When False Flags And The Media Fail

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Once again, this time courtesy of a faked video, President Donald J. Trump illegally bombed Syria under false pretenses and the mainstream media (MSM) unabashedly cheered him on without question.

In early April of this year corporate media began parroting what turned out to be a completely fabricated story about a gas attack in Douma, allegedly carried out by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad that actually never happened. The alleged chemical weapons attack turns out to have been completely faked, staged and filmed by members of the ‘White Helmets,’ a supposed rescue organization that actually operates as part of the terrorist groups the U.S. is supposedly fighting in Syria which were dubiously used by Washington, The UK and France to justify another illegal U.S. attack under the guise of humanitarian intervention.

The U.S., along with The UK, Netherlands, Denmark and Germany, has been aiding, abetting and funding, the ‘White Helmets’ – terrorists that Washington claims are rebels who allegedly aid civilians, though there have been countless reports that more often-than-not they actually aid the terrorists they’re affiliated with – but Washington has allegedly decided to cut the funding for now since the claims about the Syrian gas attack completely fell apart. Despite the fact that Washington’s terrorists are well known for spreading falsehoods to justify multitudes of criminal activity, America’s corporate media opted to spread the lies instead of actually investigating or seeking facts and the truth.

In what has become typical fashion since the ‘terrorist’ attacks of 9/11, a complicit establishment media again beat Washington’s war drums with total impunity instead of doing what they’re supposed, which in the past has led to endless war without question. Saddam’s Iraq had no Weapons of Mass Destruction yet we invaded it any way, and we’re still there. Syria, which has actually been targeted by Washington for a couple of decades, is the latest unwilling recipient of regime change courtesy of the U.S. government and its allies, so the lies about chemical weapons attacks are dutifully repeated by the press despite there being numerous reasons to question them. To see why just follow the money. One look at who owns most of the MSM and how they benefit in this country and you’ll see they help Washington because they benefit financially.

Once upon a time the media was actually the eyes and ears of the U.S. population that kept them informed with facts and truth. The fact that we live in the world we live in today makes it obvious that those days are gone and in fact passed decades ago. When the media fails We the People pay dearly with the loss of Democracy, freedom, privacy, rights and virtually everything that America once was and stood for. The failure became blatantly obvious after the ‘terrorist attacks’ of 9/11 which, enabled by our complicit MSM, resulted in the passage of morally reprehensible ‘legislation’ such as the PATRIOT Act and the Authorization of the Use of Military Force (AUMF) that is blatantly exploited and misinterpreted by Washington to justify and enable their crimes and has since led to the tyrannical Police State we constantly witness today.


From the accounts of those that actually investigated the alleged Syrian gas attack in Douma, filming it was quite the staged production. Douma’s ambulance service and Hospital even participated in the fake video that was later used to justify Trump’s illegal attack on Syria. British reporter Robert Fisk revealed that a member of the White Helmets started the false rumor. An American reporter revealed that none of the local residents heard anything about the attack and that Islamic terrorists faked the attack as a distraction for allowing them to slip out of town. After the choreographed con job was finished, children that participated in the staged production received dates and cookies for their trouble.

The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), who should have been in Syria investigating the alleged gas attacks but couldn’t be because Trump decided to illegally launch more missiles there, visited one of the bombed sites and found no chemical weapons as alleged by the fabricated White Helmet videos. Washington tried – and failed – to convince the U.S. that Russia had hidden the evidence but that lie unraveled almost as quickly as Washington’s Syrian gas attack false flag. Overall, Washington’s propaganda campaign against justifying their illegal attack was poorly planned and a massive failure from the start.

Naturally there has been no mention from MSM that the attacks they lied about for almost a week before Trump illegally bombed Syria never happened. America’s mainstream media lost all credibility and quickly looked for a distraction to deflect from their atrocious complicity in aiding and abetting our criminal president. Indeed, many of them frantically tried attacking dissenting narratives, calling them out on their non-existent lies but to no avail. Before Trump and his other Syrian gas attack co-conspirators in Great Britain and France decided to commit more War Crimes in Syria the media spent 6 days trying to goad the unsuspecting U.S. public into supporting them. Hoping everyone forgets their complicity and that the scandal goes away is not an option and they need to be held accountable for what they have done.

We the People pay a heavy price when False Flags fail and result in what many people call an illegitimate president illegally bombing a sovereign country while committing more War Crimes and International Crimes under the dubious guise of humanitarian intervention and the media cheers him on. Being called out on capitulating to Washington’s corrupt politics and recognized as the enablers they are tends to upset the status quo in Washington’s culture of corruption but that’s okay. It makes them aware that we are paying attention and that there will be consequences for their dubious actions.


On April 13th, in collusion with Great Britain and France, despite having no evidence and almost a week of pure speculation from fraudulent paid ‘experts’ in the media dominating the news cycles, Trump deployed more than 100 missiles on Syria. Part of deciding to illegally bomb Syria was based on protecting the 2,000 U.S. troops that are already there illegally training terrorists the U.S. is using to try and overthrow the Syrian government. Faulty logic based on a fabricated ‘news’ story promoted by the terrorists helping the U.S. in Syria does not justify or legalize Trump’s Syrian War Crimes.

In some aspects it’s not unreasonable to wonder whether Trump, in collusion with the U.K. and France, decided to attack Syria because it didn’t use chemicals against its population or because it allegedly did. Given Washington’s history of training terrorists under the guise of fighting terrorism coupled with reports of the Syrian gas attack false flag occurring weeks before it happened, there is no doubt that all three were well aware that all their actions were fraudulently based on nothing but lies. Lest we forget, Washington and many of its cohorts, including the U.K. France and Israel, have been conniving for decades to illegally invade and plunder Syria.

Despite being caught in their lies about an attack that never happened, some in the media are still trying desperately to make us believe it was real. MSM has a history of intentionally concealing the true targets of the US-Led aggression in Syria which is actually threatening no one. No nation in the world has been more responsible for the genocide going on in the Middle East than the U.S., oftentimes on Israel’s behalf. All the hysteria over Syria, Russia and much of the Middle East by the MSM is done on behalf of Washington to dubiously manufacture consent at home while dubiously covering up egregious War Crimes that continue unabated.

The media is supposed to be America’s watchdog on power and protector of Civil Liberties, but with Syria, as with Iraq, much of the Middle East and Russia, the media has repeatedly failed us miserably. When endless war becomes peace for the profit of the Military-Industrial Complex, freedom becomes slavery and ignorance becomes strength. When false flags and the media fail it becomes our civic duty to question everything, especially when it leads to what the majority of people consider an illegitimate president committing more War Crimes. Who benefits? Follow the money and that will tell you everything you need to know. As the last two decades have shown, with Washington and their lapdogs in the MSM, putting the burden of proof on them to justify their lies is now a requirement.

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