Misadventures of a minority-elect President 233

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Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

We begin today’s misadventures of our malevolent-minority elect president* with most Americans thinking that having a moronic Twitter tyrant who is incapable of speaking or spelling above a 4th grade level is making America look extremely foolish, the world is onto the fact that America’s worst-ever president* is pushing bogus conspiracy theories to try and save his ass as he inches closer to going down, yet again the more our moronic Orange misfit opens his ignorant mouth to proclaim his innocence, the more guilty he makes himself appear, how being factually precise and emotionally restrained is the best way to deal with the big Orange turd ball and the minority of minions that support him, Trump is above the law in his land of delusion but reality will pop that bubble in the near future, our marmalade miscreant and his legal team are trying desperately to avoid accountability for his criminal actions, Trump’s despotic delusions of grandeur created his latest meltdown when he blew up because the FBI and DOJ didn’t notify him that he was under investigation plus much more.

Most Americans Think Trump’s Tweeting Is Bad – For Him and For America article from PoliticusUSA. –

Having a moronic Twitter tyrant that can’t speak or spell above a 4th grade level that looks foolish every time he Tweets something is making us all look extremely bad.

Rantt Rundown: With Sessions Feud, Trump Continues To Build His Own Obstruction Case article from Rantt. –

Every time our dimwitted dip shit interferes in his ongoing Russia / Collusion / Obstruction of Justice investigations, he gets himself into more trouble.

How Donald Trump is weaponising the courts for political ends article from The Guardian. –

There really should be laws that forbid allowing America’s most corrupt-ever president* to appoint equally corrupt ‘Justices’ and Judges.

The deafening message of Trump’s Dinesh D’Souza pardon article from The Week. –

Once again our dysfunctional dumb ass abused his pardon power to let egregious pieces of shit – such as himself – off the hook due to his delusional fantasies:

“President Trump announced Thursday that he would pardon Dinesh D’Souza, the loopy conservative operative who pleaded guilty to violating campaign finance law:

It is a spectacular abuse of the pardon power and a barely-veiled announcement that Trump will use that power to protect odious conservative criminals and undermine the Mueller investigation.

D’Souza is best known today for being too weird for polite company and incredibly racist — though his arguments and positions also have a strange tendency to flip around all over the place. As Alex Nichols writes, he got his start in politics with a deeply racist newspaper at Dartmouth, and then with moldy-oldie arguments about how slaves in the antebellum South were treated “pretty well.” He got wide notoriety with one racist tirade after another against President Obama and blacks in general, leavened with stomach-churning fabrications about Obama’s mother…”

Trump makes brazen attempt to gaslight the public about why he fired James Comey article from Think Progress. –

Once again Trump is changing his story to try and save his sorry ass for obstructing justice – this time for firing James Comey.

Trump Supporters No Longer Supporting His ‘Spygate’ Theory article from PoliticusUSA. –

The whole world is onto the fact that America’s worst-ever president* is pushing bogus conspiracy theories to try and save his ass which is getting closer to going down.

‘This Is a Democracy, Not a Dictatorship’: Federal Workers Union Sues Donald Trump article from Common Dreams. –

Our national embarrassment is eviscerating working Americans and trying to shred workers’ rights and the majority of Americans are starting to fight back.


The more our moronic Orange misfit tries to claim his innocence, the more guilty he becomes:

“When Donald Trump abruptly fired F.B.I. Director James Comey last year, he automatically raised the question of whether he had obstructed justice. He had, after all, ousted the man leading the investigation into whether his presidential campaign colluded with the Russian government. “It was inevitable that Mueller was going to take a look at that,” a white-collar Washington defense lawyer told me last year. Of course, for Robert Mueller to bring an obstruction case against Trump, the lawyer continued, he will have to prove that the president—who has the constitutional authority to fire his subordinates—orchestrated Comey’s ouster with “corrupt intent.” It’s a high bar to clear, as many legal experts have explained. And yet Trump keeps making Mueller’s job easier.

A new pair of reports highlights the depths of the self-inflicted wounds Mueller is investigating. The first, from The New York Times, reveals that in the aftermath of Comey’s stunning dismissal last spring, the ranking No. 2 official at the F.B.I., Andrew McCabe, penned a memo detailing Trump’s thinking at the time. According to that memo, which has since been turned over to Mueller, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein told McCabe that while he had ultimately blamed Comey’s dismissal on his handling of the Clinton e-mail investigation, Trump had initially pressured him to include a reference to Russia. Rosenstein did not elaborate on his interaction with the president, but one source briefed on Rosenstein’s conversation with Trump told the Times that the president had wanted him to note that he was not personally under investigation. Rosenstein declined Trump’s request, choosing to focus his memo solely on the e-mail probe. But the ask disturbed McCabe:

To Mr. McCabe, that seemed like possible evidence that Mr. Comey’s firing was actually related to the F.B.I.’s investigation into the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia, and that Mr. Rosenstein helped provide a cover story by writing about the Clinton investigation.

