Misadventures of a minority-elect President 236

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Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

The growing signs of his deteriorating mental deficiencies begins today’s misadventures of our malignant minority-elect president*, as evidenced this time by the delusional press conference he held while making America look foolish during his G-7 Summit in Canada as once again his despotic delusions of grandeur took center stage, our fake president’s* war on fake news continues, our Hitler-aspiring wannabe dictator’s endless lies are making it necessary to start making truth-telling great again, still trying to help his Russian idol – Putin – for helping him ‘win’ the election despite all the ongoing investigations, alienating key allies while cozying up to China, North Korea and Russia is making our lackluster lame duck president* look like even more of a traitor, our Mango Mussolini’s desperate attempt to turn the North Korea Summit – his orchestrated political theater stunt designed to try and save his failing presidency – into a political victory is proving entertaining, how Trump keeps conning the media and the U.S. and getting away with it and much more.

Trump’s Bizarre G7 Press Conference Is Evidence That His Mental Health Is In Rapid Decline article from PoliticusUSA. –

Signs of our dimwitted dip shit’s deteriorating mental deficiencies happen on a daily basis, especially when he has his meltdowns over his imminent demise as his infinite corruption continues swallowing his failed presidency.

The Latest: Trump defends bashing press as ‘fake news’ article from The AP on Yahoo! News. –

Our fake president* continues his fake war on news every chance he gets to create distractions that are supposed to deflect from his endless corruption and ignorance which only works on his moronic miscreants that support him.

The value of an obnoxious president article from The Week. –

Having America’s most corrupt-ever president* in charge is proving disastrous for this country and his failed presidency.

One Magnificent Photo Sums Up Donald Trump’s G-7 Visit article from The Huffington Post. –

All the bluster and bloviation by our Twitter tyrant aimed at U.S. allies, minorities, his multitude of corruption investigations – some of which he’s admitted to – his moronic Tariff War and so much more have done a marvelous job of alienating America and making us look foolish:

Merkel’s Trump G-7 pic from PoliticusUSA

“Perhaps no other photo is in more need of a thorough caption than the one released Saturday by the office of German Chancellor Angela Merkel from the Group of Seven’s annual meeting in Quebec.

Tense and confrontational, it appears to sum up President Donald Trump’s entire trip, which highlighted divisions among the global powers.

The image dramatically depicts the German leader in an assertive pose, planting both hands firmly on a crisp tablecloth as she addresses President Donald Trump, who is seated before her with his arms crossed wearing a dispassionate expression.

Beside Trump is his national security adviser, John Bolton, apparently speaking above the locked eyes of the U.S. and German leaders. A seemingly unimpressed Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe gazes at the group…”

Trump falsely accuses Obama admin of ‘totally illegal’ move article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Our Liar and Thief routinely lies about his predecessor to try and deflect from his own corrupt actions and agendas.

Trump’s War on the Poor: An Impeachable Offense article from CounterPunch. –

Our nefarious narcissist’s war on poor people – many of which were stupid enough to vote for him – is in full swing.

Fox & Friends host slips: Trump’s North Korea summit is a ‘historic meeting between two dictators’ article from The Raw Story. –

His ministry of propaganda accidentally admitted that our Hitler-aspiring wannabe dictator’s despotic delusions of grandeur are in full swing, saying the meeting between two dictators takes place on Monday in Singapore.

The Madness of King Trump on Full Display at the G7 article from The Daily Beast. –

Still aspiring to be the dickless-tator that he’ll never be, Trump once again embarrasses himself and the U.S. on a national scale:

“PARIS—British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson thought he was speaking off the record about the bull rampaging through the china shop of the fragile international order.

“I am increasingly admiring of Donald Trump,” Johnson told a closed meeting with fellow Tories a few days ago, unaware his remarks would be recorded and leaked. “I have become more and more convinced that there is method in his madness.”

Johnson, who’s been known for his own farcical antics and rhetorical bombshells, wondered aloud what would happen if Trump was running the Brexit negotiations with the European Union: “He’d go in bloody hard… There’d be all sorts of breakdowns, all sorts of chaos. Everyone would think he’d gone mad. But actually you might get somewhere. It’s a very, very good thought.”

Almost 17 months into the Trump presidency, even among world leaders once appalled by his pathological narcissism and aggressive ignorance, a certain level of acceptance has taken hold. To be sure, they once hoped the madness could be managed, but those days clearly are over. The “adults” in the Trump administration have mostly been expelled. Those who remain are letting Trump be Trump. And he’s having a ball. So the questions that are posed in the wider world are about isolating his craziness, enduring it, or like Boris Johnson embracing the madness as if it were just a game, a shrewd negotiating ploy…”

Trump Says The EU Is Worse Than China As He Takes A $500 Million Chinese Bribe article from PoliticusUSA. –

Funny how our Liar and Thief keeps changing gears on his trade wars after a Chinese phone company helped him profit by half a billion dollars, which of course confirmed his place in history as the most corrupt president* this country has ever had.

