Evidence Reveals Ukraine Military Shot Down MH17

After weeks of false accusations and baseless insinuations against Russia for shooting down Malaysian Flight MH17 despite offering no evidence whatsoever, emerging evidence is revealing that the Ukraine government, using 2 SU-25 jet fighters, actually shot down the flight and killed 298 innocent people in an apparent false flag attack aimed at framing Russia. The actual story of how that plane was sacrificed to further the criminal neo-Nazi fascist puppet regime Washington put in Kiev after its illegal coup in February is coming out regardless of the Western media’s best attempts to keep it covered up. Washington couldn’t produce any evidence implicating Russia because none exists.

A report by the Malaysia’s New Strait Times charged the U.S-European backed Ukrainian regime with shooting down the plane, refuting all the bogus allegations planted by the CIA claiming Russian President Vladimir Putin or the so-called pro-Russian rebels were responsible for the despicable act. Malaysia concluded that Ukrainian fighter aircraft attacked the jetliner with a missile and multiple bursts of 30-millimeter machine gun fire from both sides of MH17 and the Russian Military presented detailed radar and satellite data showing a Ukrainian Sukhoi-25 fighter jet tailing MH17 moments before the jetliner was shot down.

Washington’s neo-Nazi fascist regime in Kiev is denying it but overwhelming evidence says otherwise. Photographs of the blast fragmentation patterns on the fuselage show 2 distinct shapes — the shredding pattern associated with an air-to-air missile and several penetration holes consistent with the 30-millimeter machine guns on the SU-25 planes on both sides. Many of the photographed pieces of the fuselage, where the pilot was sitting, have been pockmarked with several rounds of apparent machine gun fire (PDF) from the Ukrainian jetfighter. Of course, Washington was already aware of that despite trying to frame Russia.


No evidence has been released by Washington indicating that Russia had anything to do with shooting down Malaysia Flight MH17 despite the lies from President Obama and his John Kerry, U.S. Secretary of State who has lied about the incident from the start. The report by the New Strait Times serves as a powerful piece of evidence implicating the neo-Nazi fascist regime in Kiev which totally destroys the bogus claims by Washington, Berlin and their European cohorts. Adding more fuel to the fire for Washington is their deployment of Blackwater mercenaries who are closely working with Washington’s illegally installed puppet regime in East Ukraine where MH17 was shot down. Ukraine’s criminal regime — undoubtedly with Washington’s blessings and knowledge — appears to be guilty of the cold-blooded murder of the 298 people who were on flight MH17 and is frantically stonewalling the investigation.

Washington’s fallacious BUK missile theory will collapse completely once Dutch inspectors find shell casings or fragments that can be traced back to Ukraine’s SU-25 jetfighters so the puppet regime in Kiev has ramped up their state sponsored terrorism in Eastern Ukraine to make sure that doesn’t happen. Washington concocted that fairy tale for its Ministry of Propaganda that is the Western media to spread as an attempt to advance a narrow political agenda to demonize Russia. No mention of MH17 being rerouted through a war zone at a lower altitude than usual has been mentioned in Western media’s propaganda nor has the fact that 2 Ukrainian jetfighters were tailing it. Washington had a satellite sitting right over the area where MH17 was shot down so why hasn’t President Obama shown us their proof that Russia was involved? We already know the downing of MH17 was committed by Ukraine government. We just need to know who was ultimately responsible for it.

It’s deplorable how the American media completely ignores facts. In this case there is irrefutable evidence that Ukraine shot down Malaysia Flight MH17 and the U.S. media and the Obama administration have gone completely silent about the incident. The only question that remains is: Was Ukraine targeting the Russian President’s airplane that was nearby at the same time or did the Ukraine Military purposely shoot down a civilian airliner in an attempt to frame Russia? Regardless, the facts are revealing that the Malaysian airliner was shot down by Ukraine’s neo-Nazi fascist regime in Kiev, not Russia or the so-called pro-Russian rebels. The evidence obliterates Washington’s fallacious claims used to vilify Russia and reveals that President Obama and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry blatantly lied about it which isn’t surprising since the entire U.S.-created Ukraine crisis has been a fraud since its illegal inception.


To get an idea what happened you only need to review the evidence: Retired Lufthansa Pilot Peter Haisenko was one of the first to arrive at the crash scene that had bullet-riddled refuse where part of the plane went down and he was able to piece together what brought MH17 down. One of the first Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) investigators on the scene also noted the obviousness of strong machine-gun fire on a few pieces of the fuselage. No other officials arrived at the scene of the wreckage for days. It also appears that between the times the first inspectors arrived and the time the rest of the investigators arrived evidence from the crash scene was tampered with but they couldn’t hide the fact that the pilot of Malaysia Flight MH17 was purposely targeted from both sides of the aircraft by Ukrainian SU-25 jet fighters.

