Misadventures of a minority-elect President 112

Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

Rumors of our Obstructionist-in-Chief trying to block Comey’s testimony – which will fail like everything else he does, Trump to release more ethics waivers for miscreants in his administration, still trying to justify his obstruction of justice, the growing list of Trump’s conflicts of interest, more on Trump’s delusions on the climate and the resistance they inspire around the world, lies and profound corruption are Trump family affairs and a lot more.

House Democrats fire a warning shot after the White House suggested it may try to block James Comey’s testimony article from AOL News. –

Allowing Trump to try – again – to obstruct justice won’t bode well for our Obstructionist-in-Chief.


Trump wants to target government officials that leak stories about his dystopian dipshittery.

Two dozen more Trump ethics waiver to be released article from The Hill. –

Trump’s administration is filled with unethical miscreants…

The Trump Administration Issues a Defense of Stonewalling Congress article from The Atlantic. –

It’s actually very simple, Trump is trying to obstruct justice:

“The White House says that under the law, it only has to respond to records requests that come from committee chairmen—who all happen to be Republicans. Democrats say it amounts to a ‘gag order.’

In early 2011, a Republican senator wrote to the Obama administration asking for a response to claims by a whistleblower that firearms lost in a sting operation gone awry had been used in the murder of a federal border patrol agent named Brian Terry.

The GOP was in the minority then, and the senator, Charles Grassley of Iowa, controlled no committee nor had any power to compel the Obama administration to respond. But the Department of Justice replied to him anyway, writing a letter that denied the whistleblower’s claim. The letter turned out to be false, later to be formally retracted by the Justice Department, and the “gun-walking” operation known as Fast and Furious spiraled into a scandal for the Obama administration that led Republicans and more than a dozen Democrats in the House to cite former Attorney General Eric Holder for contempt of Congress.

Under a policy adopted by the Trump administration, the letter that catapulted Fast and Furious from mere headache to political nightmare likely would never have been sent. The White House has told federal departments and agencies that it will adhere to a stricter definition of congressional oversight than did the Obama administration. Government officials are now under no obligation to respond to requests for information and documents that do not come from committee chairmen, who, because of the GOP’s majorities in both chambers of Congress, are all Republicans. That means departments and agencies can essentially ignore requests from Democrats, which they have already done in more than 200 instances over President Trump’s first four months in office, according to a tally kept by party leaders…”

‘Abject arrogance’ or ‘profound patriotism’: The intelligence community is at war over Trump-Russia leaks article from Business Insider. –

The war over Trump’s incorrigible idiocy is growing…

Donald Trump’s Conflicts of Interest: A Crib Sheet article from The Atlantic. –

The growing list of reasons our fraudulent lackluster leader has no business being in office.

Corporate CEO’s are scrambling away from Trump to avoid giving him credibility: report article from The Raw Story. –

Allowing our impotent president to wallow in his own ignorance over the Paris climate accord.

Trump Tumbles into Saudi-Israeli Trap article from Consortium News. –

Colluding with two of the largest terrorist cultivators in the world isn’t going to end well:

“Jared Kushner did his father-in-law few favors when he enticed President Trump into the endless Israeli-Palestinian “peace process.” To this end, as one Israeli journalist put it, Trump’s advisers set up the Saudis to “embrace [him], and do the sword dance around [him], add a huge check for the arms deals – and [in return is expected to] create an anti-Shiite, anti-Iranian axis [around them].”

Yes, the iconic salesman (Trump), was himself sold a proverbial “bridge” (by his son-in-law, fueled by the conceit that having known Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for many years, Kushner was “ideal” for bringing peace to Israel). Trump in Riyadh thus paid full homage to the Sunni narrative that they – the Sunnis – are the innocent victims, and the Shi’a, the dark, nefarious, revolutionary, fifth-columnists, who must be driven back into their “pen.”

Trump has thus declared himself an explicit partisan in the geo-strategic power plays between the region’s northern-tier states and the Gulf states. Instead of remaining distant and “above” these Middle East conflicts, he has allowed himself to be persuaded to do the opposite: to dive in, on the Sunni side (perhaps partly to counterpoint with President Obama’s engagement of Iran).

Why? Well, the dollars (should they materialize), will be useful. But essentially, because Kushner persuaded his-father-in-law that flattering the Saudis and demonizing the Iranians, represented the entry price into the peacemaking process between Israel and the Palestinians, which if achieved, would constitute the Trump foreign policy “legacy” for history…”

Trump describes US as cleanest nation; facts muddy the claim article from The AP on Yahoo! News. –

Trump’s claims on the climate – as with everything else our Liar-in-Chief tries to sell to the public – are baseless lies.

