Misadventures of a minority-elect President 234

Magnitude of Trump’s crimes from Pinterest

Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

Our gift that keeps on giving is making this too easy: The delusions of being above the law becoming more commonplace begins today’s misadventures of our malevolent minority-elect president* as he will soon find out just how incorrect he is, a look back at our marmalade miscreant’s most recent disastrous week as his presidency continues to implode, Trump – like Nixon was – is wrong about being able to pardon himself, the growing desperation – conspiracy theories, Twitter meltdowns to create distractions, etc. – are going to greatly intensify his imminent implosion, Trump’s Ministry of Propaganda – FOX faux news – came out on live TV and totally destroyed his lie about being able to pardon himself, our demented delusionist keeps talking about how patriotic he is and he doesn’t even know the words to the National Anthem or God Bless America and so much more.

Trump’s Authoritarian Movement Is Reaching an Inevitable Conclusion article from Esquire. –

The delusions of our dimwitted dip shit are becoming more commonplace just in time for his ass to be removed due to his multitude of corruption charges.

White House says Trump is not above the law article from The Hill. –

The White House constantly contradicts our national embarrassment’s lies but this time they’re correct – except for the assertion that he didn’t interfere in the Russia investigation or obstruct justice many times…

UNPRESIDENTED – A Complete Breakdown Of Donald Trump’s 71st Unpresidented Week As POTUS article from Rantt. –

A look back at our marmalade miscreant’s most recent disastrous week as his presidency continues to implode.

Here’s what legal scholars say about Trump’s self-proclaimed ‘right’ to pardon himself article from Think Progress. –

Nixon said the same thing and he too was wrong and if Trump did try to dubiously pardon himself he would most likely be removed from office:

“President Trump started off his Monday morning in style, tweeting that he has the “absolute right” to pardon himself for any crime.

You know he is serious because the word pardon is in all caps. But is he right?

On August 5, 1974, Mary Lawton, the Acting Assistant Attorney General, examined the question of whether the president can pardon himself. The president at the time was Richard Nixon…”

Yes, Mueller Can Subpoena Trump. No, Trump Can’t Pardon Himself. article from PoliticusUSA. –

Emulating Nixon is going to prove fatal for America’s worst-ever president* as he will soon find out:

The internet reacts in horror at the 500th day of Trump’s presidency article from The Daily Dot. –

The Internet reacts in horror at virtually most of the things America’s most corrupt-ever president* says and does…

Fox News’ Shep Smith brutally fact-checks Trump’s self-pardon claim by reading the Constitution aloud – on live TV. –

You know you have serious issues when your Ministry of Propaganda comes out and totally destroys your lies on live TV…

Katy Tur Blows Up Trump’s 4 Point Strategy For Surviving The Russia Investigation article from PoliticusUSA. –

The growing desperation – conspiracy theories, Twitter meltdowns to create distractions, etc. – are going to greatly intensify his imminent implosion:

“MSNBC’s Katy Tur called out the four-point strategy that Trump is using to try to survive the Mueller investigation and the Russia scandal.


Tur listed the points behind Trump’s strategy:

Every tweet, every Giuliani interview, every leaked memo, every lie looks like what could be called a four-point strategy and his legal team with one goal in mind — to convince the public, or at least enough voters out there, not to trust anyone but team trump. Point one, lie. Or at least recollect differently. For example, Trump’s attorneys have denied for months that the president had anything whatsoever to do with the misleading statement drafted aboard air force one. The statement claimed don Jr. Only let a Kremlin-linked lawyer to talk about adoptions. Now trump’s legal team admits the president was not just involved he actually dictated the statement…”

Trump and Giuliani Accidentally Make the Case for Impeachment article from The Atlantic. –

On the dangers of our Hitler-aspiring wannabe dictator’s delusions of being able to pardon himself, being above the law and how he will seal the fate of his illegitimate presidency.

Over the weekend, Trump declared an autocracy article from The Daily Kos. –

More on our mentally deficient minority-elect moron’s delusions about being able to pardon himself and being above the law in his ongoing effort to avoid accountability for his multitude of crimes.

Rachel Maddow Tells Trump To Be Afraid As Investigators Have Nearly All Of Cohen’s Documents article from PoliticusUSA. –

Prepare for another meltdown – or enjoy the one he as if it happens before this is posted – as our Twitter tyrant is going to explode once he finds out the attorney-client privilege does not apply to criminal acts and all the dirty secrets that his former attorney was holding for him are about to be sorted through by the FBI and the DOJ:

The Law Is Not Up to Donald Trump. It May Be Up to Merrick Garland. article from The Daily Beast. –

If our nefarious narcissist is actually stupid enough to try and pardon himself to avoid accountability for the crimes – which continue growing on a daily basis – he has committed it will take him down:

“Did anyone ever doubt for a second before his ghastly Monday morning tweet that Donald Trump would pardon himself? Of course he would. He will do anything he can get away with. Anyone who doesn’t by now acknowledge that is being intentionally stupid.

