The Convenience of Creating Existential Enemies

After the illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003 and the massive failure it proved to be, a new crisis has been created to further U.S. interests and ensure profitability for the U.S. Military-Industrial Complex and Big Oil under the guise of “humanitarian intervention.” Conveniently creating an existential enemy to further a fraudulent “War on Terror” while continuing its Imperial quest for world hegemony has become standard operating procedure for Washington. If you can’t find an enemy, create one. What we’re witnessing in Iraq today – as we did 11 years ago when constantly bombarded with the official U.S. propaganda and fear-mongering campaign – with overblown threats from an enemy created by Washington’s culture of corruption is the perfect example of how the U.S. government operates in the Middle East.

Killing more than a million Iraqi’s – by some estimates – and displacing five times more than that wasn’t enough for Washington and when Iraq forced the U.S. to leave we had to find a new way to go after its oil and resources. By creating a terror group to try and overthrow the regime in Syria that wouldn’t cooperate with their agenda, Washington has been able to use their terrorists as a reason to create a new “crisis” and take attention away from Israel’s illegal genocide in Gaza and Washington’s illegal endeavors in Ukraine after its illegal overthrow of the democratically-elected Ukraine government this past February. By fueling yet another U.S.-fabricated crisis in Iraq, Washington is able to continue fighting on multiple illegal fronts at the same time.

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), or the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) as President Obama prefers to call them for obvious reasons, became National news in June of this year when they captured Mosul with little resistance from the Iraqi Military. There were nearly 350,000 soldiers in the Iraqi Army that basically turned over their guns and uniforms to 1,300 U.S.-created terrorists running under the ISIS flag. Within a couple of weeks the U.S.-created terrorists had captured other crucial parts of Northern and Western Iraq from the Iraqi Military. By the end of June ISIS had announced a Caliphate straddling the Iraq-Syria border.


The convenience of having an enemy like ISIS as a result of George W. Bush’s illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003 and of President Barack Obama’s decision to fund and train their new breed of terrorist to try and overthrow Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Syria is paying off for those who profit from endless crises such as this. The U.S. had help from its friends in the Arab world — Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait — in creating and funding ISIS which was trained in Turkey to unleash a new brand of terrorism to turn our attention back to the Middle East after failing to achieve the overthrow of the Assad regime in Syria. That attempt failed miserably despite all the weapons and training they received. One has to wonder, given Washington’s propensity for creating terrorists to justify its fraudulent “War on Terror,” how much and what we’re being told about ISIS by the U.S. media is true and how much of it is propaganda. Given Washington’s dubious history of deception, odds are everything we’re being told about ISIS is the latter.

Were it not for the fact that the Bush cabal illegally invaded Iraq after telling us more than 935 lies, trying to say Al-Qaida was linked to Iraq and 9/11, sending more than 4,000 U.S. troops to their deaths while maiming tens of thousands more, disbanding the Iraqi Army, building military bases all over that country and consequently plundering all their oil reserves for their corporate masters, ISIS probably would not have become a possibility. The Bush cabal’s criminal actions in Iraq paved the way for the Obama cabal’s ability to build up a new breed of terrorist which is being conveniently manipulated to further enable Washington’s corruption and ignorance. Destroying Iraq opened the door to the lawlessness we’re witnessing there today.

It seems that most of the stories we heard about the Iraqi Army being a financial racket in which commanders earned kickbacks and embezzled lots of funds were true. Staging provocations to further Washington’s illicit agenda in Iraq has ramped up calls for more “intervention” by the U.S. on Iraq’s behalf but Washington doesn’t want a strong, independent Iraq. Washington wants oil, power, and for the Middle East to continue imploding. The U.S. war machine will use any excuse to justify an all-out assault on Iraq and the Iraqi people will continue to suffer, either at our hand or at the hands of the new breed of terrorist Washington helped create. Pushing terror on the usual complicit Sunday morning propaganda shows is reminiscent of the lies used to goad us to war with Iraq on the George W. Bush cabal’s watch.


