Lying About Returned Bodies article from The Huffington Post. –

Trump lied about his farcical authoritarian love fest with Kim Jong-Un during the staged ‘historic summit’ and he’s lied about returned bodies coming home from North Korea – which isn’t surprising given that’s all our Lord of the Lies ever does.

Apparently feeling betrayed, Trump pleads with Harley-Davidson article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Notice how our Twitter tyrant blusters and bullies when his lies come back to bite him in the ass – this time over his imbecilic tariff wars which are screwing many of the minority of minions that voted for him – then throws in a distraction or two to reverse course like no one will notice.

President Trump’s money-making power is as unprecedented as his words article from CNBC. –

The prime example of how the most profoundly corrupt president in U.S history continues making history for all the wrong reasons.

It Is Happening Here, Trump Is Already Early-Stage Mussolini article from The Daily Beast. –

The threats America faces over our Mango Mussolini’s despotic delusions of grandeur are very real:

“Is there a moment when a fanatical leader can be stopped before he takes a nation into the abyss? A moment when those with the moral determination to stop him can act before it is too late?

These questions are not academic. Every day Trump stress tests this republic’s defenses against a demagogue.

History has such moments. They need to be heeded.

In Italy the moment came on Aug. 16, 1924…”

There Can Be No Resistance Without Obstruction and Impeachment article from Slate. –

On the importance of holding America’s worst-ever president* accountable and electing Democrats that will put an end to the vile corruption of the Orange piece of shit currently occupying the White House.


There is something extremely corrupt about the sudden announcement that ‘Justice’ Kennedy – an apparent Trump family friend – was retiring, allowing our illegitimate minority-elect president* to pick another corrupt replacement to destroy the U.S. public.

President Trump has repeatedly painted press as the ‘enemy’ article from The New York Daily News. –

Ostracizing the media during his war on ‘fake’ news – despite the fact that the only fake news always comes from his Ministry of Propaganda at Fox and Sinclair and the myriad right-wing ‘media’ outlets that push his lies and propaganda – has inflamed many of the Neo-Nazi’s and right-wing wastes of human flesh that support him, resulting in increased violence and threats against the media, as is always the case with aspiring wannabe dictators.

Trump Lies About Witnessing ICE ‘Liberating’ Towns from Gangs article from Splinter News. –

Which isn’t surprising given that all he ever does is lie about everything, especially when it applies to justifying his illegal actions:

“Just like Donald Trump lied about seeing American Muslims “cheering” in New Jersey on 9/11, and just like he lies about everything else, on Saturday, the president made up a story about witnessing U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers “liberating” towns from MS-13 gang control.

With hundreds of thousands of people protesting in cities and towns all over the U.S. on Saturday to deliver the message that #FamiliesBelongTogether, Trump needed to distract his base from the fact that his regime has ripped migrant families apart and thrown children into cages. Trump loves to appear “tough” on crime, as long as it affects people of color.

“The Democrats are making a strong push to abolish ICE, one of the smartest, toughest and most spirited law enforcement groups of men and women that I have ever seen,” Trump tweeted from his New Jersey golf club, where he traveled to avoid massive protests outside the White House. “I have watched ICE liberate towns from the grasp of MS-13 & clean out the toughest of situations. They are great!”

Trump: Still Better Than Hitler … For the Most Part article from CounterPunch. –

Our Hitler-aspiring wannabe dictator would be far more dangerous if he wasn’t a profoundly corrupt imbecile who is too stupid to inflate the number of the minority of minions that actually support him.

Here is why evangelical Christians refuse to turn their backs on Donald Trump article from The Raw Story. –

Primarily because they’re not religious at all, only pathologically lying zealots who have given us more proof that polticis and religion don’t mix.

It’s Been a Long Day, So Why Not Relax by Watching Trump Supporters Attempt to Explain the Space Force to The Daily Show? article from Slate. –

Listening to Trump’s mini-morons trying to explain their impotent imbecile’s farcical ‘Space Force’ is entertaining as hell, and helps explain their complete lack of being able to make rational decisions based on anything but delusion…

Trump Has Lied And Twisted Facts To Justify His Harsh Immigration Policies article from The Huffington Post. –

Which, again, isn’t surprising since all our Liar and Thief does is lie to try and justify his criminal endeavors:

“The national outrage against the Trump administration’s separation and detention of migrant families at the southern U.S. border has not let up in recent weeks.

