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America’s Mainstream Media Problem

Fake News – a multi-billion dollar a year industry designed to shape public opinion and distort reality – and Russian Propaganda have been around for decades but when Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 Presidential election despite winning more than 2.8 more million popular votes to minority-elect Donald Trump it suddenly became a problem. America’s mainstream media plays a major role in acting as Washington’s Ministry of Propaganda in collusion with the CIA, and has lost all credibility. While thoughts of Russian interference in America’s elections are troubling, thoughts of CIA and FBI involvement in meddling with America’s elections is more disturbing.

6 corporations own and control 90% of America’s corporate media which has been fleecing the U.S. public for decades. Now we’re hearing a lot of fake news about fake news as baseless bull shit claims of Russian hacking and interference in America’s election permeate our corporate media airwaves as Washington ramps up the propaganda war it has lost. There are multiple reasons for this including hoping Americans will ignore the fact that America’s terrorists in Syria have lost badly and to discredit – or possibly worse – the minority election of a dystopian President Trump over corrupt corporate establishment candidate Hillary Clinton. Fake News, “terrorism” and “hate speech” are all easily twisted around and defined deceptively and selectively to serve as a useful instrument of propaganda and censorship. It’s important to note that those who loudly denounce Fake News are more often-than-not inevitably the ones aggressively disseminating it and it is based on fraudulent ‘experts’ and double-speak that obfuscates and hides bogus sources.

Ramping up the Russian propaganda serves a couple of purposes for Washington: transitioning the Military-Industrial Complex’s focus away from the fraudulent “War on Terror” towards a “new Cold War” with Russia that it feels will be more lucrative; and possibly blunting the threat that a President Trump poses to Washington’s failed foreign-policy establishment which would curtail Military budget cuts from Congress. It also serves as a distraction from the real reason(s) Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party lost the election. Despite repeated assertions without evidence or proof of Russian hacking by the U.S. government – the world’s largest hacking and espionage perpetrators – America’s pusillanimous media continues spreading Washington’s fallacies without question.


Russian propaganda was a staple of the failed Hillary Clinton presidential campaign and is now front and center once again as repeated claims that Russia hacked into America’s election to give their alleged puppet the U.S. Presidency. Clinton and her campaign can’t seem to grasp the fact that disenfranchising and blowing off Bernie Sanders and his supporters and their beliefs coupled with leaked – not hacked – emails revealing her deceptive practices and cesspools of corruption attributed to more than 2 decades of bloody malfeasance for personal profit played a large role in costing her the election. Had Russia actually hacked anything it would be very easy to tell and Washington’s Ministry of Propaganda would have released the evidence. Since it was never hacked there is no evidence to release but we’re supposed to take the word of a dubious “intelligence” agency that has repeatedly lied to the public for decades.

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The FBI Orchestrates Most US Terror Plots

A recent Russia Today report reveals that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) employs upwards of 15,000 undercover agents today, which is ten time more than they employed back in 1975. The FBI has built a massive network of spies – allegedly to prevent another domestic attack — but that network of spies actually orchestrates most US terror plots.

Aside from having a few spies too many, some of which are earning as much as much as $100,000 per assignment, you don’t have to dig too deep to see their accomplishments. Some of the FBI agents have pulled off terrorist stings that have stopped major attacks from happening since 9/11 on US soil. But here in the real world, the FBI has taken pages out of the CIA’s playbook. Many of these agents are responsible for plotting the very “terrorist” schemes that have been stopped.

In recent years the FBI has trained informants to snitch on suspected terrorists that they have set up from the get go. Mother Jones and the Investigative Reporting Program at the University of CA Berkeley found striking statistics regarding the role of FBI informants in terrorism cases that the FBI has targeted since 9/11. One former top-level FBI official told Mother Jones that for every informant officially employed by the FBI, there are up to three unofficial agents working undercover.

The FBI Infiltrates Communities Where “Suspected” Terrorists Regularly Meet

According to the report, the FBI infiltrates communities where “suspected” terrorists regularly meet with others. When the FBI infiltrates these “suspected” terrorist communities, they encourage them and provide weapons, funds, and a plan, then bust them before the attacks happen. This method utilizes what amounts to nothing less than entrapment, not to mention participating in creating homegrown terrorism.

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How many times does Osama bin Laden have to die before he’s dead?

Recently President Obama announced that the U.S. had killed Osama Bin Laden (OBL), despite releasing no evidence supporting those claims. While some orchestrated groups were shown celebrating the President’s announcement, many more met his announcement with skepticism and laughter. There are many reasons to question President Obama’s announcement, primarily the fact that OBL was reported as dead almost 10 years ago. President Obama and the Democrats will benefit politically from Washington’s quickly unraveling OBL fairy tale much the way George W. Bush benefitted every time OBL miraculously popped up when Bush needed to shore up support to condone his illegal actions. The state propaganda machine has propped up OBL’s ghost for almost a decade, albeit quite poorly and this doesn’t appear to be any different.

