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Misadventures of a minority-elect President 112

Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

Rumors of our Obstructionist-in-Chief trying to block Comey’s testimony – which will fail like everything else he does, Trump to release more ethics waivers for miscreants in his administration, still trying to justify his obstruction of justice, the growing list of Trump’s conflicts of interest, more on Trump’s delusions on the climate and the resistance they inspire around the world, lies and profound corruption are Trump family affairs and a lot more.

House Democrats fire a warning shot after the White House suggested it may try to block James Comey’s testimony article from AOL News. –

Allowing Trump to try – again – to obstruct justice won’t bode well for our Obstructionist-in-Chief.


Trump wants to target government officials that leak stories about his dystopian dipshittery.

Two dozen more Trump ethics waiver to be released article from The Hill. –

Trump’s administration is filled with unethical miscreants…

The Trump Administration Issues a Defense of Stonewalling Congress article from The Atlantic. –

It’s actually very simple, Trump is trying to obstruct justice:

“The White House says that under the law, it only has to respond to records requests that come from committee chairmen—who all happen to be Republicans. Democrats say it amounts to a ‘gag order.’

In early 2011, a Republican senator wrote to the Obama administration asking for a response to claims by a whistleblower that firearms lost in a sting operation gone awry had been used in the murder of a federal border patrol agent named Brian Terry.

The GOP was in the minority then, and the senator, Charles Grassley of Iowa, controlled no committee nor had any power to compel the Obama administration to respond. But the Department of Justice replied to him anyway, writing a letter that denied the whistleblower’s claim. The letter turned out to be false, later to be formally retracted by the Justice Department, and the “gun-walking” operation known as Fast and Furious spiraled into a scandal for the Obama administration that led Republicans and more than a dozen Democrats in the House to cite former Attorney General Eric Holder for contempt of Congress.

Under a policy adopted by the Trump administration, the letter that catapulted Fast and Furious from mere headache to political nightmare likely would never have been sent. The White House has told federal departments and agencies that it will adhere to a stricter definition of congressional oversight than did the Obama administration. Government officials are now under no obligation to respond to requests for information and documents that do not come from committee chairmen, who, because of the GOP’s majorities in both chambers of Congress, are all Republicans. That means departments and agencies can essentially ignore requests from Democrats, which they have already done in more than 200 instances over President Trump’s first four months in office, according to a tally kept by party leaders…”

‘Abject arrogance’ or ‘profound patriotism’: The intelligence community is at war over Trump-Russia leaks article from Business Insider. –

The war over Trump’s incorrigible idiocy is growing…

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Misadventures of a minority-elect President 107

Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

Our illegitimate, minority-elect President’s son-in-law – and senior adviser – is becoming a massive headache as calls of treason start resonating through Washington, how Trump is torturing Capitol Hill, the joke that is our national embarrassment’s presidency and its death spiral, a lot of the miscreants associated with Trump have ties to Russia, the irony of Trump paying lip service to U.S. Veterans after his previous history of slandering them, Trump’s crash course on how not to win at diplomacy, when all else fails to deflect blame for your malfeasance create a conspiracy theory and hope they buy it, Trump has a thing for dictators and despots and more.

Jared Kushner’s Growing Stench of Treason article from Foreign Policy Magazine on Yahoo! News. –

Setting up back channels to a frenemy to avoid public consumption is one thing, but intent to avoid monitoring by U.S. intelligence agencies is another, especially when you’re not even in government yet.

How Trump Is Torturing Capitol Hill article from The Atlantic. –

The GOP – and their brown shirts that are protecting and enabling our dimwitted dumb ass – are getting frustrated at the inability to accomplish their dubious agendas.

‘A malaise is setting in’: Some DC Republicans resigned to ‘long slow death’ of Trump’s presidency article from The Raw Story. –

On the joke that is our national embarrassment’s presidency and it’s spiraling decline.

Trump: Totalitarian or Authoritarian? article from TruthOut. –

On what our wannabe dictator’s illegitimate regime is:

“Much has been written about whether Donald Trump is a despot authoritarian, fascist or merely a bumbling clown. As we approach this question of what Trump “is,” it’s important for us to realize that — regardless of our assessments of his level of intelligence, or his adolescent mentality, or his bizarre mannerisms — he is in the most powerful seat in the world. Trump is dangerous and he needs to be taken seriously.

