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Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

The endless probes into Trump’s growing cesspool of corruption begins today’s misadventures of our malignant minority-elect president*, digging in to face the growing list of criminal charges from his lackluster lame duck presidency, the many ways our Liar in Thief is purposely trying to destroy the Federal government, why Trump has the leakiest White House ever, our demented delusionist actually believes he’ll be able to put an end to the Mueller investigations, Trump’s felonious rap sheet continues growing exponentially, the new adventures of dumb and dumber are proving quite entertaining, the mystery of the missing millions in donations to Trump’s inauguration campaign that just disappeared plus a lot more.

The Trump labyrinth article from The Week. –

On the growing probes into America’s most corrupt-ever president’s* endless cesspool of criminal activities that keep spurring more investigations into his profoundly corrupt, failed presidency.

Team Trump Plans to Go on ‘War Footing’ to Fend Off Impeachment: It Could Backfire Big Time article from Truthout. –

If Trump’s past legal defense is any indication, his ignorance will end up backfiring big time.

Trump Is Destroying Himself By Demanding That The White House Never Apologize article from PoliticusUSA. –

Actually our dimwitted dip shit’s actions – compounded by profound stupidity – have been destroying him for decades, now it’s just catching up to him.

UNPRESIDENTED – A Complete Breakdown Of Donald Trump’s 68th Unpresidented Week As POTUS article from Rantt. –

A look at the latest week of our nefarious narcissist’s incompetent corruption filled week in office:

“Willing to turn on its allies at a moment’s notice.

Making consequential foreign policy decisions based on a foundation of lies.

Eager to decimate a decade’s worth of diplomacy to fulfill a campaign promise.

Its leader consumed in counterintelligence, corruption, and ethics investigations and is hell-bent on obstructing those investigations…”

Conservative Columnist Truth Bombs Trump, ‘Soulless People Working for Soulless President’ article from PoliticusUSA. –

Why our Lord of the Lies is more upset about the truth of his aide insulting John McCain being leaked rather than what was said:

If Trump goes, we won’t be able to say our long national nightmare is over article from The Raw Story. –

Once our dysfunctional dumb ass is gone, we’ll be stuck with Pence, who is just as bad as Trump, and also as guilty and involved in a lot of Trump’s collusion and obstruction of justice scandals.

How Trump’s Appointees Are Destroying Our Government article from PoliticusUSA. –

Putting sycophants that are just as corrupt as he is in charge of our Government to destroy it was Trump’s intention all along.

Don’t claim Trump’s doing nothing: He’s destroying the federal government article from Salon. –

As mentioned above, Trump is intentionally trying to destroy America and everything it stands for:

“His “ethics reform” plan was:

First: I am going to re-institute a 5-year ban on all executive branch officials lobbying the government for 5 years after they leave government service. I am going to ask Congress to pass this ban into law so that it cannot be lifted by executive order.

Second: I am going to ask Congress to institute its own 5-year ban on lobbying by former members of Congress and their staffs.

Third: I am going to expand the definition of lobbyist so we close all the loopholes that former government officials use by labeling themselves consultants and advisors when we all know they are lobbyists…”

White House can’t explain how Chinese financing of Trump-linked project doesn’t violate Constitution article from ThinkProgress. –

The Trump Organization – from which our Liar and Thief profits handsomely, albeit illegally while he’s in office – stands to make $500 Million off the Chinese government, which is why Trump wants to help Chinese phone company ZTE.

There’s 1 very simple reason why this is the leakiest White House ever article from CNN. –

Because Trump leaks everything to manipulate the news cycles to deflect from the damage being spawned by his endless corruption and stupidity – it’s all planned.

Media Outlets Are Having Trouble keeping Up with Hate Crime Reports in Trump Era article from Alternet. –

The amount of hate crimes committed in America have risen since Trump was ‘elected.’

Trump drives a deeper wedge between the US and its European allies article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

More on Trump’s delusions and repercussions from his Iran Nuclear deal disruption and the wedge it’s driving between America and its allies:

“The latest cover of Der Spiegel, a leading German news magazine, is not subtle. It shows an orange hand with an extended middle finger, wearing an angry Donald Trump finger puppet. The text reads, “Goodbye, Europe!”

