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Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

How his endless lies have increased by almost 33 percent after his first 100 days begins today’s misadventures of our malevolent minority-elect president* who keeps lying even more as his corruption implodes his failed presidency, shooting himself in the foot – once again – by eviscerating his legal argument for the Muslim Ban, our dysfunctional dumb ass president* and his ilk have gone from saying there was never any collusion to saying there was never any collusion involving him, why Trump is incapable of stopping himself from obstructing justice, fighting a battle with Mueller that he can’t win – especially since it’s blatantly obvious that he’s guilty as hell, how having a corrupt moron on his legal team will prove devastating to the corrupt moron in the White House plus lots more.

Trump’s Rate of Lying Has Increased Almost 33 Percent Since Ranking After First 100 Days article from Alternet. –

The lies keep growing exponentially as his growing scandals and corruption engulfs our dimwitted dip shit’s failed presidency.

Trump’s big mouth just undercut his own administration’s defense of the Muslim Ban article from ThinkProgress. –

Once again our Liar and Thief just shot himself in the foot and put his legal defense of his illegal Muslim Ban in jeopardy due to his chronic stupidity.

Rachel Maddow Just Asked The One Question That Blew The Lid Off Of Trump/Russia Collusion article from PoliticusUSA. –

Why have America’s worst-ever president* and the miscreants he calls his administration gone from saying there was never any collusion to saying there was never any collusion involving Trump?:

Trump’s Game of Sneaky Leaks: Is He Playing the New York Times The Same Way Russia Did? article from Alternet. –

Trump is famous for leaking things to draw attention away from his endless criminal acts and deceptions:

“In her new book, “Chasing Hillary,” New York Times reporter Amy Chozick admits that she and other mainstream media reporters were duped by foreign propaganda. In a chapter titled “How I Became an Unwitting Agent of Russian Intelligence,” Chozick confesses that she and her Times colleagues allowed the need for attention — and clicks — to guide their decision to forefront largely unimportant information obtained from email hacks of Hillary Clinton’s staff. Those leaks were likely the work of Russian agents, who fed the information to the newspaper (by way of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks) in order to feed a false narrative that Clinton was duplicitous and untrustworthy.

“[N]othing hurt worse than my own colleagues calling me a de facto instrument of Russian intelligence,” she wrote. “The worst part was they were right.”

Perhaps after failing democracy in the worst way, you might think staff at the New York Times had learned their lesson. This week there’s reason to be worried that they didn’t — and not because of reporter Maggie Haberman’s feigned umbrage over the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, in an apparent effort to ingratiate herself with White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. (As bad as that was.) The real concern is that the Times is getting played by the Trump administration in almost the same way it got played by the Russians, which suggests the Gray Lady’s staffers are still allowing the desire for breaking news to trump their civic duty.

At issue is a recent story from Michael Schmidt about a list of questions that Justice Department special counsel Robert Mueller reportedly wants to ask Trump, many of them focused on questions of possible collusion with Russian agents or attempts to obstruct justice. The story isn’t all that surprising in itself, but it nonetheless has that frisson of intrigue guaranteed to drive traffic: Secret documents obtained from anonymous sources, the suggestion that the Russia investigation is on the verge of a breakthrough, a hint that the president himself may soon be in the hot seat. As I write this on Tuesday evening, the story has been at the top of the Times homepage for nearly a full day, and became the basis for a dramatic episode of the popular podcast “The Daily.”…”

Trump is simply incapable of stopping himself from obstructing justice article from The Raw Story. –

Just as he is incapable of ever telling the truth and much of it has to do with his endless corruption which will destroy what little is left of his failed presidency.

Why firing Mueller won’t end the Russia investigation article from Politico. –

Our Liar-in-Chief’s endless corruption goes much deeper than just obstructing justice and collusion with Russia.

How Trump’s ‘Fake News’ Obsession Started a Global Plague of Censorship article from The Daily Beast. –

Our fake president’s* war on fake news will result in blow back that will aid in ending his failed presidency and all the distractions in the world won’t help him.

New NBC Poll: 61% of Americans Think Trump Is Dishonest article from PoliticusUSA. –

Apparently the other 39% are too stupid to figure it out:

“In the age of Trump shocking news no longer shocks people. And today’s NBC News/Survey Monkey poll is a case in point.