Report: Trump not planning to invoke executive privilege for Comey testimony article from AOL News. –

It appears someone explained to him what could happen if he did

Trump critics, backers march around globe over climate and Russia article from Yahoo! News. –

Some marched for America’s worst-ever President they support but most marched against him…


Trump’s profound ignorance – compounded by Bannon’s duplicitous agenda – is going to come back and bite him in the ass:

“Reports of Steve Bannon’s death were greatly exaggerated. Just a few weeks ago, President Trump’s chief political adviser and the most controversial figure in the West Wing was considered a spent force. Some reports said he was going to resign. Others predicted Trump was about to fire him. “Bannon is on his way out,” a person close to Bannon, who worked on the Trump campaign, predicted to me last month. “He’ll probably go back to Breitbart or do something with the Mercers”—the billionaire political donors who have funded Breitbart and several of Bannon’s other political projects—“but I think it’s sort of a fait accompli at this point, because of the infighting.”

Trump himself strongly suggested, in mid-April, that Bannon’s White House service was approaching its end. He told the Wall Street Journal that Bannon was simply “a guy who works for me.” When the New York Post asked Trump if he “still has confidence in Bannon,” Trump declined to say yes. “I like Steve, but you have to remember he was not involved in my campaign until very late,” the President told the newspaper. “I had already beaten all the senators and all the governors, and I didn’t know Steve. I’m my own strategist, and it wasn’t like I was going to change strategies because I was facing crooked Hillary.”

The roots of Bannon’s alleged demise were the long-running battle he was waging with the so-called “globalist” faction in the White House, led by Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kusher. For the past two years, one rule has defined Trumpland: if you cross Kushner or his wife, Ivanka Trump, you get fired. That’s how Bannon got his job in the first place. Kushner ousted Trump’s first campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, who was replaced by Paul Manafort. Eventually, Manafort lost Kushner’s confidence and was replaced by the team of Bannon and Kellyanne Conway, who were strongly backed by the Mercers. “When Corey was leaking bad stuff about Jared: bye, bye, Corey Lewandowski,” the Trump adviser said. “So Steve is leaking bad stuff about Jared: bye, bye, Steve Bannon.”

Earlier this spring, when the press was filled with accounts of Bannon’s looming dismissal, other Trump advisers noted that the stories were overblown. “Everyone is saying, ‘Oh, there’s been a shift, Bannon is on his way out,’ ” a Republican close to the White House told me at the time, referring sarcastically to the rumors. “No, he’s not. Bannon is still there. And he’s still the main adviser to the President of the United States. And I believe that there’s always going to be this fight between these different wings of really different philosophies for him. And that’s how the President wants it.”…”

This week showed the president doesn’t have the moral compass of a child article from The Guardian. –

Our dimwitted deviant dip shit’s fatal narcissistic flaws keep shining through in everything he says and does…

Why any law signed by Trump will be permanently radioactive article from The Week. –

Because he is now and always will be our illegitimate, minority-elect President in collusion with his brown shirts in the GOP-controlled Congress.

Trump son hawks dad’s campaign merch despite ‘separation of church and state’ promise article from Think Progress. –

Making profound corruption a family affair in Trump’s land of delusion…

Does It Matter How Trump Goes Or Even That He Does? article from Counter Punch. –

On the impending demise of our impotent leader’s presidency and the dubious piece of shit poised to take his place:

“The chances are good and getting better that Donald Trump’s presidency will be done in, at least in part, by the most odious sector of the “deep state,” the so-called intelligence community. Would this be something to regret?

Of course, it would. But there are good reasons for concluding, even so, that getting rid of Trump, the sooner the better, matters more. Even if that means relying on noxious scoundrels, the least bad option may well be to buck up.

The issue is complicated, however, because, dreadful as Trump’s presidency is — especially for Americans from vulnerable populations – a Mike Pence presidency, which is what we would be left with were Trump to go, would be even worse on many counts.

There is, however, one consideration that trumps all others, as it were: the fear that the hyper-erratic ignoramus currently occupying the White House might take a notion, in a fit of pique, to annihilate the world…”

Trump’s Approval Ratings Continue To Sag article from The International Business Times on Yahoo! News. –

3 different polls show our illegitimate president’s disapproval marks outweighing his approval marks by double digits.

Donald Trump’s Political Arm Cites InfoWars In An Email Boasting About Crowd Size article from The Huffington Post. –

Once again Trump team uses fake news to spread fake news – this time about supporters of Trump’s pulling out of Paris accord outside the White House, despite being dwarfed by larger crowds opposed to it…

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