His lawyers have conveniently affirmed for us that he’ll do anything he can get away with. They say he could murder someone. They say that by definition he can’t break the law—any law. Rudy Giuliani says Trump shouldn’t testify because he might perjure himself; on the one hand, that’s a normal thing for a defense lawyer to say, but on the other, it’s a total through-the-looking-glass moment, because the presumption behind Giuliani’s statement, a presumption we have all tragically come to accept as a given, is that there’s simply no chance that the president of the United States can sit there for one afternoon and not tell a pack of lies.

We are in a crisis, and it’s a crisis of certainty, because we know that the showdown is inevitable. With another president and another lawyer and another political party, we could hope that some combination of the law and respect for constitutional norms would bring them to heel. But with Trump and Giuliani and this Republican Party, we have every reason to think the showdown is unavoidable.

We know that at some point in the future, perhaps next year, we will need Republicans in Congress to step up and say “enough.” It’s a terrifying thought. We’ve been asking this question for 15 months, but we have to keep asking it: What will it take for the Republicans to say he’s gone too far? Maybe a self-pardon. But who knows? The only little flash of backbone they’ve shown has been in saying (mostly in private) that if Trump fired Jeff Sessions, they wouldn’t appoint a replacement. But is that partly just because Sessions is their old colleague? And anyway, Trump could fire Sessions during a Senate recess and then name a recess appointment…”

What comes next in Trump’s big power-grab: How close is he to staging a coup? article from Salon. –

Trump’s despotic delusions of grandeur in his alternate reality crashing and burning will be disastrous and will piss off a lot of the minions still stupid enough to support him if and when the time comes.

Law professors torch Trump legal memo article from Politico. –

Our malignant minority-elect president* hasn’t read the U.S. Constitution – which isn’t surprising given that he has a hard time reading much of anything.

Trump packs 4 lies into a single tweet about immigration article from ThinkProgress. –

4 lies in 32 words to justify his cruel racial tendencies – more proof that our lying Ignoramus-in-Chief will lie about anything and everything to justify his criminal endeavors.

Trump Has Access to Everything a Dictator Could Want article from Esquire. –

Illegally usurping power based on deceit – fueled by a minority of moronic minions isn’t going to bode well for our big Orange turd ball:

“Here’s what I learned during my brief sabbatical last week: if you ignore it, it only gets worse.

The president*, installed at least in part by ratfckers in the employ of a former KGB thug now running a murderous kleptocracy, has at his easy disposal everything a dictator could possibly want. He has combined an instinctive contempt for democratic government with a swindler’s nose for easy cash and a junkie knifepoint robber’s reckless disregard for consequences. He has a tight, loyal cabal of flunkies who’d be chasing ambulances if it weren’t for their talents as sycophants. He has a largely impotent political opposition and a largely supine congressional majority. He is one vote away from a rubber-stamp Supreme Court.

He is succeeding in his campaign to delegitimize any criminal investigation of his various schemes; he’s managed to put Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III on the right side of things. Hostile press, he can easily ignore. He is consolidating power based on deceit at an alarming rate, and, worst of all, he is becoming more popular for doing so among the only voters that matter to him.

According to the good folks at Gallup, the president*’s approval rating among Republicans is the highest of any Republican president since World War II at this point in his administration* with the exception of where George W. Bush was at immediately after the attacks of 9/11. He stands at 87 percent approval among Republicans. (Administration remoras already are fudging this data to imply that the president* is the most popular president at 500 days since World War II. A considerable number of people probably believe that by now.)…”

Trump teeters on the constitutional cliff article from The Week. –

It’s time for our lying lackluster lame duck president* to hire some new attorneys that actually know the law while he’s still free.

Trump’s Nixonian Moment has Arrived article from CounterPunch. –

How Trump’s desperate despotic delusions are revealing that he knows his ass in deep shit and he has no way out other than impeachment or, better yet, being arrested.

Trump pardon strategy would have to include Russians to end probe video from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

If our moronic mango miscreant is foolish enough to try and pardon himself, he would have to pardon every Russian involved in the scandal too to stop the probe – before he was removed from office…

Under Trump, US Contempt for International Law Intensifies article from Truthout. –

Given our demented delinquent’s flagrant disregard for U.S. Law it’s not surprising that he continually disregards International Law too, especially when he repeatedly commits War Crimes in Syria:

“What is Gaza’s hope for the future after the fallout over the US embassy move and the Iran deal exit?

In this interview, University of San Francisco Professor Stephen Zunes — a widely recognized scholar of US and Middle East policies and the author of Tinderbox: U.S. Middle East Policy and the Roots of Terrorism — offers his take on the crisis in Gaza, how the national press has covered the issue in recent weeks and how the foreign policy has taken a turn for the worst under Trump.