We should all be shocked by this poll which shows that only 37% of respondents believe that our president tells the truth “all or most of the time.” How can the United States government effectively operate when it is lead by a huckster con artist reality TV show star?

The answer is: it can’t. But yet enough people support him to keep in power anyway, at least temporarily.

Unsurprisingly, many more Republicans think he is honest than other people do. In our polarized world of politics this is par for the course. Seventy-six percent of Republicans said that he tells the truth either all or most of the time, while just 22 percent believe that he is mostly dishonest. Even most Republicans who think President Donald Trump does not tell the truth still give him positive job approval ratings, which is disturbing. This means that they have no expectations that the President of the United States will tell us the truth, and they don’t care…”

Donald Trump Ridiculed For Reportedly Writing His Own Doctor’s Note article from The Huffington Post. –

Our demented delinquent can’t even tell the truth about his health so he dictated what his doctor could tell the public.

How the Trumpian Circus Benefits the Trumpian Project article from Truthdig. –

Intentionally dumbing down the population while America’s most corrupt-ever president* and his cabal destroy everything America stands for to illegally enrich themselves will not bode well for Trump.

Donald Trump claims Robert Mueller probe is interfering with his presidential duties article from USA Today. –

Obviously Trump has no idea what his presidential duties are since he’s incapable of leading the country and trying to create another pity me distraction won’t work for him.

Trump tweets about obstruction of justice, doesn’t understand criminal law article from ThinkProgress. –

Our Twitter tyrant really needs to think before opening his moronic mouth via tweet:

“Let’s not beat around the bush. This interpretation of several federal criminal statutes is simply wrong:

Trump appears to think that neither he nor any of his associates can be charged and convicted of an obstruction crime by Special Counsel Robert Mueller if Mueller isn’t also investigating some other crime that was actually committed (a consistent theme of Trump’s Twitter oeuvre is that Mueller’s investigation is a “Witch Hunt” investigating imagined wrongs).

But Trump’s latest tweet reveals that he has a very poor understanding of how the criminal law works, or what sort of actions constitute obstruction of justice. There is no one statute banning a singular crime of “obstruction,” rather, federal law prohibits a wide range of activities — from threatening or harassing witnesses, to bribing jurors, federal officials, or witnesses, to lying to federal investigators or under oath, to kidnapping the family members of a federal judge — all of which can be lumped under the broad heading “obstruction of justice.”…”

Donald Trump Nominated For The Nobel Peace Prize By House Republicans article from The Huffington Post. –

The ass kissing is in overdrive as Trump’s GOP brown shirts nominate his corrupt, war criminal ass for a Nobel peace prize…

Trump Goes to War With Mueller article from The Atlantic. –

Our nefarious narcissist is going to learn the hard way that he’s fighting a war he can’t win, especially since it’s well established that he’s guilty as hell.


For obvious reasons: he can’t tell the truth, even under oath and if he testifies he’ll only dig himself a deeper hole that he’ll never get out of.

Everything That Trump Has Told Us About His Health Is A Lie article from PolitucusUSA. –

Which isn’t surprising given the fact that our Liar and Thief Ignoramus-in-Chief never tells the truth about anything:

“Trump has gone beyond keeping his health a secret. Everything that he has told the American people about his health is a lie.

NBC’s Heidi Przybyla and Steve Kornacki summed up how little we know about Trump’s health:

Kornacki asked, “Now we say how much do we know about the health of Donald Trump? We had this letter from the lawyer and we had this statement from Dr. Jackson in the white house. How much do we actually know?”…”

President Trump Just Made the Changes to His Legal Team He Denied He Was Making article from TIME. –

Due in large part to the fact that he knows he’s going to be impeached soon, and if we’re lucky, put behind bars where he belongs.

Dana Milbank: President Trump’s Nobel Peach Prize acceptance speech article from The Salt Lake Tribune. –

A hilarious preview of what his acceptance speech would entail should they actually be stupid enough to give our big Orange turd ball a Nobel Peace prize.

