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Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

We begin today’s misadventures of our malevolent minority-elect president* with his giving his critics more ammunition to compare him to a tinpot dictator wrapping himself in the flag while ignorantly claiming faux patriotism that only resulted in making him look extremely foolish, putting his faith in conspiracy theories and propaganda really shows the true depths of his ignorance – which explains all the delusions over the investigations that are going to take him down, how our Twitter tyrant’s tirades, conspiracy theories and other distractions routinely fool his moronic minions that are still stupid enough to support him, Trump revealed that he knows absolutely nothing about history – except for the part about stealing from the public while enriching himself and his fraudulent friends as he keeps trying to take the country back to the Gilded Age while emulating Nazi Germany, Trump is desperately trying to make his despotic delusions of grandeur become a reality but, like everything else he does, will fail miserably and much more.

Trump’s ‘celebration of America’ in lieu of cancelled Eagles gala fails to shine article from The Guardian. –

Giving more ammunition to critics that compare our dimwitted dip shit to a tinpot dictator wrapping himself in the flag while ignorantly claiming faux patriotism only accomplished one thing: making him look extremely foolish.

Trump starts the morning by admitting obstruction and threatening the Inspector General article from The DailY Kos. –

Being a Hitler-aspiring wannabe dictator is proving detrimental to our delusional leader as he keeps digging himself a deeper hole that he’ll never get out of.

Trump Tweet Blames Sessions For Mueller’s ‘Witch Hunt’ article from PoliticusUSA. –

Still – as always – blaming everyone else but himself for his endless circus of corruption investigations and trying to find a way out of taking accountability.

Trump Is Pursuing a National Anthem-Kneeling Feud With a Team Whose Players Didn’t Kneel During the National Anthem article from Slate. –

Yet more evidence that our demented delinquent’s bogus patriotism used to try and disguise his flagrant racism is gaining attention for all the wrong reasons:

“President A Big Baby announced abruptly on Monday night that he’d disinvited the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles from a planned Tuesday White House celebration on the grounds that they “disagree with their president because he insists that they proudly stand for their National Anthem, hand on heart.”

The casual reader might assume from such language that some members of the Eagles team that won the title had, like other NFL players, knelt during the playing of the national anthem last season to protest police brutality. But it turns out this is not the case: In fact, as a February article in the conservative Washington Times noted, the Eagles were one of only seven NFL teams that didn’t have any players kneel during the anthem over the course of the 2017–18 schedule. One image of a kneeling Eagles player that’s circulated online since Trump made his announcement is of a cornerback who wasn’t on the team last year; Fox News’ report on the issue featured photos of kneeling Eagles that turned out to have been taken while they were praying, not while the anthem was playing. (Some black Eagles players did raise their fists during the anthem last year as a gesture of solidarity, but they remained standing while doing so.)

A more likely explanation for the cancellation is that Trump learned that almost no one was going to show up. (Several Eagles players have been critical of Trump in the past, and other athletes have skipped White House appearances for nonpolitical reasons.) This is from a well-connected ESPN reporter:

Latest Trump attack on Russia investigation comes directly from conspiracy websites article from Think Progress. –

Having a moronic, incompetent conspiracy theorist living in the White House that gets his false information from bogus web sites and his Ministry of Propaganda is proving disastrous for Trump.

White House struggles to explain ‘what sets us apart’ article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

More on the failed joke that was Trump trying to show how patriotic he is – and if you look back at his history you’ll find he’s not.

Trump’s Ramadan dinner is a charade article from Think Progress. –

Trying to cover up his disdain for Muslims with a single dinner isn’t going to work as the only Muslims our dysfunctional Orange dumb ass likes are the rich ones that he launders money for.

This is the single preposterous tweet that ignited Trump’s latest false attacks on the Russia probe article from The Raw Story. –

Putting his faith in conspiracy theories and propaganda reveals the true depths of our demented delusionist’s ignorance:

“Even after many of President Donald Trump’s own allies have rejected his unfounded assertions of a massive FBI conspiracy against his campaign, he is continuing to hold on to the theory without a shred of evidence. His latest attack against the FBI over what he has ludicrously dubbed “spygate” stems from a single tweet and rests on a patently absurd interpretation of the relevant texts.

“Wow, Strzok-Page, the incompetent & corrupt FBI lovers, have texts referring to a counter-intelligence operation into the Trump Campaign dating way back to December, 2015,” Trump tweeted on Tuesday night. “SPYGATE is in full force! Is the Mainstream Media interested yet? Big stuff!”

As Axios and others pointed out, this new twist on Trump’s fraudulent attacks on the FBI comes from a wholly dubious source. A Twitter user named “Falco” tweeted the following post on Monday, citing texts between two FBI agents who used to work on both the Russia investigation and Clinton’s email probe:

President Trump’s fake patriotism article from The Washington Post. –

More on the phony patriotism parroted by America’s most corrupt-ever president* who actually has no room to talk about patriotism at all.

Donald Trump Is Getting Away With the Biggest Scandal in American History article from Mother Jones. –

Paying attention to our Twitter tyrant’s tirades, conspiracy theories and propaganda makes it easy to see why the moronic minions that still support him are easily fooled, but it will eventually backfire on Trump like it always does.