Daniel Falcone: You have been very critical and have written about how establishment Democrats, such as former presidential hopefuls John Kerry and Hillary Clinton, defended Israeli human rights violations that contravened international law. Can you take a moment to comment on how Trump has taken United States foreign policy to dangerous and drastic new dimensions in the region?

Stephen Zunes: Trump has pursued reckless and militaristic policies in the Middle East, and has taken them to an unprecedented level, deepening US military involvement, backing the Israeli colonization and annexation of occupied Palestinian territories, deepening ties to Arab autocrats, and threatening war with Iran. His appointees have tended to be those who are guided more by ideological prejudices than knowledge of the Middle East, resulting in growing concerns not only by traditional progressive critics of US foreign policy, but by many in the security and intelligence establishment as well…”

Trump faces one-two punch with news on Cohen and Manafort article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

It’s been a tough week for our dysfunctional dumb ass and it’s going to get a lot tougher when he starts freaking out even more about his impending demise.

Trump Didn’t Know The Words To The National Anthem At His Celebration Of America article from PoliticusUSA. –

There’s a shock: our demented delusionist doesn’t even know the words to the National Anthem – and he’s bigly patriotic:

Watch: A man takes a knee during Trump’s NFL-less celebration article and video from The Raw Story. –

Our malevolent marmalade wannabe King can’t get any respect as a man kneels during his fraudulent ‘celebration of America’ – not that he deserves any…

Trump’s Battle with the NFL Has Reached Critical Mass article from Rolling Stone. –

Still fighting battles he’ll never win – and lying through his ass – as he thinks demonizing the NFL while hiding behind the Flag and the Military will help sway elections for Republicans:

Update: The White House has released a second statement about the event.

One of the unique perks to winning a major national sports title used to be traveling to the White House to meet the president. This hasn’t been the case since Trump took office, though, and what used to be routine, apolitical visits from America’s top athletes are now mired in controversy, if they even happen at all. The latest team to be stripped of the honor of standing behind the president while he bloviates on the White House lawn is the Super Bowl-champion Philadelphia Eagles, whose Tuesday afternoon visit was abruptly canceled on Monday by the White House.

“The Eagles wanted to send a smaller delegation, but the 1,000 fans planning to attend the event deserve better,” a statement from the president read. Trump used his Twitter account to elaborate Monday night and Tuesday morning…”

Donald Trump Sounds Just Like the Monarch the Constitution Was Written to Thwart article from The Nation. –

It will be interesting to see if our aspiring dictator is actually stupid enough to try and pardon himself while admitting his guilt or if his GOP brown shirts will actually abide by the Constitution instead of aiding and abetting his crimes but regardless, Trump will lose.

Trump Fumbles His Way Through Anti-Eagles ‘Celebration of America’ article from The Daily Beast. –

Our dystopian dimwit failed miserably while fumbling through his allegedly patriotic celebration – lying about the Philadelphia Eagles after uninviting them from a White House visit:

Trump’s Damning Defense article from Slate. –

The moronic claims by Trump’s lawyers in the 20-page fantasy letter allegedly written to defend his profoundly corrupt ass actually implicates him.

Two men take knee during national anthem at Trump’s White House ceremony article from The USA Today. –

It appears that there was another man that kneeled in addition to the one mentioned above, and it appears Trump lied about ‘the many Eagle fans’ in attendance who were actually White House interns:

“WASHINGTON — Instead of welcoming the Philadelphia Eagles to the White House on Tuesday, President Trump held an event to “celebrate America” and play the national anthem.

And, according to a video and photos posted to social media, at least two of the attendees at that celebration decided to take a knee.

A television reporter for SVT, Sweden’s national public television broadcaster, posted a video of the event Tuesday in which a man in a light-blue shirt is kneeling as the United States Marine Band plays The Star-Spangled Banner. The man, who could not immediately be identified by USA TODAY Sports, applauds and stands as the song ends.

Jesper Zølck of TV 2 Denmark reported that the man left shortly after kneeling and did not give his name nor say anything…”

President Trump poses great peril to our nation article from The Florida Sun Sentinel. –

It’s simply effing amazing that it actually took more than 500 days of having a profoundly corrupt con man ‘elected’ by a moronic minority in the White House to figure that out…

President Trump, or King Donald I? article from USA Today. –

That’s a very good question but the answer is obvious to anyone who isn’t gullible enough to actually believe that our fraudulent Orange dickless-tator is actually above the law.

Trump’s Mixed Claims on His First 500 Days article from The New York Times. –

Depending on what our Liar-in-Chief decides to do as far as trying to squirm his way out of the cesspool of corruption he created that is about to end his disastrous presidency does, life in his land of delusion is about to change – and not for the better…

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Trump treason cartoon from Pinterest

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