Misadventures of a minority-elect President 104

Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

Expect more entertaining dipshittery from our illegitimate, minority-elect President during the G7 Summit after his NATO escapades, Trump is the antithesis of Christian values, dubiously trying to tuck language into his egregiously delusional ‘budget’ allowing his administration to defund sanctuary cities, Trump’s NSA Chief admits – to his workers – that Trump colluded with Russia as the scandal hits closer to home for our Obstructionist-in-Chief, prepare for yet another propaganda parade from our illegitimate numb nut and his White House when he returns from his farcical foreign escapades, trying to cover up his lies by destroying information, making himself look guilty by pressuring top U.S. officials to back down, the political theater that is Trump’s fake war on fake news, Breitbart sinking with the titanic disaster that is the Trump Cabal, Trumps war on the minions that voted for him is just beginning and a lot more.

‘Challenging’ talks expected as Trump and other G7 leaders meet article from AOL News. –

Unless the summit can tone things down to a 4th grader’s level so Trump can comprehend comprehend everything, it could get interesting.

Trump’s ally-angering trip abroad, explained in 7 images article from Vox. –

On the disaster that is our national embarrassment’s first dumbed-down foreign trip.

Trump ‘complained to Belgian PM of difficulty setting up golf resorts in EU’ article from The Guardian. –

High class all the way during our dimwitted dumb ass leader’s farcical foreign escapades.

The Pope and the Pagan article from New York Magazine. –

On Trump being the antithesis of Christian values:

“The contrast between a grim-faced pope and the grinning president at the Vatican this past week was not lost on the press or late-night TV. But they missed the mark, it seems to me. They noted merely that the two leaders profoundly disagree on, say, the dignity of immigrants, the sanctity of heterosexual marriage, or the urgency of tackling climate change. While these disagreements exist, they are, it seems to me, merely symptoms of a deeper chasm — the vast, empty, and dark space that lies between Donald Trump and anything resembling Christianity.

I don’t believe that there is a Christian politics as such — there is plenty of scope for disagreement about how to translate a Christian worldview into secular politics, or whether to translate it at all. But I do believe there is a Christian set of core human virtues and values, rooted in what we Catholics still think of as the truth, and that those virtues are rooted in the Gospels. We all fail the virtue test, of course, including yours truly, perhaps more than most. But Trump is a special case — because when you think about those virtues, it is very hard to see Donald Trump as anything but a living, breathing, shameless refutation of every single one.

Trump is not an atheist, confident yet humble in the search for a God-free morality. He is not an agnostic, genuinely doubtful as to the meaning of existence but always open to revelation should it arrive. He is not even a wayward Christian, as he sometimes claims to be, beset by doubt and failing to live up to ideals he nonetheless holds. The ideals he holds are, in fact, the antithesis of Christianity — and his life proves it. He is neither religious nor irreligious. He is pre-religious. He is a pagan. He makes much more sense as a character in Game of Thrones, a medieval world bereft of the legacy of Jesus of Nazareth, than as a president of a modern, Western country…”

Trump Budget Proposal Would Circumvent Courts to Target Undocumented Immigrants article from Mother Jones. –

Trump tried tucking language into his fraudulent ‘budget’ that allowed his administration to defund sanctuary cities.

How Trump has already done irreparable damage to NATO article from The Week. –

Simply by being the national embarrassment that he is…

House Republican spreads fake news to discredit damaging report on Jeff Sessions article from Think Progress. –

Sessions – Trump’s appointed Attorney General – should not be holding that position.

The Only Constant Is Trump article from The Atlantic. –

Asking our dimwitted dumb ass president for some predictability:

“Donald Trump’s first foreign trip as president has made clear that the only constant in his foreign policy is its lack of constancy.

Trump began last weekend with the Saudis, heralding a $350-billion arms deal and bowing ever-so-slightly before the Saudi king, despite previously having slammed President Obama for a similar head nod and having called the Saudis “people who push gays … off buildings [and] kill women.” Trump then went to Israel, whose security establishment he’s said to have infuriated by reportedly sharing its extremely sensitive intelligence with top Russian officials—after previously declaring himself “Israel’s biggest friend.” Then came Brussels, home to NATO, which Trump had repeatedly said was “obsolete” before abruptly declaring it “no longer obsolete.” Yesterday, the pendulum swung back with a vengeance, with Trump scolding alliance counterparts for the “massive amounts of money” they purportedly owe the United States, and declining to reaffirm America’s commitment to collective self-defense.

