America’s Mainstream Media Problem

Fake News – a multi-billion dollar a year industry designed to shape public opinion and distort reality – and Russian Propaganda have been around for decades but when Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 Presidential election despite winning more than 2.8 more million popular votes to minority-elect Donald Trump it suddenly became a problem. America’s mainstream media plays a major role in acting as Washington’s Ministry of Propaganda in collusion with the CIA, and has lost all credibility. While thoughts of Russian interference in America’s elections are troubling, thoughts of CIA and FBI involvement in meddling with America’s elections is more disturbing.

6 corporations own and control 90% of America’s corporate media which has been fleecing the U.S. public for decades. Now we’re hearing a lot of fake news about fake news as baseless bull shit claims of Russian hacking and interference in America’s election permeate our corporate media airwaves as Washington ramps up the propaganda war it has lost. There are multiple reasons for this including hoping Americans will ignore the fact that America’s terrorists in Syria have lost badly and to discredit – or possibly worse – the minority election of a dystopian President Trump over corrupt corporate establishment candidate Hillary Clinton. Fake News, “terrorism” and “hate speech” are all easily twisted around and defined deceptively and selectively to serve as a useful instrument of propaganda and censorship. It’s important to note that those who loudly denounce Fake News are more often-than-not inevitably the ones aggressively disseminating it and it is based on fraudulent ‘experts’ and double-speak that obfuscates and hides bogus sources.

Ramping up the Russian propaganda serves a couple of purposes for Washington: transitioning the Military-Industrial Complex’s focus away from the fraudulent “War on Terror” towards a “new Cold War” with Russia that it feels will be more lucrative; and possibly blunting the threat that a President Trump poses to Washington’s failed foreign-policy establishment which would curtail Military budget cuts from Congress. It also serves as a distraction from the real reason(s) Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party lost the election. Despite repeated assertions without evidence or proof of Russian hacking by the U.S. government – the world’s largest hacking and espionage perpetrators – America’s pusillanimous media continues spreading Washington’s fallacies without question.


Russian propaganda was a staple of the failed Hillary Clinton presidential campaign and is now front and center once again as repeated claims that Russia hacked into America’s election to give their alleged puppet the U.S. Presidency. Clinton and her campaign can’t seem to grasp the fact that disenfranchising and blowing off Bernie Sanders and his supporters and their beliefs coupled with leaked – not hacked – emails revealing her deceptive practices and cesspools of corruption attributed to more than 2 decades of bloody malfeasance for personal profit played a large role in costing her the election. Had Russia actually hacked anything it would be very easy to tell and Washington’s Ministry of Propaganda would have released the evidence. Since it was never hacked there is no evidence to release but we’re supposed to take the word of a dubious “intelligence” agency that has repeatedly lied to the public for decades.

The 2016 election was despicable given that neither candidate was worth voting for but it seems those supporting Clinton are very bad losers since Trump dampened their plans to push America’s exceptional hegemony down the world’s collective throats. But those supporting Clinton have made themselves look foolish claiming that Vladimir Putin stole the election from her, using Clinton’s play book about using Russian propaganda to distract from her numerous other scandals. Claiming Clinton lost to fake news is just a desperate attempt to delegitimize Trump’s intentions to make peace with Russia and end America’s illegal war in Syria.

Decades ago Harry S. Truman warned America about the CIA to no avail. When “News” organizations like the Washington Post, the New York Times, BBC, NPR, and its counterparts in the UK, EU, Canada, Australia and New Zealand – and host of other CIA-Corporate complex purveyors in Washington’s MOCKINGBIRD media influencing operation, which was in fact supervised by the Washington Post when it started – act like useful idiots and push blatant lies from a fraudulent group of ‘experts’ about Russian propaganda it only serves as a reminder of who the actual propaganda pushers are. Governments, especially the U.S., are famous for pushing fallacies as facts to hide their illicit actions and purposely misinform the public hoping that if they repeat the lies long enough everyone will start to believe it. Facts and truth are the greatest enemy of the state because they present the largest threat to corrupt governments. For the record, the Wall Street Journal editor has already said he will not report on Trump’s lies, even when he blatantly lies.