McCabe’s memo pokes more holes in the White House’s claim that Comey was fired, at the urging of both Rosenstein and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, because he bungled the e-mail probe. Trump himself has undermined this particular talking point, telling NBC’s Lester Holt that he’d always planned to fire Comey over the “Russia thing.” He’s also quipped to Russian officials that firing “nut job” Comey relieved “great pressure” on his administration. (On Thursday morning, Trump went back on his own word, tweeting, “Not that it matters but I never fired James Comey because of Russia!”) More recently, Rudy Giuliani offered a new explanation entirely when he said, “[Trump] fired Comey because Comey would not, among other things, say that he wasn’t a target of the investigation.”…”

Rachel Maddow Brilliantly Uses Watergate Tapes To Show How Trump Is Guilty Of Obstruction article from PoliticusUSA. –

The fact that our Hitler-aspiring wannabe dictator is emulating Nixon isn’t surprising at all, and in fact is to be expected:

The U.S. Government Has Spent More Than 4 Times the Cost of Mueller’s Investigation to Let Trump Play Golf article from Alternet. –

If America’s worst-ever president* spent as much time working as he does golfing at his private resorts, he might get a lot more done and it would cost U.S. taxpayers a lot less.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow details exactly how Trump’s flagrant use of pardons may be ‘criminal obstruction of justice’ article from The Raw Story. –

Implying that he will pardon all of those that Mueller has investigated and charged so far in an effort to keep his criminal actions covered up is a crime.

Trump’s Unpardonable Pardons Send an Ominous Signal article from The Daily Beast. –

Every day Trump takes stupid to a new low and reveals yet more evidence of how guilty he is:

“What do Dinesh D’Souza, Rod Blagojevich, and Martha Stewart have in common?

Yes, they’re at least mildly famous. (Blagojevich was even a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice.) All have been convicted of federal crimes. And they may be the beneficiaries of pardons from President Trump.

D’Souza got an unexpected pardon from the president Thursday. Then Trump said he’s considering clemency for the other two.

And that’s where things go from weird to very worrisome. Plainly Trump is not just using the pardon power as other presidents have, usually at the end of a term and typically to show mercy. Rather, Trump is doing it to send a clear signal to witnesses and prosecutors. Each of these miscreants were convicted of crimes that may have been committed by witnesses against Trump, or by the president himself…”

Spygate’s a big bust, but Donald Trump still hates Jeff Sessions: This week in confusing Russia news article from Salon. –

Purposely creating conspiracy theories and distractions to try and avoid accountability and keep your crimes covered up can be confusing to anyone who isn’t paying attention but crystal clear to those that are.

Trump has many motivations — but power rules them all article from CNN. –

Pardoning people that don’t deserve it simply because he can is quite revealing of how ignorance reigns supreme in Trump’s land of delusion.

A fool and his trade war article from The Week. –

Our national embarrassment is the perfect example of what happens when a fraudulent con man is ‘elected’ by a minority of morons that need to be recognized for their contributions to society.

Trump Brags About ‘Historic’ Jobs Report That Is Worse Than Obama article from PoliticusUSA. –

Our lackluster lame duck president* holds a very over-inflated opinion of his achievements and lies about them all the time:

“Trump bragged about a ‘historic’ jobs report, but in reality, his numbers and the percentage change in the unemployment rate are worse than Barack Obama.

Video of Trump boasting:

Trump said, “We are restoring our wealth at home. It’s about time. We have reached yet one more historic milestone with 3 .8% unemployment just announced and another all-time record low, African American unemployment, Hispanic unemployment at an all-time low in history. We’re very honored by that, and by the way, for the women out there, the lowest unemployment in 19 years. And I’ll be soon saying that will be in history also. Very soon. That won’t take much longer.”…”

The Antidote to Trump Is Decency article from The Atlantic. –

Being factually precise – pointing out the never-ending lies and deceptions – while being emotionally restrained is the best way to deal with our illegitimate president* and the minority that supports him.

Reporters Bust Trump Lying About Reading A Letter From Kim Jong-un article from PoliticusUSA. –

Our nefarious narcissist bragged about a letter he hadn’t even opened or seen yet – showing yet again that he lies about anything and everything:

Giuliani: Trump Could Have Shot Comey And Still Couldn’t Be Indicted For It article from The Huffington Post. –

The delusions in Trump’s alternate reality are spinning out of control:

“WASHINGTON ― Candidate Donald Trump bragged that he could shoot someone on New York’s Fifth Avenue and not lose any support, and now President Donald Trump’s lawyer says Trump could shoot the FBI director in the Oval Office and still not be prosecuted for it.

“In no case can he be subpoenaed or indicted,” Rudy Giuliani told HuffPost Sunday, claiming a president’s constitutional powers are that broad. “I don’t know how you can indict while he’s in office. No matter what it is.”

Giuliani said impeachment was the initial remedy for a president’s illegal behavior ― even in the extreme hypothetical case of Trump having shot former FBI Director James Comey to end the Russia investigation rather than just firing him.

“If he shot James Comey, he’d be impeached the next day,” Giuliani said. “Impeach him, and then you can do whatever you want to do to him.”

