Premeditated Fabrications and False Russian Accusations

Repeating lies a million times does not make them true but Washington is desperately trying to escalate their orchestrated Ukrainian “crisis” to war with Russia now that their false flag of shooting down Malaysia Flight MH17 has egregiously failed since evidence revealed the Ukraine government shot that airliner down. Since the U.S. orchestrated its illegal coup this past February and replaced Ukraine’s democratically-elected government with neo-Nazi fascist puppets, the U.S. has tried to tell us that Russia is aggressively invading Ukraine, despite facts that reveal the complete opposite. The truth is that the vast majority of everything Washington has accused Russia of doing has been done by the U.S. in its ongoing illegal Ukrainian charades and we’ve been down this rocky road before with Iraq.

Russian “aggression” has been insinuated from the start and Washington demonizes Russia but nothing that wasn’t prefabricated has been released demonstrating Russia’s aggressions. Regardless of Washington’s lies and propaganda, Russia has no war plans for an attack on Europe or any other countries. Try as they may to frame Russia with their ill-conceived, deceitful “legislation” titled “Reinvigorating the NATO Alliance,” “Deterring Further Russia Aggression in Europe” and “Hardening Ukraine and other European and Euro-Asian States Against Russian Aggression,” Russia isn’t being aggressive at all. Washington is.

However you look at the deceptive propaganda being spewed about by Washington, the intentions to declare war with Russia are obvious. The U.S. does not need yet another illegal war based on lies and deceptions courtesy of Washington’s delusional quest for World hegemony — nor does it need another war of aggression for Israel. Ukraine was once part of the Soviet Republic. All the talk from Washington about “insurgents” in Ukraine fighting is total horse shit. Insurgents aren’t fighting in Ukraine against Washington’s puppet government. Ukrainians are and all the lies in the world aren’t going to change that fact. When Washington orchestrated its illegal coup in Kiev, Ukrainians decided to fight back.


Since the inception of Washington’s illegal coup in Kiev, America’s pusillanimous press corps has purposely misrepresented everything about it. When Crimea voted to rejoin Russia, America’s press pushed the lies that the Russian Military invaded it and took it back. Nothing could be farther from the truth. When Kiev’s illegal neo-Nazi fascist puppet regime started slaughtering Eastern and Southern Ukrainians that opposed the illegal takeover of their country American media falsely labeled them as pro-Russian terrorists, completely failing to note that they too were Ukrainians not insurgents from another country. The only insurgents from other countries were those terrorists paid for by Washington to illegally overthrow the democratically-elected government in Kiev. Yet Russia is blamed for everything by Washington, its Western partners in crime and its Ministry of Propaganda.

Washington’s anti-Russian propaganda is being pushed as a precursor for invading Russia and drawing the U.S. into a war it cannot win to push an illicit agenda. Europe can’t or won’t stand up to Washington and usually will do whatever is asked of them regardless of how illegal or immoral it is. Washington regularly coerces other nations with blackmail, bribes and threats and Europe and other Western co-conspirators may pay a heavy price for capitulating. Washington’s agenda has resulted in an American Police State routinely used to suppress its own population and Washington is under the delusional belief that it has a God given right to World hegemony so nothing can get in its way. Disagreeing with Washington’s criminal endeavors results in war.

When pressed for evidence of Russia’s involvement in Ukraine, Washington is unable to provide it because it doesn’t exist. After relentless hounding for some evidence, the U.S. State Department, not the U.S. Military, released satellite images purporting to show proof that Russia fired weapons into Ukraine. The fact that the U.S. State Department released this so-called evidence reveals that this is yet another fabricated hoax created with the hope that the U.S. public would fall for it. Instead of releasing this so-called evidence in a press conference, Washington relied on Social Media to spread their ill-conceived lies in a desperate move to win a losing propaganda war. Anyone with a brain that is capable of making an informed decision would realize that this is just a hoax.