The Washington Post affirmed its affinity to the Ministry of Propaganda when it pushed the phony story of a website pushing McCarthyism aimed at blaming Russia for Clinton’s loss in November. In the article the Washington Post named a shadowy site that calls itself Prop or not under the guise of fallaciously naming alternate websites as propaganda pushers for Russia when in fact the Post was acting as the propaganda pusher for Russia. Delving into the ProporNot website revealed that in fact the dubious website actually had ties to the CIA and Ukraine and was based on pure conjecture instead of fact. After the truth was revealed the Post backtracked without apology by appending its story and admitting it may have been faked. As a reminder, the CIA invented the term “conspiracy theory” in 1964 to discredit those who questioned the lies concocted by the CIA and its dubious cohorts about the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Labeling those who tell the truth as conspiracy theorists is also a favorite tool used by our dubious corporate press to try and discredit those who reveal it or question their lies.

For anyone capable of making informed decisions it is unsurprising that the CIA fabricates propaganda to justify their illegal actions. As noted by Counter Punch, we have long lived in a post-truth society with political propaganda dominating “mainstream” news aimed at dominating public opinion. Cable “News” – FOX, CNN, MSNBC, etc. – have all played pivotal roles in misinforming those that are incapable of making decisions on their own. Cable “News” has perfected the art of fabricating justification to commit war crimes in other countries and cover actions of corrupt Presidential administrations as evidenced by the last 16 years. In fact, fake News has been used to white wash America’s allegiance with Israel to cover up their war crimes too. Fake News has been repeatedly used to cover up Washington’s crimes in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan, Africa, Somalia and other places around the world.

It has been made crystal clear, more than once, that the Clinton leaks came from a DNC insider, not Russian hacks. There is a major difference between the two yet our corporate media continues pushing fairy tales based on faulty assertions instead of revealing the truth, acting in a Kafkaesque manner. Sadly for our corporate media their baseless claims rely on secrecy, anonymous sources and insufficient proof instead of actual fact. Not one shred of evidence has been provided by our illustrious “intelligence” agencies to support those duplicitous claims. Washington has a history of meddling in foreign elections and doesn’t appear able to understand why the public won’t take them at their word.


The CIA has been involved in regime change since 1949 when it overthrew the Syrian government but has specialized in it since 1953, with Ukraine being its most recent victim in 2014 and has interfered in more than its share of elections around the world. Too many times the CIA has attempted regime change with disastrous consequences and America has paid a heavy price for it, especially when it comes to being fed nothing but deceptive fabrications and lies which makes the hypocrisy of the Russia-did-it propaganda even more difficult to believe. When you look at more than 6 decades of regime changes and deceptions it is virtually impossible to believe anything we’re told by our Government without pertinent proof.

Nowhere has fake news from Washington’s Ministry of Propaganda been more obvious than in its reporting of Syria where the CIA funds and trains one set of terrorists and the Pentagon funds and trains another to try and once again overthrow the Syrian government at U.S. taxpayer expense. This has been going on for several years now. The Russia hacked the American election propaganda came out just as Aleppo was being freed from the very terrorists the U.S. has been backing for the last 4 years yet many in the U.S. remain obliviously unaware of it. The defeat of IS in Aleppo marks a turning point in the ongoing Syrian Civil War and a deadly blow to Washington’s crony Capitalism. For the record, the U.S. State Department has openly trained Syrian “activists” in social media propaganda techniques since 2012 to the tune of $25 million which has inevitably played a large role in misinforming the U.S. public.

