Beware Of Quick Judgment In Latest Syrian Gas Attack

Man receiving treatment in Damascus photo from Yahoo! News

A recent conveniently timed alleged gas attack on a rebel held town of Douma near Damascus in Syria that killed at least 40 and injured scores more raises a lot of questions. The most recent in a string of gas attacks in the rebel held enclave occurred after negotiations for the forced exile of tens of thousands of civilians and rebel fighters had failed.

If the alleged Syrian chemical attack play book – fabricate evidence-free claims, have corporate media push the unsubstantiated claims without question , then use the fabricated lies to illegally attack the regime you’re trying to overthrow – sounds familiar, they should. The alleged gas attack came almost a year after the chemical attack perpetrated last year by U.S. trained terrorists failed despite Washington’s best attempts at regime change while trying to frame and remove Syrian President Bashar al-Assad from power, making it imperative to question everything, especially who benefits.

The total number of civilian casualties from the alleged attack varies from 40 to 110 depending on which propaganda outlet is pushing the as of yet unconfirmed Psyop reports demonizing Russia, Assad, and in the case of U.S. President Donald J. Trump – former President Barack Obama. The latest attack came at a time when the terrorists supported by the U.S. to overthrow Assad were being beaten badly and, in typical fashion, the attacks were strategically placed in a location full of children and cameras to conveniently capture it all, allowing the sycophantic trumpeters to falsely accuse and rattle war sabers.


Despite having no evidence, baseless accusations are coming fast and furious from the U.S. and its corrupt cohorts in the UK to goad an unsuspecting U.S. public into accepting false narratives that make Russia or Assad look guilty. History also has a way of repeating itself as almost a year ago the same exact type of false flag was used to justify Trump’s War Crimes in Syria when he illegally fired more than 50 Tomahawk Missiles to distract for his multitude of self-inflicted quagmires and imploding presidency at home.

Opposition-linked Syrian Civil Defense, also known as ‘White Helmets’ – terrorists paid by the U.S. and its allies to act as non-partisan peacekeepers to make other American supported terrorists look like the good guys, regardless of having a notorious history of fabricating videos and other ‘evidence’ – said the death toll is likely to rise as rescue operations continue. The ‘White Helmets’ are always around to aid and abet War Hawks in Washington who are trying to justify their illegal occupation of Syria while pushing for war with Russia and Iran. If history is any indication, it will eventually be revealed that U.S.-sponsored terrorist rebels were again responsible for the ‘attacks.’

For the past few weeks there have been revelations that another potential terrorist false flag chemical attack would be used to justify the illegal U.S. occupation of Syria and enable further bombing there against the Syrian regime. According to previous reports, terrorists being trained and stationed in Al-Tanf – the illegal U.S. military base in Syria – received 20 tons of chlorine gas and detonators disguised as cigarette packs to attack civilians in Douma which is densely populated with the terrorists the U.S. is supposedly fighting.


In fact, 40 tons of chemical weapons were recently found in areas liberated from the terrorists trying to help the U.S. overthrow the Assad regime but you won’t hear about it from the U.S. because it destroys the narrative their false flag Syrian gas attack is trying to accomplish which is why this time around the stakes are much higher. Demonizing an enemy whose weaponry is far advanced of U.S. capabilities is foolish and another illegal U.S. military strike on Assad and his Russia supporters would result in retaliatory strikes against the U.S. that will prove costly and disastrous to the U.S. Military.

Given the Western propaganda machine’s history of lies, false flags and Psyops, the timing of the attack is highly suspicious. The so-called poisoning plot of a former Russian spy and his daughter by Russia completely imploded and Trump has threatened pulling U.S. troops out of Syria and then there’s the fact that Washington’s state sponsored terrorists were getting their asses handed to them. It also coincides with Washington’s influx of War Hawks calling for war with Russia, Iran and North Korea. The dubious history of the Washington funded White Hats – who are always present when these types of things happen – also raises suspicions and serious questions about what really happened and more importantly, who is responsible for it.

Assad is a brutal, possibly genocidal dictator, but the U.S. has been just as brutal while committing genocide in the Middle East for two decades now and bears a lot of the blame for what’s happening in Syria so it’s imperative to be wary of the propaganda pushers and rushing to judgment. We will never get the truth from Western media and their allies for obvious reasons since it’s counteractive to Western war crimes and other chicanery. The conveniently timed gas attack appears to be yet another fabricated pretext to escalate tensions with Syria, as usual, on Israel’s behalf. Despite the repeated claims that Russia did it, there are too many questions yet to be answered.

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