OBL had a well-documented Kidney problem which required a constant need for dialysis. Because of the health problems that are evident in the last known OBL video from late 2001, several heads of state and counterterrorism officials have opined that OBL has been dead since December 2001, and many reports on OBL’s death from that same time frame seem to confirm that. One of the many problems with Washington’s story, which only took 48 hours before unraveling, is that a dialysis machine is nowhere to be found in any of the pictures of the purported OBL’s compound released by the U.S.

According to French Intelligence Sources, OBL was flown to an American hospital in Dubai for 10 days of treatment. In Dubai, OBL was met by the local CIA attaché who was recalled to Washington after he bragged to his friends about meeting OBL. In fact, there were other OBL Dubai witnesses too. On September 10, 2001, OBL was in a Pakistani Military hospital for treatment where he remained under the watchful eyes of Pakistani intelligence, which has deep ties to the CIA. Naturally, when information about the CIA knowing the whereabouts of the terrorist mastermind it created was released, Washington denied it, but as I’ve said many times before, Washington has a major aversion to the truth.

An October 2001 videotape featured a visibly pale and gaunt OBL wearing Army fatigues and Islamic headdress. Two months later, in December 2001, another videotape featuring a seriously ill looking OBL who appeared unable to move his left arm appeared. The December 2001 videotape appears to be the last authentic video of OBL. All the ones presented by the CIA as proof that OBL was still alive turned out to be not real. The newest tapes alleging to be of OBL released by the CIA – the leader of the state propaganda parade – with no sound may or may not be authentic. That remains to be seen.

On December 26, 2001, Fox News reported on a Pakistan Observer story that OBL had died a peaceful death due to an untreated lung complication, citing a Taliban leader who allegedly attended OBL’s funeral. According to the source in the report, OBL died in mid-December, and the U.S. coalition would never find his body because it was buried honorably in an unmarked grave was made per OBL’s Wahibi belief. 30 close associates of OBL attended that funeral, including his family members.

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The U.S. Government’s Deceptive Israeli Relationship

Since Vice President Biden’s visit to Israel last week, over comments on Israel’s expansion and lack of peace plans, Israel’s Ambassador to the U.S. reportedly told Israeli media that ties between Israel and the U.S. are the “worst they’ve been in 35 years.” Maybe, but as the U.S. government’s deceptive Israeli relationship has repeatedly shown, probably not.

Both the U.S. and Israeli governments have deceived their citizens for decades so it’s probably just more smoke. The relationship between the Israeli and the U.S. government — most of which reportedly have to pass a ‘pro-Israel’ litmus test — probably hasn’t been affected much since Israel is the most visited foreign country by U.S. politicians. In fact, most members of the U.S. Congress are constantly protecting the Israeli government and the crimes they commit, especially when it comes to war crimes committed in Gaza.

Much of the ‘News’ fed to American by the corporate media is designed to be intentionally deceptive and one sided, often leaning towards information Israel wants Americans to believe, because many of the ‘News’ reporters and writers either have dual Isreali-American citizenship or have extremely close ties to Israel. Having Israeli citizens writing the ‘News’ for Americans has proved extremely relevant in keeping treason and a host of other crimes committed by the U.S. and Israeli governments covered up.

Americans give Israel billions of dollars of our tax money each year. The vast majority of what our military does, especially when it comes to the never-ending ‘wars’ in Afghanistan and Iraq are done because that’s what Israel wants. Neocons in the Bush administration bent over backwards for 8 years to please Israel while destroying this country. If more Americans knew the truth about the relationship between America and Israel, things would probably change.

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CIA Docs Reveal the Planned Meticulous Cruelty of Waterboarding

Recently released CIA documents show that their use of waterboarding was more than “a dunk in the water” as claimed by Dick Cheney — the controversial “enhanced interrogation” used by the CIA was reportedly far more brutal on detainees and was concocted and administered with meticulous cruelty.

Waterboarding would have been a luxury compared to the brutality the CIA documents reveal; interrogators used so much water on the detainees that the CIA tried using a special saline solution to minimize the risk of death.

A “specially designed” gurney that tilted backwards at a perfect angle in order to maximize the water entering a prisoner’s nose and mouth to intensify the sense of choking — and to be lifted upright quickly should the detainee stop breathing — was used by the CIA.

The documents spell out exactly what should occur during each two-hour waterboarding “session.” The documents instructed the interrogator to start pouring water right after a detainee exhaled to ensure that water, not air, was inhaled in his next breath. Interrogators could use their hands to “dam the runoff” and prevent water from spilling out of a detainee’s mouth.

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