Misadventures of a minority-elect President 223

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Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

We begin today’s misadventures of our malignant minority-elect president* with why it doesn’t matter whether or not Trump speaks to Mueller since there is more than ample evidence incriminating him and speaking with Mueller would only hasten his imminent downfall, the House GOP’s attempt to dubiously clear Trump of any wrongdoing actually implicates his acts of treason, threatening a government shut down if he doesn’t get money for his border wall by September, a look at the delusional ignorance of giving our treasonous president a Nobel peace prize, our demented delinquent is desperately trying to bribe Republicans in Congress not to vote to impeach him, Trump just doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut over his Russia scandal, still lying about immigrants to justify his egregious border wall that he wants U.S. taxpayers to pay for, more on why his babysitters shouldn’t leave Trump alone or allow him to give ‘interviews’ on Fox faux news, the whoppers keep coming from our liar and thief – per the WAPO he has told 3,001 lies so far and that’s probably a low ball estimate plus a lot more.

Why Mueller’s Trump interview may not matter article from Politico. –

Because there is more than ample evidence of all the crimes committed by America’s most corrupt-ever president* but it would be interesting to see how he perjures and further incriminates himself given the chance to speak with Mueller.

The President Is a Few Bulbs Short of a Chandelier article from Esquire. –

More on why his babysitters really shouldn’t leave our dimwitted dip shit alone or let him speak to his ministry of propaganda without proper supervision.

Republican Report May Provide Proof of Trump Treason article from PoliticusUSA. –

The bogus report from his GOP brown shirts on the House Republican committee that falsely cleared our treasonous president* of charges actually implicates him more.

The coming Trump faceplant on North Korea article from The Week. –

If history is any indication, America’s worst-ever president* will inevitably muck up the peace process with North Korea:

“Try to imagine, if you will, the scene when President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un sit down to negotiate, with just a few aides and a couple of translators in the room. The president, we can be sure, will be brimming with confidence, as is his wont. He’s the most famous man on Earth! He’s the guy who wrote The Art of the Deal! No second-rate tyrant is going to get the better of him.

None of us can really predict how the meeting will go. But I have a pretty good idea of what will happen afterward. Trump will walk to the cameras and declare victory. We have a deal, he’ll proclaim. Nobody thought it could happen. Nobody could do it but me. You’re welcome.

And when he’s asked for details, Trump will say that it’s a fantastic deal, a tremendous deal, a better deal than anyone thought possible. Then he’ll say some things about what North Korea has committed to do, which we’ll quickly discover are completely wrong. It will turn out that Kim has agreed only to some very modest steps, like extending his moratorium on further nuclear testing, or shutting down some facilities he doesn’t need anyway. But his nuclear weapons? He’ll be keeping those.

That scenario sounds plausible if you’ve been paying any attention to what Trump has said about North Korea lately. It has become obvious that he has all but given up on Middle East peace — which, surprisingly, Jared Kushner was not able to negotiate — which leaves North Korea as the logical place for Trump to win the Historic Deal No President But Trump Could Achieve, which he plainly desires. In a tweet last Sunday, Trump triumphantly said that “we haven’t given up anything & they have agreed to denuclearization (so great for World), site closure, & no more testing!” This was absurd: The North Koreans have of course not agreed to denuclearization, even though they did say they’d be dismantling a test site they no longer need, and halting further nuclear testing for the moment…”

What Trump Really Means When He Cries ‘Fake News!’ article from Alternet. –

More revelations on why our fake president cries fake news every time he’s called out on his crimes and lies.

Trump Threatens Govt Shutdown Right Before the Midterms if No Wall Funding article from PoliticusUSA. –

Still crying about not getting funding for his egregious border wall and threatening to shut down the government.

There’s New Evidence Trump Obstructed Justice in the House Intelligence Committee’s Minority article from Slate. –

Which would help explain why his GOP brown shirts ignorantly claimed that their treasonous leader was cleared of collusion.

Donald Trump is suddenly being touted to win a Nobel Peace Prize article from ThinkProgress. –

On the asinine stupidity of Trump’s minions claiming their treasonous piece of shit leader deserves a Nobel peace prize:

“Get used to seeing “Donald Trump” and “Nobel Prize” in the same sentence.

The campaign to award a 2019 Nobel Peace Prize to the current president — regularly criticized for delivering personal attacks on Twitter — is heating up, following news of this week’s historic summit between North and South Korea that could mark the first step toward denuclearizing the peninsula.

