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Trumpocracy: Where Alternative Facts Create Alternative Reality

Ah the irony of minority-elect popular vote loser President Donald John Trump bitching about “fake news.” Now that Trump has been sworn in to less than stellar crowds regardless of how much he lies about record attendance, the Trump administration has taken to creating “alternative facts” to rewrite history and fabricate an alternative reality. Listening to Trump’s dubious claims of ‘media dishonesty’ and ‘fake news’ would be hilarious were it not for the fact that in addition to having Twitter to spread his fake news and lies, he has the most powerful office in the country to expand his delusional agenda.

Trump is profoundly corrupt and ignorant enough to believe his own narcissistic alternate version of reality and is more dishonest than the media he complains about. Less than 24 hours after Trump took office White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer destroyed all his credibility by blatantly lying about the attendance at Trump’s meager inauguration. When Spicer’s failed attempts of ignorantly trying to sell his boss’s delusional reality failed, Trump’s subservient Chief propagandist Kellyanne Conway, who also serves as White House counselor, went on America’s Sunday morning political theater TV and defended Spicer’s decision to provide ‘alternate facts.’

To understand and defeat the pathological liar-in-chief in the White House and the propaganda pushers filling his key cabinet positions, it’s important to learn how they disseminate their lies. Our delusional leader and Kellyanne Conway are responsible for most of the lies, though Trump’s Chief strategist Steve Bannon, a White alt-right Nationalist who was registered to vote in 2 states, and was the former editor of Breitbart – a right-wing conspiracy theory pushing publication that will be increasingly utilized to push Trump’s lies – will also play a major role in pushing the White House’s fallacies. The top 3 strategies used by Trump and his ilk include: Lie, repeat the lie, then try to deflect, distract and divert the lie. When that fails the next strategy includes bullying and attacking those that dispute the easily refutable lies so don’t get confused by their duplicitous bull shit.


It can be challenging to keep up with all the Trump administration’s lies so seeking the truth will require keeping close tabs on everything he does. Like many before our minority-elect, popular vote losing President, Trump says one thing and does another. Actions really do speak louder than words so no matter how disingenuously Trump lies, his actions will reveal his true intentions. Deflating Trump’s lies will also require fighting back and holding the fraudulent companies and political pundits accountable for their actions and lies (a good place to start is educating yourself on the Heritage Foundation and the American Legislative Exchange Council which have been advising our dimwitted, thin-skinned president all along, then get to know Bannon and Conway better as they will continue playing crucial roles in Trump’s Ministry of Propaganda).

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