Such reversals have become one of the few unifying features of Trump’s foreign policy. Trump was “going to get rid of NAFTA once and for all” before he agreed “not to terminate NAFTA at this time.” Similarly, Trump said the United States couldn’t take on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in addition to ISIS, until Trump decided to launch 59 Tomahawk missiles at one of Assad’s airbases. In perhaps his quickest and most dramatic about-face, Trump anticipated a “major, major conflict” with North Korea until he said he’d be “honored” to meet with its leader.

It’s hard to keep up—not just for the American people, who want and deserve to know where their country stands on critical relationships with the rest of the world, but for foreign friends and foes alike. Trump thinks this kind of inconsistency is an asset. It’s actually a problem. And it’s the right time to scrutinize just why it’s such a problem as Trump and his team sift through the results of his first foreign trip and determine where to take his administration’s foreign policy from here…”

The suspicious circumstances of Kushner’s secret meeting with a Kremlin-connected banker article from Think Progress. –

It seems Ivanka has married a mirror image of her despicable father.

Trump’s latest jobs boast falls apart almost immediately article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Once again Trump’s lies are easily discernible as his delusion sets in over the wellness of his first foreign foray.

Amid Trump’s silence, Russia creeps into first foreign trip article from CNN. –

Regardless of where our illegitimate, minority-elect president goes, he can’t escape his Russia scandal.

Exclusive: NSA Chief Admits Donald Trump Colluded With Russia article from The Observer. –

Trump’s NSA Chief told his agency’s workforce but hasn’t gone public:

“President Donald Trump’s firing of FBI director James Comey continues to reverberate in the KremlinGate scandal, which threatens to consume the Trump administration. By abruptly removing Comey, then mangling his excuses for why he did so, Trump created a needless crisis for the White House which shows no signs of abating.

The impartial observer might think that Trump fired Comey because he feared what the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation of the president’s contacts with Russia might reveal—as the commander in chief has essentially admitted. Moreover, Trump’s inappropriate efforts to secure Comey’s personal “loyalty” had fallen flat—the FBI director rightly assured the president of his honesty but abjured any fealty to Trump personally—after which the president is reported to have developed a palpable fear of the incorruptible Bureau boss. To protect Team Trump, Comey had to go.

But cashiering Comey was insufficient. True to form, Trump seemingly took the offensive against the FBI. According to multiple reports, the president approached top intelligence bosses to coax them into joining Trump’s personal war with Comey. In particular, Trump is reported to have asked Dan Coats, the director of national intelligence (DNI), and Admiral Mike Rogers, director of the National Security Agency, to go public in denying that Team Trump had any ties to Russia during the 2016 election campaign.

The president’s take on the FBI investigation is well known, thanks to his frequent tweets castigating it as “fake news,” a “hoax” and even a “witch hunt.” However, asking top intelligence officials to publicly attack the FBI and its director isn’t just unusual—it’s unprecedented. Even President Nixon, in the depths of the Watergate scandal, which ultimately unraveled his administration, never went quite so far as to drag NSA into his public mess…”

JARED KUSHNER’S RUSSIA PROBLEMS article from The New Yorker. –

The Russia scandal is hitting closer to home for Trump…

In shakeup, Trump to set up ‘war room’ to repel attacks over Russia probe article from Yahoo! News. –

Prepare for yet another propaganda parade from our illegitimate numb nut and his White House when our illegitimate Liar-in-Chief returns in efforts to try and deflect blame and combat his growing Russia scandal.

Trumpcare Scored So Badly It Could Actually Help The Senate article from The Huffington Post. –

Time will tell but pay attention to what is going and don’t be afraid to hold your Congress person(s) accountable – Senate Republicans know they’re screwed on Trumpcare.

Trump Is Trying to Cover Up His Lies by Destroying Information article from The Nation. –

Having a knowledgeable public is a major threat to a profoundly corrupt Trump Cabal that does nothing but lie then try to cover it up:

“The Trump administration seems intent on tossing recent history down the memory hole. Admittedly, Americans have never been known for their strong grasp of facts about their past. Still, as we struggle to keep up with the constantly shifting explanations and pronouncements of the new administration, it becomes ever harder to remember the events of yesterday, let alone last week, or last month.


