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Misadventures of a minority-elect President 16

Trump becomes Kimmel’s punchline at the Oscars, Trump’s state of the union speech could get interesting, the death of Democracy under a Trump administration, be vigilant for a false flag that may serve as Trump’s Reichstag Fire, a secret dinner at his own DC hotel with his daughter and a foreign leader, the potential corruption of Trump’s swamp cabinet, 7 warning signs present when tyrants try to hijack Democracy, Trump as an unhinged puppet, U.S. allies learning that Trump’s America is not the ‘indespensable nation,’ Trump’s oxymoronic public safety and national security budget plan, speculation as to whether or not Trump can give a normal speech without sounding delusional, tax cuts by executive order, buyers remorse begins for some Trump voters, a new leak exposes Trump’s anti-leak campaign, Progressive ‘Justice League’ to counter fact-challenged Trump, Trump’s predatory presidency and more.

Oscar host Jimmy Kimmel turns Trump into recurrent punch line article from Newsweek. –

“First-time Oscar host Jimmy Kimmel turned President Donald Trump into a comic foil in absentia at the Academy Awards on Sunday, poking fun at the political tumult roiling the United States and the world since the former reality TV star took office.

Aside from a string of running gags throughout the live telecast about Kimmel’s faux feud with his long-time pal, actor Matt Damon, the 45th U.S. president proved to be Kimmel’s favorite leitmotif.

In keeping with his signature deadpan, sardonic delivery, Kimmel’s social commentary was pointed while restrained, and he wasted little time addressing the political furor that has loomed so large over the Hollywood awards season…”

Trump’s speech could be marked by disruptin or decorum article from Yahoo! News. –

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