The American president and his backers frequently insist that, thanks to Trump’s leadership, the United States is held in high regard across the globe. The evidence to the contrary is overwhelming, and when it comes to America’s closest European allies, the Republican has actually created a rift unlike anything the world has seen in modern times. The Washington Post reported overnight:

America’s three closest friends in Europe — Britain, France and Germany — are near-bursting with anger and exasperation at the United States. In a frenzy of meetings and phone calls among them over the past week, their leaders have tried to figure out what they can do about President Trump’s withdrawal from the nuclear agreement with Iran and his plans to impose sanctions on their companies that continue doing business there. […]

Trump’s continuing effort to circumvent global rules has thrown the multilateral order into “real crisis,” German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Friday in a speech to a religious conference…”

Trump / Israel Collusion on Syria article from CounterPunch. –

Why the violence against Syria is escalating since Trump ignorantly decided to derail the Iran Nuclear deal.

Strong Evidence of Trump Bribery Keeps Emerging article from PoliticusUSA. –

More on how Trump’s helping a Chinese phone company so his corrupt corporation can profit from half a billion in bribes he’ll receive – and the crimes just keep coming.

The Ivy League School That Won’t Talk About Its Most Famous Graduate article from The Atlantic. –

Our national embarrassment is causing an Ivy League School massive embarrassment as they refuse to talk about him.

The Consequences article from Slate. –

The blow back from our demented delusionist’s rash decisions is starting to appear:

“The big news events in U.S. foreign policy this week—President Donald Trump’s reversal on the trade ban with the Chinese electronics company ZTE, his wavering on “denuclearization” as a demand in the upcoming summit with North Korea, and Israel’s killing of 50 Palestinian protesters while Trump’s emissaries celebrated the opening of the new embassy in Jerusalem—all have one thing in common. They stem from Trump’s unwillingness to ponder the consequences of his actions in countries that he doesn’t understand.

In mid-April, as prelude to trade talks with Chinese officials (and a revving-up of a threatened trade war with China broadly), the White House barred U.S. firms from doing business with ZTE, in part because the company had violated the trade ban with Iran and in part because of cybersecurity concerns with its hardware. Then, Sunday morning, after China (and some private financial analysts) warned that the ban could put ZTE out of business, Trump backpedaled, tweeting that he was working with Chinese President Xi Jinping to get ZTE “back in business, fast,” adding, “Too many jobs in China lost.”

The fate of Chinese workers was an odd concern for a president whose motto is “America First” and who has lashed out at Chinese trade practices with particular ferocity. A more likely reason for Trump’s revised position is that, when the ban was announced, he simply didn’t understand the two-way nature of ZTE’s supply line: It wasn’t just that ZTE depended on American-made components (mainly from Intel and Qualcomm); it was also that those American companies made a lot of money—and employed a lot of American workers—from their business with ZTE.

The complexity of supply lines, worldwide, has caught Trump and his protectionist advisers by surprise. In the two months since his tariffs on steel and aluminum went into effect, 8,200 U.S. firms—most of which use imported foreign metals in their own manufacturing processes—have asked the Commerce Department for exemptions…”

Trump team ready to ‘pressure’ Mueller at probe’s one-year mark article from Politico. –

Our gift that keeps on giving’s stupid ass lawyer Rudy Giuliani thinks he’s going to be able to derail the Mueller investigations – good luck with that.


The legal consequences of our numb nutted nitwit’s decision to save a Chinese phone company so he can profit greatly will have consequences.

The NRA is Holdiing the Smoking Gun that Connects Trump to Russia article from Medium. –

The Russian company that the NRA did business with has been trying – though it’s probably already well established – to establish a back channel with the Trump administration through the NRA.

Don Jr. Tripped Up And Implicated His Dad In Trump Tower/Russia Meeting article from PoliticusUSA. –

Stupidity runs deep in the Trump family as the apple never falls far from the tree:

“Former US Attorney Joyce Vance says that Donald Trump Jr. contradicted himself in Senate testimony about his father’s knowledge of the Trump Tower meeting with Russians and implicated the president in a story that will not hold up.


On MSNBC, Stephanie Ruhle asked Vance if Trump Jr. tripped up his own story on what his father knew about the meeting by trying to pin it on Hope Hicks…”

Ethics Office has ‘essentially’ reported Trump to the Justice Department for potential criminal prosecution article from The Raw Story. –

Shocking… Trump committed yet another potential felony by making false statements in a previous financial disclosure.