Thanks to the tentative progress being made on the Korean peninsula, at least one British bookie has predicted that Trump has favorable odds of winning a Nobel this year — and some of Trump’s top defenders are falling in line.

“After North Korea triumph Trump deserves the Nobel Peace Prize, not Obama,” declared a Fox News op-ed published on Friday.”…”

Trump Is Trying To Bribe House Republicans Not To Vote To Impeach Him article from PolitisusUSA. –

The desperation is growing as the GOP and Trump begin to realize the control of Congress is about to disappear courtesy of our demented delinquent’s corrupt failed presidency.

Scholar Reza Aslan explains why it’s time to treat Trump as an enemy of the state – before it’s too late article from The Raw Story. –

The time for tolerance and leniency of Trump and his supporters is over and they need to be recognized for what they are.

Donald Trump, accidental diplomat article from The Week. –

Trying to justify – albeit incorrectly – how our Twitter tyrants screeds, extreme belligerence, laziness and incompetence may have resulted in North and South Korea meeting.

The 57 most outlandish, outrageous and offensive lines from Tump’s Michigan rally article from CNN. –

In typical fashion, our Liar-in-Chief’s campaign rally in Michigan was filled with nothing but bluster and bull shit that only those stupid enough to believe him would fall for:

“On Saturday night, even as comedian Michelle Wolf was roasting him in Washington, President Donald Trump was in another Washington — this one in Michigan — where he was delivering a roast all his own: Of elites, the media, Democrats and anyone else he could think of.

I went through the transcript of Trump’s Michigan speech and picked out the most eye-catching lines. They’re below.

1. “You want to see a lot of people? Go outside. We could have filled this place up five or six times.”

Heeeeeeeeere’s Donald! And, yes, within 20 seconds of taking the stage, Trump was talking about how the crowd was huge — and could have been far bigger…”

UNPRESIDENTED – A Complete Breakdown Of Donald Trump’s 66th Unpresidented Week As POTUS article from Rantt. –

A look back at the most recent disastrous week of our lackluster lame duck president’s* failed presidency.

Trump does himself no favors with new comments on Russia scandal article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Trump’s stupidity keeps growing exponentially as he keep shooting himself in the foot over his Russia scandal.

As gas prices soar, Trump wants Americans to spend $100 billion more on driving article from ThinkProgress. –

Trump’s EPA – led by one of the most corrupt members of his cabal – wants to roll back Obama-era fuel economy standards that will result in higher costs for U.S. drivers in the coming years.

Trump Humiliates Himself By Claiming Fitness Freak Immigrants Are Climbing Over Border Wall article from PolitcusUSA. –

Once again our big Orange turd ball is lying about immigrants:

“During a joint press conference with the president of Nigeria, Trump went off on an immigrant rant and claimed that very physically fit immigrants are climbing over the border wall.


Trump said, “And we are doing the best we can with it but we have to have changes in Congress and we have to have it quickly. We need a wall, number one. And you see that right now, where they are, even though it is not a particularly good wall, even though a small percentage can climb to the top, they have to be in extremely good shape. But a small percentage can climb that particular wall. We have a wall that’s much more difficult. But if you didn’t have that, you’d have thousands of people just pouring into our country.”…”

Forget Pee-Pee Tapes: the Kremlin Just Dropped a Bigger Bomb on the White House article from The Observer. –

Trump’s shady business dealings with the Russian mob and other Russian criminals could easily end up bringing him down.

Trump campaign’s $228,000 payments to Michael Cohen could be ‘witness tampering’: ex-White House ethics chief article from The Raw Story. –

Yet more fuel to add to the fire that is Trump’s lies about not knowing Michael Cohen…

Devin Nunes Is the Emblematic Republican Hack of the Trump Era article from The Daily Beast. –

Nunes – our big Orange turd ball’s biggest lap dog – keeps trying to exonerate Trump but only ends up making things worse for him.

Trump Loses It In Front Of The World Over Reports That He’s Unhinged article from PoliticusUSA. –

Once in a while truth and reality play a major role in shaking up Trump’s land of delusion:

“Trump responded to a report that Chief Of Staff John Kelly said that he was unhinged by losing it on Twitter in front of the entire world.

