Misadventures of a minority-elect President 17

Trump’s baseless, paranoid claims that Obama is behind the massive protests against him, Trump’s approval ratings still falling, White House plants Fake News stories to smear reporters, White House trying to orchestrate a cover up of Trump’s ties to Russia, treason and treachery from the U.S. Congress, Trump’s accomplishments – or lack thereof – during his first month in office, what the New York Times and Trump have in common, the latest in Trump’s fake news in his war with the media, two words Trump says every time he lies, FBI may be too compromised to investigate Trump’s ties to Russia, the more Trump denies things the bigger the hole he digs himself, questions of who is actually in charge at the White House, even George W. Bush – the one man Trump makes look good – is speaking out against our minority-elect President, GOP refusing to make Trump release his tax returns and more.

Trump makes unsupported claim that Obama was ‘behind’ town hall protests from Good Morning America on Yahoo! News. –

Paranoia in the land of delusion.

Paul Krugman: Keep Up the Outrage – Our Democracy Depends on It article from AlterNet. –

Trump’s Approval Ratings Still In Free Fall article from the International Business Times. –

“President Donald Trump was well on his way this week to cementing a presidential record for the least-approved first 100 days in American history.

A poll released Sunday night by NBC News and the Wall Street Journal indicated Trump was continuing to face the lowest approval ratings for any incoming president in recent years, with the majority of Americans disapproving of Trump’s first few weeks on the job. About 48 percent of those surveyed said they viewed the president’s performance unfavorably, compared to 44 percent who approved of Trump’s first 100 days thus far.

The joint survey was conducted from Feb. 18-22 and surveyed 1,000 Americans across the United States. But its results weren’t out of the ordinary: Trump’s approval ratings have continued to sink to new lows amid ongoing investigations into his presidential campaign’s ties to Russian government operatives, as well as his continued Twitter spats with everyone from Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-V.t, to the national intelligence community’s FBI and CIA…”

White House Retaliates Against Reporters by Planting Smear Stories article from AlterNet. –

“Why deny, when you can plant fake news?

Every presidential administration fears leaks, but few are as dedicated to stopping the flow of information as White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

An important scoop byPolitico reporters Alex Isenstadt and Annie Karni revealed that Spicer has resorted to “random phone checks of White House staffers, overseen by White House attorneys.”

The White House communications team could have simply denied the story. But what fun would that be? Instead, six hours after the Politico article, the conservative Washington Examiner—that bastion of fair and balanced—published an article smearing the Politico reporters headlined, “Claim: Reporter laughs at Trump aide’s emotion over SEAL death…”

Trump White House Scrambles to Check Scandal Over FBI Inquiry Into Russia Ties article from AlterNet. –

On Tuesday, House Republicans Will Betray Their Oaths, Their Country, And The American People. article from the Daily Kos. –

“This Tuesday, February 28, 2017, the United States will witness the what may be the single greatest act of collective treachery by its elected government officials since the Confederate States voted to secede from the Union in 1860 and 1861.

And in all likelihood, the U.S. media will completely ignore it.

On Tuesday the Republican-dominated House Judiciary Committee is expected to reject House Democrats’ Resolution for a formal inquiry into the the potential ethical and legal violations committed by the Trump campaign apparatus in its contacts, communications and financial transactions with Russia during the run-up to Trump’s election last November, and throughout the transition since then. It will also reject calls to examine evidence of Trump’s solicitation and receipt of foreign gifts intended to influence American policy, and the potential violations of the Emoluments Clause of the United States Constitution…”

Where we are now: George W. Bush defends the Constitution to rebuke Trump article from Think Progress. –

Wow. As I said before, I never thought I’d see someone in the White House that could make George W. Bush look good.

Former Nixon counsel knows a cover up when he sees one – and says Trump’s doing it article from the Daily Kos. –

It’s appears totally obvious that the White House is orchestrating a cover up over Trump’s Russia ties.

Pelosi Argues Trump Has ‘Done Nothing’ In The White House article from Yahoo! News. –

“United States President Donald Trump has “done nothing” over his past month in office. At least, that’s according to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

The Democratic congresswoman representing California criticized the commander-in-chief in an interview Sunday with ABC News. Just days ahead of Trump’s first major congressional address — a State of the Union of sorts scheduled for 9 p.m. EST Tuesday — Pelosi said Trump had “nothing to show … but fear” so far.

“What has the Trump administration done?” Pelosi said, according to the Hill. “From their inaugural address, where they talked about decay and carnage, they’ve done nothing except put Wall Street first, make America sick again, instill fear in our immigration population in our country and make sure Russia maintains its grip on our foreign policy.”

