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Misadventures of a minority-elect President 5

Trump’s chaotic presidency, revelations that the corrupt GOP-led US Congress is enabling their fraudulent leader and his anti-Christ cabal, hate groups on the rise, tips for dealing with the ignorance of Trump supporters in your life, dealing with the lies of the Trump administration, revealing hypocrisy while hating those that leak information when it pertains to him – despite asking for more Clinton leaks while running for President, still believing Nixonian delusions that the President is above the law despite the fact the he is not, still having difficulty accepting the fact that he’s the popular vote losing President and lots more.

Tomgram: Frida Berrigan, Donald Trump, a One-Man 9/11? article from Tom Dispatch. –

“…Loving America and Resisting Trump
The New Patriotism
By Frida Berrigan

So reality has inexorably, inescapably penetrated my life. It didn’t take long. Yes, Donald Trump is actually the president of the United States. In that guise, in just his first weeks in office, he’s already declared war on language, on loving, on people who are different from him — on the kind of world, in short, that I want to live in. He’s promised to erect high walls, keep some people in and others out and lock up those he despises, while threatening to torture and abuse with impunity.

Still, a small personal miracle emerges from this nightmare. It turns out that, despite growing up an anarchist protest kid who automatically read Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States alongside the official textbooks, I love this country more each day. So I find myself eternally upset about our new political reality-show, about a man so thin-skinned he lashes out at everything and so insulated in his own alt-reality that no response to him seems to matter.

Above all, I am so mad. Yeah, I’m mad at all those people who voted for Trump and even madder at the ones who didn’t vote at all. I’m mad at everyone who thinks the sum total of their contribution to the political well-being of this country is voting every two or four years. I’m mad at our corporate-political system and how easily distracted people are. I’m steaming mad, but mostly at myself…”

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