Trump has been lying to us from day one article from The Raw Story. –

Ya think?!?! The only thing – aside from committing a multitude of crimes, cons and fraud – that our Ignoramus-in-Chief is capable of is lying routinely.

President Trump Still Way Too Lazy to Do His Job article from New York Magazine. –

Having a lazy, illegitimate president* that thinks he’s a dictator isn’t working out well for America and we’re all paying the price:

“Donald Trump possessed less relevant experience and subject expertise for the job of president than any person ever elected to the job. Those deficits can be offset, to a degree, with dogged study and hard work. But rather than make up for his historical lack of qualifications, Trump has compounded the problem with historical laziness. He famously lounges in front of the television having “Executive Time” until 11 a.m., checks out early, refuses to read briefings, and otherwise disdains the most important parts of his job.

Three new reports highlight the laziness problem. First, Trump is acting cranky and resentful in anticipation of his journey to faraway Canada. “President Trump is planning to fly to Canada on Friday. He is not exactly happy about it,” reports the Washington Post. “Trump is a homebody president, preferring to sleep in the White House — or at one of his signature properties — than in hotels, so he is generally reluctant to take long journeys. Furthermore, he prefers visiting places where he is feted — such as on his trips last year to Beijing, Paris and the Saudi capital — over attending summits where the attending leaders are treated as equals.”

Apparently nobody informed Trump that the job involves foreign travel. He also has little patience with domestic functions. The Post obtained audio of his meeting with FEMA to discuss preparedness for hurricane season. You might think Trump would grasp the importance of the issue given that thousands of Americans died on his watch in the wake of a bungled hurricane response in Puerto Rico. You would be wrong. Trump was totally unable to concentrate on the task at hand.

Despite the fact he was at FEMA, and supposed to be planning for disasters, “President Trump had a lot else on his mind, turning the closed-door discussion into soliloquies on his prowess in negotiating airplane deals, his popularity, the effectiveness of his political endorsements, the Republican Party’s fortunes, the vagaries of Defense Department purchasing guidelines, his dislike of magnetized launch equipment on aircraft carriers, his unending love of coal and his breezy optimism about his planned Singapore summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.”…”

The Strangest Thing About Trump’s Approach to Presidential Power article from The Atlantic. –

Claiming to be above the law – despite claiming that he’s done nothing wrong – makes being an aspiring dictator impossible when it’s compounded by so much stupidity…

President Trump Is Wrong. The Mueller Probbe Is Constitutional article from TIME. –

America’s worst-ever president* is almost always wrong, but in this case the deception he’s using to derail the alleged ‘Witch Hunt’ is criminal and the only thing that is unconstitutional is him.

The White House Is Getting Pounded On Its Lies Again, So It’s Blaming The Media Again article from The Huffington Post. –

It’s always everyone else’s fault when our Liar and Thief gets called out on his constant lies so he tries to deflect by ignorantly blaming the media.

How Bad Public Policy Happens in the Age of Trump article from BuzzFlash. –

Profound corruption compounded by deadly ignorance makes for A LOT of bad policies:

“Question: If you inject a stream of raw ignorance into a vat of gaseous arrogance, then jolt the mixture with 1,000 megawatts of malevolence … what does it produce? Answer: Donald Trump’s Executive Order of April 12.

Let’s start with the arrogance. King Donald the First has been in a deep pout over negative articles about him in the Washington Post newspaper, which is owned by Jeff Bezos, King of the Amazon.com empire. Trump has fired off several rounds of angry tweets assailing Bezos, including a potshot claiming that Amazon is ripping off the post office by underpaying for the millions of its packages that the postal services ships.

Well, tweets are one thing, but King Donald has the firepower of the federal government at his beck and call, so he is arrogantly using the government power to escalate his personal spat with Bezos. By executive order, he set up a federal task force to conduct a pernicious political inquisition into “our money losing post office,” particularly looking at the “pricing of the package delivery market.”

This is where Trump’s vast ignorance comes into play. Apparently, he’s blissfully unaware that, far from being a money loser, the U.S. Postal Service has actually been earning about a billion dollars a year in profit. The false claim of “unsustainable” operational losses, repeated in King Donald’s imperious order, stem from a 2006 political ploy by right wingers who want to destroy the public service. They passed a law dictating that USPS pre-fund retiree health benefits 75 years into the future — covering retirement costs for workers who haven’t even been born!..”

Trump’s desperate, last-ditch effort to make ‘spygate’ happen article from The Daily Kos. –

Constantly repeating lies and conspiracy theories doesn’t work so we’ll set up another ‘gang of eight’ to see if more propaganda changes the game – but it won’t.

Read the 191 Arguments President Trump Has Made Against the Mueller Investigation article from TIME. –

Because stupid really does hurt and Trump – and a few of his enablers – know the end is drawing near despite the endless lies and distractions.

The Man Who Would Be King article from The Atlantic. –

Trying to aid and abet an obviously extremely corrupt president* by arguing he is above the law won’t work out well for our Lord of the Lies or his GOP brown shirts regardless of what his Ministry of Propaganda pushes.