Acting like the good guys to save Iraq from enemies Washington created is farcical and disingenuous as hell. Having to drop more bombs in Iraq because terrorists funded by “friends” in the Gulf Arab States is an extreme embarrassment. Even more embarrassing is the fact that Washington’s new breed of terrorists are now well-armed with U.S. equipment and weapons that were basically handed over to them by the Iraqi Military. Bombing terrorists Washington created makes for great political theater but the only thing it will achieve is making matters worse — again — which will cost U.S. taxpayers another small fortune on top of the trillion plus dollars we already wasted there. Once again America is embarking on another illegal war that it cannot win.

We don’t know a lot about ISIS -– the sordid tales of brutality, cruelty, kidnapping of women, burying people alive, its viciousness towards Christians and Yazidis and its public beheadings, though the beheading video of journalist James Foley appears to have been fabricated like the old Osama bin Laden videos which were also used to continue but not end the fraudulent “War on Terror” — aside from the fact that it was created by Washington, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait, but we’re told that they are the latest, greatest threat since Al-Qaida which is now being conveniently used to justify Washington’s preference for never-ending war and that they appear to operate silently without Washington’s knowledge if what we are told by our media is true. But we also know that more often than not what Washington tells us isn’t true and our faithful and unflinching media follows Washington’s lead without question. We don’t know how much of this so-called Caliphate is real and how much of it is being manipulated by Washington to justify its continuing illegal actions in the Middle East. Because ISIS was created by Washington and its Gulf State cohorts, we may never know the complete truth but accepting Washington’s words at face value would be very foolish.

As noted by Patrick Cockburn, there are extraordinary elements in the present U.S. policy in Iraq and Syria that are attracting surprisingly little attention: In Iraq, Washington is carrying out airstrikes and sending military personnel to beat back the advances of ISIS, but in Syria Washington is doing to the exact opposite and is supporting ISIS in an attempt to overthrow the Assad regime, which is the desired endgame of Washington, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait which is why the ISIS was created to begin with. By continuing the contradictory policies in two countries, Washington is ensuring that ISIS can reinforce fighters in Iraq from Syria and vice versa. Washington has escaped the blame for ISIS by putting it on the Iraqi government but the blame rests solely on Washington. ISIS will continue to flourish, offering yet more evidence that the “War on Terror” is nothing but a major fraud, not to mention a monstrous failure.


In the fight against ISIS in Iraq U.S. warplanes are taking out U.S. military equipment as Washington’s deadly but profitable bombing continues. The American cult of bombing has become a national past time for Washington and the constant cycle of supplying weapons to both the Iraqis and the Kurds helping fight ISIS in Iraq is again proving extremely profitable for the U.S. Military-Industrial Complex. All the charades involving ISIS in Iraq and Syria offer us yet more evidence that America isn’t trying to end its fraudulent “War on Terror,” America is simply after Iraq’s oil under the guise of fighting Islamic extremism. America’s return to the war in Iraq promises to become even more aggressive as the fight over Middle East oil continues.

The vast majority of the destruction of Iraq happened because of Washington’s actions or under their watch. America cannot win this war and Washington knows that but will do anything for oil. Sending another 300 U.S. troops to provide “security” in Iraq on top of the at least 750 military personnel we have there now is an indication of things to come. Soon we could have yet another illegal full scale U.S. Military assault on Iraq and Syria regardless of U.S. public opinion based on lies and deceptions. Conveniently creating an existential enemy only serves to further enable bankrupting Americans financially and morally as revealed by the fact that Washington has been an active participant in the ISIS conflict and has played a major role in creating the current conflict to benefit a few at the cost of many. How much more are we going to take?

There’s a lot more to the current ISIS situation and Iraq “crisis” than what we’re being told. Escalating America’s involvement in Iraq would play into the hands of ISIS and those responsible for their creation. The promise of more beheadings — we have been fed nothing but a steady diet of phony videos and propaganda since Bush’s appointment to the presidency in 2000 to further enable Washington’s criminal agendas — plays into the U.S. Pentagon’s hands as Washington contemplates broader involvement in Iraq and President Obama contemplates military strikes in Syria too. The murder of a journalist intensifies calls for further U.S. involvement but those calling for more involvement need to answer a hell of a lot of questions. Since the inception of Washington’s fraudulent War on Terror we have bombed Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen under the fallacy of “keeping us safe” from terrorists Washington created, and for what? We haven’t “won” anything. The only thing we’ve accomplished is creating a new threat and pushing more propaganda to justify criminal actions.

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