Pelosi went on to label Trump “the deflector-in-chief,” arguing that he’s been making headlines with rants about the media and immigrants to distract Americans from the fact that he’s made little progress with the economy, Politico reported…”

The World Historic Breakthrough That Donald Trump And The New York Times Have In Common article from Forbes. –

Whose news is fake? Here’s the latest in Trump’s war with the press article from the Los Angeles Times. –

White House denials raise new questions video from Rachel Maddow at MSNBC. –

The more Trump denies things the bigger the hole he digs himself.

We may need a Special Prosecutor because the FBI is compromised article from the Daily Kos. –

“There has been quite a stir about how Reince Priebus attempted to push the FBI into becoming PR flacks for the White House in response to the New York Times story about Russian intelligence operatives being in contact with Trump associates. But I think there’s another story here and a much bigger problem. It may be that the FBI has on open virulent bias for Trump and simply can’t be trusted to investigate him on their own. We may need, as has been asked for by voices as diverse as both Nancy Pelosi and Darrel Issa, to have a Special Prosecutor assigned to investigate not just Russia and Trump, but the FBI themselves…”

Jon Stewart Begs Media to Break Up With Donald Trump article from Yahoo! News. –

“Jon Stewart stopped by The Late Show on Monday, emerging from underneath Stephen Colbert’s desk to talk about how Donald Trump is basically the rude, unbelievable boyfriend you can’t wait for your best friend to break up with. Stewart went on to explain that it’s not just facts that show Trump is a liar — it’s also how he says, “Believe me,” after pretty much everything he says…”

Check out these ‘massive’ pro-Trump rallies around the country today. Sad! article from the Daily Kos. –

Comical is more like it…hardly a soul turned out across the country.

Trump’s EPA chief already at the center of multiple controversies article from Rachel Maddow at MSNBC. –

Does Stephen Miller Speak for Trump? Or Vice Versa? article from Bloomberg News. –

Another alt-right wing nutjob in America’s anti-Christ White House fabricating and promulgating Trump’s lies and delusions:

“Stephen Miller’s corner office in the West Wing of the White House is utterly barren—no pictures on the walls, no books on the shelves, no indication even of who inhabited the space a month earlier, before the Obama administration cleared out. “Couldn’t tell you,” Trump’s intense and polarizing 31-year-old senior policy adviser says with a shrug. Miller isn’t being unfriendly. Rather, his spartan surroundings and indifference to small talk are byproducts of a life pared of every detail that doesn’t advance the singular glory of Donald J. Trump. Concerned that Trump wasn’t accruing the praise Miller felt was merited, he wanted to set the record straight. “Donald Trump has fundamentally realigned American politics,” he says, stabbing a finger on his desk. “It’s time the media acknowledge this and give him the credit he deserves.”

That’s not, to put it mildly, the story preoccupying the media right now. Over the last few weeks, Trump’s White House has exploded in chaos and infighting—a situation Miller exacerbated by helping to mastermind the sudden and much-criticized rollout of Trump’s Jan. 27 executive order banning people from seven Muslim-majority countries, which federal judges swiftly blocked. In fact, it was no accident that the order was sprung without warning on a Friday afternoon. Trump’s chief strategist Steve Bannon arranged the timing in the expectation that opponents, freed from work on the weekend, would stage huge protests—drawing maximum attention and galvanizing Trump supporters as the president followed through on a controversial campaign promise, says a senior administration official.

The order did indeed spark nationwide demonstrations, but things veered off script from there, as the White House struggled to explain to law enforcement officials, federal agencies, and foreign governments what the hastily drafted document did and didn’t say. Miller in particular became the target of withering attacks by everyone from Republican elected officials to Stephen Colbert, host of The Late Show, which did a skit featuring Miller’s severed—but still talking—head on a spike. Joe Scarborough, the co-host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, with whom Trump has a complicated psychological fascination, spent days deriding Miller, whom he dubbed “Little Napoleon.” Yet not only has Miller survived the uproar and calls for his firing but he appears to be ascendant at a time when other West Wing staffers are diving for cover…”

Whoever had the idea for George W. Bush to slam Donald Trump is an evil genius article from Fusion. –

Trump looks to reset his presidency, again, with speech to Congress article from McClatchy News. –

Will Trump’s Tax Records Be the Next Pentagon Papers? article from Common Dreams. –

“A broad coalition of activists is agitating to force the release of Donald Trump’s tax returns, but it may turn out that the only way we’ll ever see his records is if someone leaks them to the media…”

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