Begala: Donald Trump is no ‘idiot.’ He’s something worse article from CNN. –

Begala thinks Trump has a cynical, innate intelligence that appeals to his base but the vast majority of the world still believes he’s just profoundly stupid…

Fighting Off Foreign Payments Lawsuit, Trump Asserts ‘Absolute Immunity’ article from Common Dreams. –

Our Hitler-aspiring wannabe dictator actually believes he’s above the law but he’s not:

“Claiming the president has “absolute immunity” from legal action both in his official capacity and as a private individual, lawyers representing Donald Trump called on a federal court to toss out a lawsuit accusing him of violating the Constitution’s Emoluments Clause by accepting payments from foreign governments at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C.

Norm Eisen, former White House ethics official and chair of Citizens for Ethics and Responsibility in Washington, said that if the court accepts Trump’s argument, it would effectively mean the president “is beyond the reach of the law.”

Filed by the attorneys general of Maryland and the District of Columbia in June, the suit accuses Trump of committing “unprecedented constitutional violations” by refusing to “disentangle his private finances from those of domestic and foreign powers.”

As the Associated Press notes, Ethics experts had warned that this kind of situation could arise because Trump refused to divest from his financial holdings when he became president. Trump instead promised to turn over profits from foreign government business at Trump Organization properties to the U.S. Treasury. The first such annual payment was made earlier this year for $151,470 but the company would not say how that figure was determined…”

Trump Makes Hilarious Claim That He’s Too Busy Working To Sit Down With Robert Mueller article from PoliticusUSA. –

Our illegitimate minority-elect president* is so lazy that he only works a few hours a day yet somehow he’s too busy to meet with Robert Mueller.

Rucker: Trump’s Angry Tweets Due To DOJ’s Refusal To Let Congress Interfere In Mueller Probe article from Crooks and Liars. –

Trump is freaking out because his despotic delusions of grandeur can’t stop the multitude of charges coming down the pike that is engulfing his flailing presidency.

In first TV appearance as Trump’s new lawyer, Giuliani makes serious legal error article from ThinkProgress. –

Sit back, grab some popcorn and enjoy the newest adventures of Dumb and Dumber because it’s only going to get better!

Robert Mueller already has the answer to his 49 questions article from Salon. –

Mueller doesn’t need to ask him questions to get his answers because Trump’s profound corruption and ignorance is a gift that keeps on giving:

“Special Counsel Robert Mueller wants to ask a whole lot of questions of Donald Trump that begin with the word, “what.” What did Trump know about Michael Flynn’s phone calls to Ambassador Sergey Kislyak? What was the purpose of Trump’s private dinner with James Comey in January of 2016? What was the purpose of Trump’s calls to Comey last year? What efforts did Trump make to get Sessions not to recuse himself from the Russia investigation? What was the purpose of Trump’s criticism of Sessions?

What Mueller really wants to know is “why?” Why did Flynn call Kislyak, why did Trump have Comey to dinner, why did Trump try to change Sessions’ mind about recusal?

But asking Trump why he did anything, why he thinks one thing or another, why he said something, why he tweeted anything at all is like asking a six year old boy why he played in the mud puddle.

Because he felt like it…”

Rudy Giuliani Self-Destructs And Accidentally Admits Trump And Cohen Committed A Felony article from PoliticusUSA. –

More on the newest adventures of dumb and dumber as having another corrupt moron on his legal team will prove devastating to the corrupt moron in the White House.

The Word You Are Looking for Is ‘Lie’ article from Esquire. –

How our lackluster lame duck Liar-in-Chief has lied repeatedly about his Stormy Daniels affair and how it might cost him bigly.

Giuliani goes on Fox & Friends after disastrous Hannity interview and reveals Stormy payoff was to help campaign article from The Raw Story. –

As previously mentioned, sit back, grab some popcorn and enjoy the show – it’s only going to get better.

The Essential Trump Question: How Stupid Does He Think We Are? article from Esquire. –

Apparently pretty stupid, though it appears his supporters are gullible enough to fall for it:

“Some days, I am stumped by the answer to what always has been the central question of the Trump Era in our politics.

Just how stupid does he think we are?

And the inevitable corollary.

Just how stupid do they think we are?…”

Trump is suggesting he’s above the law – and you should be outraged article from The Week. –

Trump has thought he’s above the law since being ‘elected,’ and he’s going to find out just how wrong he is.

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