Minority President-elect Donald Trump specializes in lies, propaganda and fake News by communicating through image, sound bites and spectacle and you can rest assured that for at least the next 4 years America and the rest of the world will be drowning in it under his Administration. In using Twitter Trump can avoid contact with the media and blatantly make false statements that the minority that elected him will believe without question. Eventually the media and others will need to hold Trump responsible for his cowardly actions and repeated lies on Twitter that categorize his dystopian pursuits. Using Twitter to post vitriolic, un-Presidential rants also enables Trump to wage war on free speech against those that don’t support him and incite violence against those who question or cross him without fear of retribution.


Breitbart, an alt-right propaganda source whose editor is playing a huge role in the Trump White House, will now be used to try and reshape Trump’s dystopian disposition while trying to cover up his malfeasance since President Barack Obama just signed off on a questionable 2017 National Defense Authorization Act (PDF) – with no debate or input for the public – which creates a new federal center, to be appointed by our incoming minority-elect President that is allegedly aimed at countering foreign “propaganda and disinformation’ but will inevitably be used in the U.S. to counter the lies that will hence forth come from the Trump administration, albeit most likely ineffectively since the propaganda from the Trump cabal will be delusional and aimed at those that were foolish enough to vote for his fraudulent ass in the first place.

The days of America’s media being the watchdog for the public it allegedly served are gone. Now America’s corporate media serve as nothing more than shills for U.S. domination and military aggression. The media cites propaganda and fake news reports without giving any specifics hoping the public will be gullible enough to fall for it, making it imperative to question everything the Government tells you. As far as allegations of interference in America’s elections by Russia it is important to ask how could, why would Russia do that, and what could they possible leak that would influence the election? The case against Russia is far from a slam dunk and is based entirely on secrecy, anonymity and undisclosed sources that specialize in propaganda and deception for pay.

The only way to actually hold any public debate about Russian intervention in the U.S. elections is to publicly disclose the evidence instead of blaming it on unverifiable anonymous disclosures from America’s morally challenged “Intelligence” Complex. America needs to look in the mirror and realize what has been done in our name to numerous other countries. Calling those who question Washington’s dubious claims treasonous offers more evidence that we need answers based on facts and truth, not propaganda Washington has become so famous for spreading. Washington needs to show us the “evidence” of Russian interference that further discredits the minority election of a fatally flawed President or the establishment needs to slither back under the rock from whence they came.


Because fake news and propaganda will play a vital role in illegitimate minority-elect President Trump’s Administration it will require vigilance to keep it in check. As Republicans did that past 8 years under President Barack Obama’s watch, Democrats need to block every move illegitimate, minority-elect President Trump’s administration attempts. The majority of Americans that were aware of what a Trump presidency will bring will need to come together to resist – by any means necessary – reconnect and renew every step of the way to rebuild the world in better ways starting in our communities. The challenges we will face from the Trump cabal, which has no mandate whatsoever, will require pledging our allegiance to bring people together, caring for each other, our earth and our futures together.

Learning to recognize propaganda and fake news for what they are is necessary. The easiest ways to look into misinformation include considering the source(s) of said propaganda and fake news – where they came from and who is spreading it, especially without question or any evidence of proof – and following the money to see who is responsible for creating it and why. Who benefits? A ten-point plan for preparing for the illegitimacy of the upcoming Trump administration can be found at Common Dreams. Propaganda and fake news played a major role in fleecing Americans into choosing between the lesser of two incorrigibly corrupt candidates and now a majority of us will pay the price courtesy of a minority mass of morons.

As with all dystopian plutocrats absorbed in narcissistic, self-centered delusions, it will be equally important to recognize, directly counter and debunk Trump’s endless barrage of the duplicitous psychological appeals that won him a minority-elect presidency geared towards disgruntled voters that were fed up with profoundly corrupt politics as usual in Washington while ignorantly hoping for change. As noted by clinical psychologist Roy Eidelson, it’s time to work together to make sure that Donald Trump’s hollow tales lose their luster and his self-aggrandizing motives are laid bare for all to see.

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