Trump’s Got A Big New Stormy Daniels Legal Problem As He Finally Admits Cohen Payment article from PoliticusUSA. –

America’s worst-ever president’s* legal issues just went from bad to worse with the admission that he paid Cohen the hush money for Daniels.

We are trapped in a news cycle that tracks like a disturbing Mescaline flashback article from Salon. –

On the way that Trump’s lies, duplicity, hypocrisy and criminality – in addition to his corruption and stupidity – are worse than Nixon’s.

Rudy Giuliani Offers A Head-Spinning New Defense Of Trump article from The Huffington Post. –

The new adventures of dumb and dumber continue as our big Orange turd ball’s delusional dipshittery takes center stage:

“Rudy Giuliani says there’s “nothing illegal” about trying to find compromising information about opponents — even if the source is Russia.

“When I ran against [the Democrats], they were looking for dirt on me every day,” Giuliani told Fox News host Laura Ingraham on Wednesday night, in response to a question about Donald Trump Jr.’s apparent quest to find “dirt” on Hillary Clinton before the 2016 presidential election.

“That’s what you do, maybe you shouldn’t, but you do. Nothing illegal about that,” Giuliani said. “Even if it comes from a Russian or a German or an American, doesn’t matter.”

Giuliani, who joined President Donald Trump’s legal team last month, went on to say that the “main thing” was that the Trump campaign “never used it … they rejected it,” referring to political “dirt.”…”

Mismanagement or corruption? Where is the record $107 million in donations to Trump’s inauguration? article from The Daily Kos. –

My money is on corruption but it’s not surprising that millions of dollars in donations to Trump have gone missing given his felonious track record.

Adam Schiff Pinpoints Proof Of At Least Two Crimes In Trump’s Financial Disclosure article from PoliticusUSA. –

Trump’s web of lies have become so convoluted that he will never be able to get out of it – which will aid in bringing his fraudulent ass down.

The Trump administration’s coordinated attack on the previous American definition of reality article from The Raw Story. –

How the worst president* in American history and his equally corrupt administration are trying to bring Orwell’s 1984 to life to try and justify the delusions in Trump’s alternate reality with fake news and lies.

The new details on that infamous Trump Tower meeting are damning article from The Week. –

Trump’s lies just keep piling up and digging him a deeper hole he’ll never get out of:

“Congress is very eager to wrap up its probe into Russian election meddling. I mean, this isn’t Benghazi, right? No need for seven separate investigations stretching out over years. So in an effort to move toward a conclusion, the Senate Judiciary Committee released 2,500 pages of documents and transcripts from its investigation this week, and the Senate Intelligence Committee explained that the intelligence community’s assessment about Russia’s intentions in meddling in the 2016 election were accurate. “The Russian effort was extensive, sophisticated, and ordered by President Putin himself for the purpose of helping Donald Trump and hurting Hillary Clinton,” said Democrat Mark Warner, the Senate Intelligence Committee’s vice chair.

That conclusion may sound obvious, but it still needs to be said. And the documents provide more detail on the Russian effort and the Trump campaign’s cooperation with it.

Much of the material concerns the infamous June 2016 Trump Tower meeting that included Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, Paul Manafort, and a group of Russians, and around which so much of the “collusion” discussion has revolved. Proposed by an acquaintance of Don Jr.’s named Rob Goldstone, it was supposed to involve the Russians giving the Trump campaign damaging information on Hillary Clinton. In an email to Don Jr. (with “Russia – Clinton – private and confidential” as the subject line), Goldstone had proposed the meeting promising something extraordinary: Russian billionaire Aras Agalarov, who along with his son Emin is friendly with the Trumps, met with a high-ranking Russian official who “offered to provide the Trump campaign with some official documents and information that would incriminate Hillary […] This is obviously very high level and sensitive information but is part of Russia and its government’s support for Mr. Trump.”

Don Jr. replied with “if it’s what you say I love it,” and a meeting with the campaign’s top officials was quickly arranged…”

What you should know about Trump’s latest ‘spy’ claim article from Think Progress. –

The delusions in Trump’s alternate reality keep coming fast and furious as his desperation over the impending implosion of his failed presidency hits closer to home.

Giuliani not doing Trump any favors with latest collusion arguments article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

More on the dysfunctional dipshittery created by the new adventures of dumb and dumber.

Trump Threatens War With North Korea If They Won’t Make A Deal article from PoliticusUSA. –

Surprise, surprise. It turns out the dystopian Orange dip shit that claims to be the master at making deals lied…

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