Trump and his spokespeople routinely substitute “alternative facts” for what a friend of mine calls consensus reality, the world that most of us recognize. Whose inaugural crowd was bigger, Barack Obama’s or Donald Trump’s? It doesn’t matter what you remember, or even what’s in the written accounts or photographic record. What matters is what the administration now says happened then. In other words, for Trump and his people, history in any normal sense simply doesn’t exist, and that’s a danger for the rest of us. Think of the Trumpian past as a website that can be constantly updated to fit the needs of the present. You may believe you still remember something that used to be there, but it’s not there now. As it becomes increasingly harder to find, can you really trust your own memory?

In recent months, revisions of that past have sometimes come so blindingly fast that the present has simply been overrun, as was true with the firing of FBI director James Comey. First, the president ordered up some brand new supporting documents from Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his deputy, Rod Rosenstein. These were designed to underpin his line that Comey was fired on their recommendation—for being “unfair” to Hillary Clinton. Then, even as his surrogates were out peddling that very story, Trump told NBC’s Lester Holt that, “regardless of [Sessions’ and Rosenstein’s] recommendation, I was going to fire Comey.” And he explained why:

And in fact when I decided to just do it I said to myself, I said, “You know, this Russia thing with Trump and Russia is a made-up story, it’s an excuse by the Democrats for having lost an election that they should’ve won.”…”

GOP Strategist Admits He Colluded with Russian Hackers to Hurt Hillary Clinton, Democrats article from AlterNet. –

Allegations that the Russia scandal is larger than the Trump Cabal as revelation that GOP strategist admits he colluded with them to hurt Hillary Clinton and Democrats – despite never providing any evidence that Russia hacked the election.

How the Trump White House Has Tried to Interfere With the Russia Investigations article from Mother Jones. –

Pressuring top U.S. officials to back down as his desperation grows speaks volumes as to how guilty Trump appears to be…


Karma is a mother you-know-what for Breitbart as is continues sinking with the titanic disaster that is the Trump Cabal…

Trump’s Fake War on the Fake News article from Politico. –

Trump rips the media in public but in the White House it’s a different story:

“Seven days before Donald Trump took office, the inauguration festivities got off to a low-key start inside a modest conference room at the Capitol Hill offices of the American Trucking Associations. There, a hundred-odd familiar faces from the Washington set gathered to fête one of their own, incoming White House press secretary Sean Spicer.

The party spilled out into the hallway as entrepreneur Susanna Quinn, ubiquitous Republican consultant Ron Bonjean and Spicer’s wife, Rebecca, a staffer at the National Beer Wholesalers Association, rubbed shoulders with CBS’ White House correspondent Major Garrett and its political editor Steve Chaggaris, Time’s Zeke Miller and several journalists from CNN, including Washington bureau chief Sam Feist. Spicer arrived late, but in good spirits, and after 20 minutes of schmoozing he strode to the front of the room to deliver brief remarks.

In public, Trump’s team and the press had been engaged in bitter clashes for months. Just two days earlier, during a contentious transition-team news conference, Spicer had threatened to eject CNN’s Jim Acosta from Trump Tower. But in the end, ratings were up and Trump was president-elect.

The overlit conference room was a safe space, not a war zone. Spicer made light of the Acosta incident, jokingly threatening to eject Feist from the room. Feist took Spicer’s teasing in stride, briefly turning as if to make for the exit, and the room laughed along. Spicer cracked that he looked forward to serving in his new post for “eight years,” an unheard-of tenure in the notoriously trying job of White House press secretary. This prompted more knowing laughter. One heckler shouted, “Tell the truth!”—an arch reference to the angry chant Trump supporters had been raining down on reporters at campaign rallies…”

Paul Krugman: Trump Clearly Despises the Very Voters Who Elected Him article from AlterNet. –

Trump’s war on the minions that voted for him in just beginning.

Rick Wilson Unloads A Classic Rant On His Republican Party. article from The Daily Kos. –

Wow. Despite his obvious flaws, his rant is blunt and warranted.

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