CNN reported:

White House chief of staff John Kelly has grown increasingly frustrated with President Trump in recent months, even telling senior national security officials last month that he believed the President was becoming “unhinged,” a senior administration official told CNN.

“He said the President was becoming unhinged,” the official said, adding that Kelly appeared to say it in “a moment of frustration.”…”

Here’s how Trump won mindless loyalty from millions of Americans article from The Raw Story. –

Stupidity reigns supreme in Trump’s delusional world for a lot of reasons.

Trump’s Fox & Friends Interview Was Even Worse Than It Looked article from Slate. –

More on why his babysitters need to quit leaving our demented delusionist alone and allowing him to hang himself by giving ‘interviews’ with Fox faux news.

Rachel Maddow Reads The Leaked List Of Mueller Questions That Should Terrify Trump article from PoliticusUSA. –

The New York Times released a list of questions that Mueller allegedly wants to ask our nefarious narcissist, and Trump isn’t too happy about it – though it appears that his own legal team actually leaked them.

Michael Cohen Claimed He Talked With Trump the Day of the Stormy Daniels Deal article from The Daily Beast. –

Tweets totally destroy our Liar and Thief’s claims that he knew nothing about the Stormy Daniels bribe to keep her mouth shut:

“President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen was in communication with the then-presidential candidate the day Cohen wired hush money to Stormy Daniels, according to previously unreported tweets.

Those tweets cast doubt on a claim that has been promulgated to distance Trump from the payments to the adult film star, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford. That claim, which was made anonymously to The Wall Street Journal, is that Cohen “missed two deadlines earlier that month to make the $130,000 payment to Ms. Clifford because he couldn’t reach Mr. Trump in the hectic final days of the presidential campaign.”

In fact, according to Cohen’s own tweets, he was in contact with Trump on the very day the hush-money deal was signed and finalized.

On Oct. 27, 2016, Cohen wired $130,000 to Daniels as part of the hush money agreement. The next day, Oct. 28, Cohen signed the agreement, according to court documents (PDF). That same day, The Hollywood Reporter posted a viral video of a homeless woman named Denise Scott who was assaulted while trying to keep vandals from defacing Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame…”

Trump Reacts to Leaked Mueller Questions, Somehow Concludes ‘No Questions on Collusion’ article from Mediaite. –

Funny how our Ignoramus-in-Chief constantly claims there is no collusion with Russia or obstructions of justice when it has been proved repeatedly that he’s lying.

President Trump has made 3,001 false or misleading claims so far article from The Washington Post. –

That number is probably a low ball estimate since Trump is completely incapable of ever telling the truth.

A history of President Trump’s insults article from CNN. –

After bitching about the White House Correspondent’s Dinner, here’s a look at many of the endless insults that keep coming from our blithering Idiot-in-Chief who has absolutely no room to talk.

If Team Trump Leaked Mueller’s Questions, It’s Bound to Backfire article from The Daily Beast. –

Questions abound as to who released what Mueller is looking for answers to since there are grammatical errors but it appears that Trump or his team was responsible for it and that they’re trying to sway public opinion, not contest the facts:

“The New York Times recently obtained and published a list of more than 40 questions that special counsel Robert Mueller reportedly wants to ask President Donald Trump. Is this leak a carefully orchestrated move in a chess match, or a desperate attempt to roil the investigation?

The questions themselves seem thorough but straightforward — questions relating to widely reported events, such as the firings of former FBI Director James Comey and former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and the June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower.

The only surprise was a question about outreach by the Trump campaign, including Paul Manafort, to Russia for election assistance. Previous reports had indicated offers of assistance going only in the other direction. This could be a significant new reveal (it’s unlikely Mueller would ask a question based on a false premise) or it could just be a scrivener’s error, in light of the way these questions were obtained by the Times. Mueller’s team reportedly read the questions over the telephone to members of Trump’s legal team, who wrote them down. As anyone who has ever played the old “Telephone” game knows, details are sometimes lost in the translation, and so it may be that this development is nothing new.

And so the “what” regarding these questions is mostly unsurprising. The surprise is the “who” and the “why.”…”

Kelly not the only staffer reportedly questioning Trump’s intellect article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Indeed. The majority of the world questions Trump’s intellect on a daily basis…

Trump’s astonishing impotence article from The Week. –

Questioning our Hitler-aspiring wannabe dictator’s capabilities and intelligence – or lack thereof.

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