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Misadventures of a minority-elect President

This will be an ongoing series that appears regularly and will include information about minority-elect President Trump and the rest of the miscreants that make up his administration.

Trump lost the majority vote to Hillary Clinton more than 2.8 million votes – more than 11 million votes when you add those that didn’t vote for either establishment candidate – and has no mandate whatsoever. But that hasn’t stopped him from illegally pushing his immoral agenda on the rest of us. This series of posts will serve as a reminder of that.

Sidney Blumenthal: 5 Ways to Measure Trump’s Illegitimacy article from AlterNet. –

“Not since The Wizard of Oz has anyone proclaimed himself to be so great and powerful as Donald Trump.

He knows more than the generals, the spies and the senators. He knows more than the Federal Reserve, the State Department and the scientists.

He often tells us that he is “a smart person.” Explaining why he does not need to pay attention to intelligence briefings, he said, “I’m, like, a very smart person.”

Comparing himself to George Will and Karl Rove, he said, “I’m much smarter than them. I think I have a much higher I.Q. I think I went to a better college—better everything.”

He has said his mind works at “super genius stuff.” He has said that Vladimir Putin “called me a genius,” which he did not, though he did call him “talented.” Trump has said, “I have the world’s most selective memory.””

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