Kathleen Jones is a political theorist whose publications and teaching about modern political theory and Hannah Arendt span nearly four decades. Her most recent book is a philosophical memoir, Diving for Pearls: A Thinking Journey with Hannah Arendt, about her 30-year relationship with the work of the well-loved political thinker.

In understanding Trump, Jones says, we need to look at the gaps — and potential gaps — between his claims and the truth. She points to Trump’s boasts of business acumen and accomplishments, alongside his refusal to release his tax returns, as well as his documented history of bankruptcies, which resulted in some of his business interests’ restructuring.

Given that his claims to be a wildly wealthy and successful businessman are what generated much of his support among his base, it is important to address the fact that these claims are dubious…”

President Trump acted like a ‘drunk tourist’ during first foreign trip: report article from AOL News. –

The problem is he wasn’t acting… he was just being himself.

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Misadventures of a minority-elect President 104

Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

Expect more entertaining dipshittery from our illegitimate, minority-elect President during the G7 Summit after his NATO escapades, Trump is the antithesis of Christian values, dubiously trying to tuck language into his egregiously delusional ‘budget’ allowing his administration to defund sanctuary cities, Trump’s NSA Chief admits – to his workers – that Trump colluded with Russia as the scandal hits closer to home for our Obstructionist-in-Chief, prepare for yet another propaganda parade from our illegitimate numb nut and his White House when he returns from his farcical foreign escapades, trying to cover up his lies by destroying information, making himself look guilty by pressuring top U.S. officials to back down, the political theater that is Trump’s fake war on fake news, Breitbart sinking with the titanic disaster that is the Trump Cabal, Trumps war on the minions that voted for him is just beginning and a lot more.

‘Challenging’ talks expected as Trump and other G7 leaders meet article from AOL News. –

Unless the summit can tone things down to a 4th grader’s level so Trump can comprehend comprehend everything, it could get interesting.

Trump’s ally-angering trip abroad, explained in 7 images article from Vox. –

On the disaster that is our national embarrassment’s first dumbed-down foreign trip.

Trump ‘complained to Belgian PM of difficulty setting up golf resorts in EU’ article from The Guardian. –

High class all the way during our dimwitted dumb ass leader’s farcical foreign escapades.

The Pope and the Pagan article from New York Magazine. –

On Trump being the antithesis of Christian values:

“The contrast between a grim-faced pope and the grinning president at the Vatican this past week was not lost on the press or late-night TV. But they missed the mark, it seems to me. They noted merely that the two leaders profoundly disagree on, say, the dignity of immigrants, the sanctity of heterosexual marriage, or the urgency of tackling climate change. While these disagreements exist, they are, it seems to me, merely symptoms of a deeper chasm — the vast, empty, and dark space that lies between Donald Trump and anything resembling Christianity.

I don’t believe that there is a Christian politics as such — there is plenty of scope for disagreement about how to translate a Christian worldview into secular politics, or whether to translate it at all. But I do believe there is a Christian set of core human virtues and values, rooted in what we Catholics still think of as the truth, and that those virtues are rooted in the Gospels. We all fail the virtue test, of course, including yours truly, perhaps more than most. But Trump is a special case — because when you think about those virtues, it is very hard to see Donald Trump as anything but a living, breathing, shameless refutation of every single one.

Trump is not an atheist, confident yet humble in the search for a God-free morality. He is not an agnostic, genuinely doubtful as to the meaning of existence but always open to revelation should it arrive. He is not even a wayward Christian, as he sometimes claims to be, beset by doubt and failing to live up to ideals he nonetheless holds. The ideals he holds are, in fact, the antithesis of Christianity — and his life proves it. He is neither religious nor irreligious. He is pre-religious. He is a pagan. He makes much more sense as a character in Game of Thrones, a medieval world bereft of the legacy of Jesus of Nazareth, than as a president of a modern, Western country…”

Trump Budget Proposal Would Circumvent Courts to Target Undocumented Immigrants article from Mother Jones. –

Trump tried tucking language into his fraudulent ‘budget’ that allowed his administration to defund sanctuary cities.

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