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When False Flags And The Media Fail

Trump Syria from Pinterest

Once again, this time courtesy of a faked video, President Donald J. Trump illegally bombed Syria under false pretenses and the mainstream media (MSM) unabashedly cheered him on without question.

In early April of this year corporate media began parroting what turned out to be a completely fabricated story about a gas attack in Douma, allegedly carried out by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad that actually never happened. The alleged chemical weapons attack turns out to have been completely faked, staged and filmed by members of the ‘White Helmets,’ a supposed rescue organization that actually operates as part of the terrorist groups the U.S. is supposedly fighting in Syria which were dubiously used by Washington, The UK and France to justify another illegal U.S. attack under the guise of humanitarian intervention.

The U.S., along with The UK, Netherlands, Denmark and Germany, has been aiding, abetting and funding, the ‘White Helmets’ – terrorists that Washington claims are rebels who allegedly aid civilians, though there have been countless reports that more often-than-not they actually aid the terrorists they’re affiliated with – but Washington has allegedly decided to cut the funding for now since the claims about the Syrian gas attack completely fell apart. Despite the fact that Washington’s terrorists are well known for spreading falsehoods to justify multitudes of criminal activity, America’s corporate media opted to spread the lies instead of actually investigating or seeking facts and the truth.

In what has become typical fashion since the ‘terrorist’ attacks of 9/11, a complicit establishment media again beat Washington’s war drums with total impunity instead of doing what they’re supposed, which in the past has led to endless war without question. Saddam’s Iraq had no Weapons of Mass Destruction yet we invaded it any way, and we’re still there. Syria, which has actually been targeted by Washington for a couple of decades, is the latest unwilling recipient of regime change courtesy of the U.S. government and its allies, so the lies about chemical weapons attacks are dutifully repeated by the press despite there being numerous reasons to question them. To see why just follow the money. One look at who owns most of the MSM and how they benefit in this country and you’ll see they help Washington because they benefit financially.

Once upon a time the media was actually the eyes and ears of the U.S. population that kept them informed with facts and truth. The fact that we live in the world we live in today makes it obvious that those days are gone and in fact passed decades ago. When the media fails We the People pay dearly with the loss of Democracy, freedom, privacy, rights and virtually everything that America once was and stood for. The failure became blatantly obvious after the ‘terrorist attacks’ of 9/11 which, enabled by our complicit MSM, resulted in the passage of morally reprehensible ‘legislation’ such as the PATRIOT Act and the Authorization of the Use of Military Force (AUMF) that is blatantly exploited and misinterpreted by Washington to justify and enable their crimes and has since led to the tyrannical Police State we constantly witness today.

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Beware Of Quick Judgment In Latest Syrian Gas Attack

Man receiving treatment in Damascus photo from Yahoo! News

A recent conveniently timed alleged gas attack on a rebel held town of Douma near Damascus in Syria that killed at least 40 and injured scores more raises a lot of questions. The most recent in a string of gas attacks in the rebel held enclave occurred after negotiations for the forced exile of tens of thousands of civilians and rebel fighters had failed.

If the alleged Syrian chemical attack play book – fabricate evidence-free claims, have corporate media push the unsubstantiated claims without question , then use the fabricated lies to illegally attack the regime you’re trying to overthrow – sounds familiar, they should. The alleged gas attack came almost a year after the chemical attack perpetrated last year by U.S. trained terrorists failed despite Washington’s best attempts at regime change while trying to frame and remove Syrian President Bashar al-Assad from power, making it imperative to question everything, especially who benefits.

The total number of civilian casualties from the alleged attack varies from 40 to 110 depending on which propaganda outlet is pushing the as of yet unconfirmed Psyop reports demonizing Russia, Assad, and in the case of U.S. President Donald J. Trump – former President Barack Obama. The latest attack came at a time when the terrorists supported by the U.S. to overthrow Assad were being beaten badly and, in typical fashion, the attacks were strategically placed in a location full of children and cameras to conveniently capture it all, allowing the sycophantic trumpeters to falsely accuse and rattle war sabers.


Despite having no evidence, baseless accusations are coming fast and furious from the U.S. and its corrupt cohorts in the UK to goad an unsuspecting U.S. public into accepting false narratives that make Russia or Assad look guilty. History also has a way of repeating itself as almost a year ago the same exact type of false flag was used to justify Trump’s War Crimes in Syria when he illegally fired more than 50 Tomahawk Missiles to distract for his multitude of self-inflicted quagmires and imploding presidency at home.

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