After Countless Billions Lavished on Wealthy, Trump Plan Would Spike Rents of Poor Americans by 20% article from Common Dreams. –

Passing his fraudulent tax reform scam wasn’t enough for our Mango Mussolini:

“As the Republican Party has lavished the nation’s wealthiest individuals and corporations with billions upon billions in gifts and tax giveaways, a new analysis found the Trump administration’s proposed changes to government housing assistance would mean a 20 percent spike in rent rates for millions of poor Americans in cities across the United States—particularly impacting households of seniors, children, and people with disabilities.

The Center for Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP) on Thursday laid out how the Trump plan—put forth by Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Ben Carson in April—would affect recipients of housing assistance across all 50 states and in the nation’s top 100 metropolitan areas.

Immediately denounced as “the stuff of slumlords,” the HUD proposal would increase assistance recipients’ mandated rent contributions from 30 percent of their income to 35 percent, and add work requirements for many of them. When fully phased in, the plan would raise rents nationally by $3.2 billion, according to CBPP.

“Raising rents on low-income people would force them to divert resources from other basic needs and expose some to eviction and homelessness,” CBPP senior policy analyst Will Fischer warns in a blog post about the study. More than three-quarters of the rent increases, Fisher notes, would target working-poor families with children, seniors, and people with disabilities…”

President Trump Is What Happens After Republicans Spend Decades Rebranding Knowledge as Elitism and Ignorance as Bliss article from The Daily Beast. –

Accusing the French of burning down the White House in 1812 shows how ignorant our nefarious narcissist truly is.

When It Comes to The Economy, Trump Keeps Two Sets of Books article from Common Dreams. –

Fraudulently taking care of his own interests at our expense instead of committing to fair and full employment is going to come back and haunt our lackluster lame duck president*.

Donald Trump’s empire of disorientation: Where the future is the past, made worse article from Salon. –

How our lying marmalade miscreant is trying to turn back the clock while enabling – and encouraging – White supremacy and enriching himself and his fraudulent friends.

The Singapore Trip Is Turning Into a Real Freak Show article from Esquire. –

The joke that is the meeting between our big Orange turd ball and the North Korean President:

“I am already so looking forward to the upcoming events in Singapore, which already promise to be the worst thing to happen to that city since Krakatoa blew its top in 1883. For example, the presidential* travelling party is chockful of important foreign policy analysts. From HuffPost:

Along with Fox News contributor and former White House adviser Sebastian Gorka, Hannity will be part of the network’s team on the ground during the meeting in Singapore. Hannity will host his show on location for three nights next week. Chris Wallace and Bret Baier will also be in the city, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Of course, the president* will have no time for his favorite meat puppets because he will spend every waking hour cramming and preparing for this important encounter which will mean so much to the future of east Asia. Right? Right? Hello? Is this on? Hello? From NBC News:

“I think I’m very well prepared. I don’t think I have to prepare very much,” Trump told reporters at the White House Thursday as he posed for photos with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. “This isn’t a question of preparation. It’s a question of whether or not people want it to happen, and we’ll know that very quickly.”… “It’s about attitude. It’s about willingness to get things done,” Trump said. “But I think I’ve been preparing for this summit for a long time, as has the other side.”…”


Our impotent imbecile’s ‘America First’ claims are alienating the U.S. from the rest of the world and, like many of his other profoundly corrupt agendas, are based on nothing but lies and deception.

Donald Trump is a living embodiment of unpreparedness article from ThinkProgress. –

Winging it with his fatally flawed gut and 4th grade level mental capacities is dangerous for this country and making him look extremely foolish.

Trump admin takes dramatic steps to undermine health benefits article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Trying to eviscerate benefits of Obamacare for those with pre-existing conditions while destroying whatever other parts of it he can is going to prove costly for many of the morons that still support him.

Trump Is Going To Be The First President To Impeach Himself With A Self-Pardon article from PoliticusUSA. –

The entertainment value of Trump’s Twitter tirades as he melts down over his imminent implosion are going to go up a notch if he is actually stupid enough to try and pardon himself and admit his guilt:

“Trump stated in front of television cameras that he has the “absolute right” to pardon himself, but since a pardon requires an admission of guilt and self-pardon will be self-impeachment.


Trump said, “I never want anybody to be above the law. The pardons are a very positive thing for a president. I think you see the way I’m using them. I have an absolute right to pardon myself but I’ll never have to do it because I didn’t do anything wrong. Everybody knows it. There’s been no collusion. There’s been no obstruction. It’s all made up fantasy. It’s a witch hunt.”…”

Is Trump Becoming a Dictator? He’s Already Showing 7 of 10 Notable Signs article from Alternet. –

People were warned what would happen if the greater of the two evils won, and now our delusional despot is actively trying to make his delusions of grandeur become reality – despite the fact that he will fail.

Trump Is Now Being Called A Crook On National Television article from PoliticusUSA. –

Trump should have been called a crook since he decided he wanted to run for President so he could crown himself King:

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