The Rule of Law Is Crumbling Further Each Day Under Trump article from New York Magazine Daily Intelligencer. –

Our Lord of the Lies actually believes he’s above the law and it’s going to come back and bite his totally ignorant authoritarian ass.

Scholar Henry Giroux: Trump’s Relentless Lies Demand We Make Truth-Telling Great Again article from Alternet. –

How Trump’s lies and deceptions – which are designed to deflect from his imminent implosion and to keep his minority of minions fired up – need to be recognized for what they are and dealt with and why it’s time for the world to start being told the truth to counter his lies.

Here’s how Trump exploited poverty-stricken Americans’ patriotism for personal gain article from The Raw Story. –

By doing what our benevolent butt plug president* does best: conning the minority of minions that were stupid enough to fall for it:

“By many important measures the United States is not a democracy. It is an oligarchy.

The evidence is not hidden. Ninety percent of the wealth in the United States is held by 1 percent of households. Intergenerational class mobility has been stagnant for several decades. The racial wealth gap continues to persist. It is so extreme that economists and other experts predict that African-Americans as a group will have zero wealth by 2053. “Tax reform” has continued to divert money upward to the very rich and away from all other Americans. Political scientists Martin Gilens and Benjamin Page have shown that America’s elected officials are almost wholly unresponsive to the political demands of the average American.

There can be no real democracy in a country where the courts have decided that money is speech. Such a power dynamic suppresses the political power of most citizens and grotesquely favors rich people and large corporations.

Despite these facts, poor and working-class Americans are extremely patriotic and nationalistic — much more so than any other group in the country…”

Can Trump Commit Treason and Get Away With It? article from The Daily Beast. –

He has so far, simply because he’s enabled by his GOP Brown Shirts that control Congress, but times are changing…

Donald Trump thinks G-7 flap will help with Kim Jong Un; others aren’t so sure article from USA Today. –

For some reason our Ignoramus-in-Chief believes that bullying and blustering his impotent ignorance pays off for him when in reality it only makes him appear more corrupt and stupid.

Trump Is Still Bragging About the Government’s Handling of a Hurricane That Killed More Than 4,600 Americans article from Mother Jones. –

Contributing to the death of almost 5 thousand Americans by doing virtually nothing at all and our marmalade miscreant brags about it…

UNPRESIDENTED – A Complete Breakdown Of Donald Trump’s 72nd Unpresidented Week As POTUS. –

A look back at the most recent failed week of our dystopian dip shit’s imploding presidency:

“The day was November 9th, 2016. The mood was joyous in the Kremlin as President Vladimir Putin, along with Russian officials, celebrated the election of Donald J. Trump as 45th President of the United States. Champagne was reportedly popped, and toasts were made, as this foreign adversary touted their interference in American democracy.

“It turns out that the United Russia has won the elections in the United States!”?—?then-Russian Governor, Viktor Nazarov

What we witnessed in 2016 was an orchestrated effort by Russia, a hostile foreign power, to undermine American democracy and help elect Donald Trump.

What we are witnessing today, is the return on their investment…”

When it comes to boosting Putin, Trump can’t seem to help himself article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Despite the ongoing Russia investigation our treasonous toupee’d wannabe tyrant can’t seem to stop propping his Russian idol up.

Dissecting Trump’s Efforts to Place Himself Above the Law article from Truthout. –

Panic and paranoia work wonders when you know your incorrigibly corrupt ass is going to be held accountable in the near future…

What’s next for Trump after G7: A supervillain alliance with Kim Jong-un, Xi Jinping and Putin? article from Salon. –

Alienating key allies with moronic Twitter tantrums while cozying up to China, North Korea and Russia is making our lackluster lame duck president* look even more like a traitor.

Trump Can Kiss His Nobel Peace Prize Goodbye As N. Korea Won’t Give Up Their Nukes article from PoliticusUSA. –

Anyone who actually believed they would is incredibly ignorant:

“Kim Jong-un is lowering expectations for a deal as the North Koreans are making it clear that they won’t be giving up their nuclear weapons.