Thanks to Trump, the U.S. is now mired in trade wars on three continents article from Think Progress. –

Yet again taking stupid to a new level on a daily basis this time by concocting trade wars that he is going to lose that will eviscerate much of the minority of minions that are still stupid enough to support him.

Watch: Watergate prosecutor compares Trump to King George as he destroys ‘flimflam’ new legal memo article from The Raw Story. –

Life is good in Trump’s alternate reality but despite his delusions, he is not above the law and he’s going to discover that in the near future.

The Challenge of a Trump Era: What’s Coming Next? article from CounterPunch. –

How to deal with the endless profound corruption of our malignant minority-elect president* and keep the damage to a minimum until it can be turned around.

White Houe Lawyers Say Trump Wrote Misleading Response to Trump Tower Meeting article from The Daily Beast. –

Our marmalade miscreant’s legal team keeps implicating him in more crimes, making it obvious that he is guilty as hell.

Trump’s Lawyers Cite Outdated Statute in Long Letter to Mueller Rejecting Interview Request article from Slate. –

Trump and the shysters he calls his legal team are trying desperately to prevent Trump from testifying and being held accountable:

“President Donald Trump’s lawyers sent a confidential, 20-page letter to Special Counsel Robert Mueller in January, laying out all the reasons why the commander in chief should not be subpoenaed. At the heart of the letter is the contention that Trump could not possibly have obstructed justice because the Constitution grants him authority over all federal investigations. The letter, which was obtained and published by the New York Times, illustrates how the president’s lawyers are working overtime to try to prevent the special counsel from issuing a subpoena in an effort to force Trump to answer questions on an obstruction of justice charge.

In the January letter, the lawyers John Dowd and Jay Sekulow respond negatively to a request to interview the president, arguing in part that he’s way too busy running the country. The lawyers list 16 areas that Mueller wanted to question the president about and say the special counsel’s office already has all the material it needs from documents and other testimony.

In what the New York Times describes as “a brash assertion of presidential power,” the president’s lawyers claim he can’t actually obstruct the investigation into Russia’s involvement in the presidential election because Trump has the power to “if he wished, terminate the inquiry, or even exercise his power to pardon.” That broad view of presidential power could be at the heart of any legal battle over a subpoena.

Yet any battle in the courts may not turn out so well for Trump’s attorneys considering their understanding of obstruction of justice law seems to, at the very least, be outdated. In one portion of the letter, the president’s lawyers say investigators are looking into Trump asking then FBI chief James Comey to end the investigation into his former national security adviser Michael Flynn. According to Trump’s lawyers, that couldn’t have possibly been obstruction because Trump didn’t know Flynn was under investigation. But the attorneys cite an outdated statute to make that claim, failing to mention that a broader 2002 law makes it a crime to obstruct an investigation even before it officially starts. “The president’s lawyers do not mention this statute, whose existence appears to render several of their arguments beside the point,” notes the Times…”

‘The guy’s a f—ing yenta’: Trump’s loose lips draw fire article from Politico. –

Dubiously claiming credit regardless of the truth or facts and spewing secrets because he can’t keep his big mouth shut is going to haunt the piece of shit currently occupying the White House.

Trump Flips Out Because FBI/DOJ Wouldn’t Tip Him Off To Investigation article from PoliticusUSA. –

Duh… the FBI/DOJ don’t notify anyone when they’re under investigation, including our profoundly corrupt aspiring tyrant.

Trump ‘thinks he is a king’: NYT scorches ‘radical and absolutist’ legal memo article from The Raw Story. –

Trump is in for a yuge letdown when he finds out his despotic delusions of grandeur won’t save his sorry ass from going down as his ongoing investigations continue swallowing him whole.

Trump Says He Has The ‘Absolute Right’ To Pardon Himself article from The Huffington Post. –

Mr. President*, if you’re that delusional, go right ahead and pardon yourself and see what happens:

“President Donald Trump boasted about his “absolute right” to pardon himself in the Russia probe on Monday one day after Rudy Giuliani, one of his lawyers, raised the prospect.

“Numerous legal scholars” have pointed out that Trump holds the constitutional authority to a self-pardon, he tweeted. “But why would I do that when I have done nothing wrong?” He also lambasted the appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller as unconstitutional.

His comments echoed Giuliani’s, who said Sunday that a self-pardon was out of the cards and could lead to impeachment — but Trump could do it if he wanted to.

“He has no intention of pardoning himself, but he probably — not to say he can’t,” Giuliani told ABC’s “This Week.”…”

Is Donald Trump Above the Law? He Clearly Thinks So – and the Threat to Democracy is Real article from Alternet. –

Even the minority of minions that support his ignorant ass won’t be able to save him when the time comes for him to be held accountable and Trump will be bigly surprised.

God-emperor Donald Trump wants to rule the world: Thank God he’s terrible at it article from The Raw Story. –

The pressure from his imminent demise for corruption is taking its toll as our big Orange stupid fuck mistakenly believes he’s above the law that he keeps breaking…

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