Washington doesn’t care that all its propaganda designed to push America to war with Russia is baseless. Washington only cares about furthering its world hegemony agenda and enriching the criminals that are running it. The growing desperation of Washington’s criminal leadership is glaringly evident, especially since the U.S. State Department — which controls Washington’s Ministry of Propaganda — has made no official statement on behalf of the propaganda it fabricated to try and goad an egregiously misinformed U.S. public to war. Sadly for Washington’s propaganda peddlers, the U.S. is waking up to the fact that Washington lies about everything and that the fallacious claims from Washington are completely unsubstantiated.

There does appear to be evidence that Ukraine has fired artillery shells into Russian territory since the beginning of summer, most recently firing 45 mortar shells at targets inside the Rostov Region on Russia’s border that destroyed civilian homes and forced the evacuation of citizens. But Washington continues to claim that Russia is firing into Ukraine while releasing poorly crafted, low resolution images — that in fact appear to have been doctored — as proof. The lack of quality in the so-called evidence Washington is pushing reveals just how desperate Washington has become because of its failing coup in Ukraine and its criminal actions are backfiring. In time the so-called evidence produced by Washington will be revealed as a fraud designed to take attention away from Kiev’s false flag that killed nearly 300 civilians when Malaysian Flight MH17 was shot down.

But the biggest problem Washington has with presenting its “evidence” about Ukraine being fired on by Russia is that James Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence, who claims this “evidence” is real, is a pathological liar. Clapper lied repeatedly to the U.S. Congress about the illegal activities of the National Security Agency (NSA) and should have been prosecuted for perjury. Clapper was the one ultimately responsible for producing the grainy photographs Washington is claiming prove Russia fired missiles into Ukraine. The photos were fabricated by a private civilian company, begging the question: Why would the Office of the Director of National Intelligence — America’s foremost admitted liar — have to resort to private-sector satellite imagery as proof instead of imagery provided by the NSA? Because the people pushing for war with Russia are all serial liars that belong behind bars.


All the propaganda being conducted against Russia right now is being done with the intent of starting a war that no one is going to win. Europeans need to pay attention to what is happening because they will be the first to be nuked. Washington and its Western cohorts are totally corrupt and the world is about to pay a heavy price for it. Blaming Russia as “flat fact” when there is no evidence of Russian wrongdoing shows just how corrupt Washington truly is. To accept the lies from Washington is foolish, especially when Washington and its neo-Nazi fascist Ukrainian puppet regime committed those crimes Russia is being fallaciously accused of, primarily because Washington’s practice of blaming others to keep their crimes covered up has been standard operating procedure and more evident since the appointment of George W. Bush to the U.S. presidency in 2000. Washington has propagandized their crimes against humanity for more than a decade now.

Ukraine is at the heart of the U.S.-Russian struggle because of oil and natural gas — a 1,480 mile, $21.6 billion dollar South Stream natural gas pipeline to connect Russia’s gas reserves to European markets in particular — because Europe relies on Russia for about 30 percent of its natural gas. Washington wants its puppet masters in the Big Oil Industrial Complex to control that flow of gas in their quest for world hegemony and Washington will do everything it can to ensure that happens, even if it means starting World War III. No criminal activity is too extreme to deter Washington from getting what it wants. Consequently, all the bull shit insinuations and phony evidence being fabricated by Washington and pushed as fact by its minions in the Ministry of Propaganda is done with the intention of stealing those resources and killing as many Ukrainians as necessary is just collateral damage. Washington won’t stop until it acquires all the natural resources it possibly can.

Since 9/11 the U.S. media has lied repeatedly to Americans using Orwellian doublethink and doublespeak to purposely misinform the U.S. public, and like Iraq, America is being led down a rocky road that could take generations to overcome. Expecting us to believe everything Washington tells us as fact is foolhardy. When confronted with facts and the truth, Washington can’t handle it because their fairy tales inevitably implode. Framing Russia with bogus allegations and insinuations to keep Washington’s criminal activities covered up only works until you become aware of the propaganda. It’s even more pathetic — and more telling — that Israel continues getting away with genocide in Gaza while Russia gets punished for the crimes committed in Ukraine by Washington and its neo-Nazi fascist puppet regime. Using false narratives and fabricated “evidence” to justify crimes against humanity on a massive scale is preposterous. Washington’s crimes in Ukraine will only compound as Washington’s desperation grows. We don’t need to go down this road again.

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