President Donald Trump’s zero tolerance policy ? which refers all unauthorized migrants crossing the border for criminal prosecution ? has led to officials separating more than 2,000 children from their parents. In an executive order last week, he halted family separations at the border, opting instead for locking up immigrant parents and kids together indefinitely.

In trying to justify the harsh immigration crackdown, Trump and top members of his administration have repeatedly lied or made unsupported claims about undocumented immigrants, U.S. immigration policy and what is happening at the border.

Here’s a fact-check on some of the misleading statements and outright lies that Trump and his officials have spread about immigration and the zero tolerance policy…”

Trump Threatens Violence Against Democrats If They Continue To Protest Him article from PoliticusUSA. –

Threatening to use violence against Democrats – and those that oppose him in general – isn’t going to work too well for our demented delinquent:

Meet Alcibides: The Privileged, Narcissistic Populist of Ancient Greece article from Alternet. –

Another delusional ancient ruler our nefarious narcissist appears to emulate that ended up being on the wrong side of history too…

America’s Moral Angst – Evidence of Moral Degeneracy article from Information Clearing House. –

On the dangers of having a morally and ethically corrupt, illegitimate president* perpetuating his constant stream of moral degeneracy.

Trump: The ‘other side’ should ‘take it easy’ with language, ‘radical’ ideas article from AOL News. –

More on the bluster of our flatulent feckless fuhrer and his threats against those that oppose his corrupt regime:

“President Donald Trump is slamming the opposition, blaming those who have spoken out against him for the division in the country.

In an interview with Fox News, the president said he hopes, “the other side realizes that they better just take it easy.”

“They better just take it easy because some of the language used, some of the words used, even some of the radical ideas I really think they’re very bad for the country,” Trump added.

Trump was asked about protestors who have demonstrated against him and members of his administration, as well as celebrities like actor Robert De Niro, who cursed Trump out during the Tony Awards and comedian Samantha Bee, who caused controversy after she used an obscene word to describe Ivanka Trump…”

Donald Trump isn’t even trying to lie convincingly anymore article from Mashable. –

Our lackluster lame duck Liar-in-Chief isn’t trying to cover up his endless lies and it’s making him look even more corrupt and foolish.

Cohen Ready to Flip: ‘Family, Not Trump, Is My First Priority’ article from PoliticusUSA. –

Prepare for more tantrums over his ongoing Russia scandal that continues imploding his already failed presidency as the pressure mounts if our marmalade miscreant’s former fixer decides to turn his fraudulent ass in.

Donald Trump’s bumbling foreign policy looks worse than ever – here’s why article from The Raw Story. –

Because the profoundly corrupt Neocons put in charge by our profoundly corrupt president* can’t stand the thought of peace and wars that never end and Trump is extremely foolish – and Trump got played by North Korea…

Trump Privately Grumbled That ‘Fake News’ Would Blame Him for Annapolis Newsroom Shooting article from The Daily Beast. –

Yet more evidence that every time our fake president* rants about fake news, the truth reveals that the news is indeed very real:

“In the aftermath of last week’s deadly assault on Annapolis, Maryland’s Capital Gazette newsroom, President Donald Trump seemed annoyed.

In conversations with those close to him, the president casually aired a complaint and a prediction—that “the fake news” would “unfair[ly]” try to blame him and his demagoguing of the adversarial news coverage for the mass shooting, according to two advisers who spoke to him about the matter.

In Trump’s view, his critics in the media and Democrats would use the story of murdered journalists against him, to highlight his years-long push to delegitimize and bash those he perceived as the “enemy of the American people” at major news outlets. Furthermore, the president has repeatedly insisted that the culture and rhetoric coming from the American left is the real problem and far more likely to inspire violence than anything coming from the right, anyway—and that voters understand that.

Reached for comment on this story, White House deputy press secretary Lindsay Walters simply wrote back, “I refer you to the president’s public comments [from Friday].”…”

Robert Reich: What must we do now? article from Salon. –

Above all, don’t give up and keep fighting the ignorant Orange ass wipe in the White House – the majority that didn’t ‘elect’ him will win as there is strength in numbers.

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