Video of former Bush Amb. Christopher Hill on MSNBC:

Hill said, “Well, frankly, in all this hoopla you don’t get a sense the North Koreans are going to give up their weapons. I think it is important to understand that what makes this historical is President Trump is the first U.S. President to agree to meet with these guys. When I was working on the North Korean negotiations, I tried to get president bush to send Kim Jong-un a letter, and he looked at me like I was crazy. This was the attitude and quite understandably because the North Koreans had done so little and were just looking for so much in terms of international recognition. So we have a long way to go on this.”…”

A Failed Trump-Kim Summit Would Be a Catastrophe article from Common Dreams. –

It will definitely be an extremely orchestrated piece of political theater regardless, but it’s a pretty sure bet that North Korea won’t be giving up its nuclear program and our tinpot dictator wrapped in a flag will be himself.

This North Korea ‘Summit’ Is Nothing More Than A Photo Op With Swag article from Crooks and Liars. –

If our demented delinquent’s history is any indication nothing will be resolved but he’ll sure try and prop his dictatorship up with more lies and fake news.

The Constitutional Crisis Is Now article from Common Dreams. –

Since taking office our Mango Mussolini has been systemically attacking the institutions of our Democracy with his lies, propaganda, deceptions and distractions and unless we stand up to him it’s only going to get worse before it gets better.

Nicolle Wallace Blows Up Trump’s Desperate N. Korea Fantasy article from PoliticusUSA. –

As mentioned above, the extremely orchestrated political theater stunt being perpetrated by our demented delusionist is a desperate attempt to score points and – in his eyes – save his failed presidency:

“While the rest of cable news has been droning on about the historic summit, Nicolle Wallace said that Trump is desperate and his political survival depends on the meeting.


Wallace said, “And some of that, Mara is how desperately the president needs this win politically. Some of that isn’t because there aren’t people around him that understand. I have to believe that people like Mike Pompeo, I wonder if you guys jump in if you agree. There are people who understand the value of those 20 meetings. Very few preconditions have been met other than the release of the detainees. This is not just a meeting about foreign policy. This is about Donald Trump’s political survival. He has said to friends he plans on taking a win in North Korea to the voters. That’s their med term message. That’s all they’ve got.”…”

Donald Trump Went to North Korea for a Giant Photo-Op – And Nothing Else article from Alternet. –

Life is good in Trump’s alternate reality as he repeated the usual lies in a press conference trying to make himself great in his land of delusion despite nothing being accomplished.

Trump, after not sleeping for 25 hours, accidently tells the truth article from ThinkProgress. –

North Korea made no concessions and still retains their nukes and when asked about what will happen if they don’t concede their nukes, Trump openly admitted that he would never admit he was wrong, but will obfuscate instead – as is his usual practice.

It’s Important to Remember We’re Currently Ruled by the Dumbest People Available article from Esquire. –

Having a profoundly corrupt and ignorant tinpot Twitter tyrant running Washington by edict while being surrounded by other corrupt and ignorant imbeciles is not good for this country or the rest of the world.

America’s Trump Amnesia article from Extra Newsfeed. –

How our master-manipulator, gas-lighter and fabricator-in-chief continues conning the media and the public and getting away with it:


am·ne·sia (am’neZH?)

noun: amnesia

1. a partial or total loss of memory.

President Trump the master-manipulator, gas-lighter, and fabricator-in-chief continues to con the American Press Corp and news media into offering him a reset, now on a weekly basis. It is quite absurd how far normalcy has dropped in the United States in general, and Washington, DC in particular. It has become clear that President Donald J. Trump is incapable of making a completely factual statement or having an honest moment. Yet, he is rewarded with a reset on a weekly basis. He is incapable of telling the truth. He is so self-absorbed that he lacks the self-awareness required to tactfully execute the most basic duties of the office of President of the United States. Yet, he is rewarded with a reset on a weekly basis.

The news cycles have become incredibly short. It was just two weeks ago that President Trump endorsed and openly campaigned for Roy Moore, a man who is credibly accused of sexual harassment at minimum and pedophilia at worst. Politico has written about Trump’s “worst week” and has been forced to write it again and again. Every week has become Trump’s worst week. Yet, after he has another worst week of his Presidency, he is rewarded with a reset. America’s 71-year-old real estate mogul and celebrity turned President and Tweeter-in-Chief will never make the presidential pivot…”

Fox’s Shep Smith hammers Trump for getting hosed in North Korea meeting: ‘Kim Jong-un got it all’ article from The Raw Story. –

You know your ‘historic summit’ is a farce when your Ministry of Propaganda starts badmouthing you…

How Donald Trump Got Played By a Ruthless Dictator article from Rolling Stone. –

More on the farcical ‘historic summit’ and the con perpetrated by our Mango moron in the White House as it appears that the entire event was nothing but political theater that made him look foolish.

Kim Jong Un’s Propaganda Victory article from The Atlantic. –

Yes, even more on the farcical ‘historic summit’ that made North Korea look great while making America look foolish.

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