The pressurization of MH17 came apart after hails of machine-gun fire from both sides of the plane tore it apart, completely debunking Washington’s claims of an anti-aircraft missile being used. The claims by Washington that pro-Russian rebels used BUK anti-aircraft missiles have been revealed as lies because there were no reports of a specific smoke trail — like that of a comet — reported as being seen by any news media, despite the propaganda from Washington’s cohorts in trying to frame Russia. All the emerging evidence points to the fact that Washington’s neo-Nazi fascist puppet regime in Kiev pulled this off and Washington is desperately trying to figure out how to spin it in a way that supports their lies.

A Spanish air traffic controller had also tweeted seeing 2 jets from the Ukraine military trailing Malaysia Flight MH17 right before it was shot down. After tweeting about the incident, the controller, who went by the name Carlos, was threatened by the neo-Nazi fascist regime in Kiev and was taken off duty for suggesting that the Ukraine Military was responsible for downing the civilian airliner. The tweets from Carlos were scrubbed by the Ukrainian government and all the radar records were immediately confiscated once it became obvious what had happened. It’s unclear what happened to Carlos after he tweeted what he saw and it appears that the Ukrainian puppet regime — led by the CIA and Blackwater — may have killed him because he was a witness to their crime.


In typical fashion the European Union has played along with Washington’s fairy tale, falling in step with Washington’s Ministry of Propaganda to push the lies that Russia was responsible for the Ukrainian government’s crime. It’s impossible to push that lie now that the truth is coming out and irrefutable evidence that Ukraine killed those innocent civilians onboard that fateful flight has emerged. In typical fashion minions in the U.S. press are also pushing generic lies about data from the black boxes recovered at the crash site, claiming the findings are consistent with a missile blast, but they have not told us which government came to this conclusion after releasing the bogus report. Washington’s problem with the bogus black box report and “explosive decompression” theory that caused the plane to fall apart is that it could easily have been a result of the heavy machine-gun fire from the Ukraine jetfighters that caused the explosive decompression.

The bogus generic claims from the black box report were the result of “analysis” by the British government which has faithfully pushed Washington’s lies — think Downing Street memos — since the Obama administration’s illegal overthrow of the democratically-elected Ukrainian government this past February. Anyone foolish enough to trust the British government deserves what they get given Britain’s propensity for lying for Washington. Fortunately, the physical evidence that was found lying on the ground was photographed quickly and uploaded to the internet before Washington and their criminal cohorts had a chance to tamper with it or make it disappear. Even the British government’s lies about the incident can’t cover up the truth about what really happened and who was responsible for shooting flight MH17 down.

The Ukrainian government lied about not having jet fighters in the area of the Malaysia Flight MH17 incident. That lie became apparent when the pro-junta Kiev Post ran a story on July 17 claiming that the Russian Military shot down Ukrainian SU-25 aircrafts in the same area as MH17. It turns out that the Russian military may not have actually downed the SU-25 Ukrainian jets but despite the neo-Nazi fascist regime in Kiev’s lie about SU-25’s not being in the area, the Ukraine military proves there were. Like Washington, Ukraine has lied about everything since the illegal coup was pulled off. It’s obvious that Washington is trying to teach the Ukrainian government how to lie and propagandize to cover up their crimes but that hasn’t worked for Washington and it won’t work for Ukraine.


The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), one of Washington’s criminal cohorts, is desperately trying to start a war with Russia in Ukraine to expand on Washington’s imperialistic agenda at any cost. Unfortunately for NATO Washington’s illegally installed regime in Kiev is starting to implode. Washington is desperate because its Exceptionalism — which means great profits for the criminal cabal running Washington — is in jeopardy and the “Super Power” status enjoyed the U.S. is on its way out. Washington is even more terrified that the union between Russia, China and Latin America is threatening to destroy Washington’s plans for world hegemony and controlling the world. Smearing Russia and pulling off false flag attacks to try and frame them hasn’t worked out so well for Washington or its neo-Nazi fascist regime in Kiev.

Leveling baseless sanctions on Russia will do more harm to Europe than Russia. In response to the baseless sanctions, allegations and insinuations, Russia has been busily ridding itself of the U.S. dollar and has trade agreements with China requiring payment in part in yuans and rubles instead of American currency. Russia hasn’t responded to the slaughter of Russian speaking Ukrainians with military might. Russia has instead responded by acting in a level headed way. By decoupling itself from the U.S. economy Russia is making itself richer while weakening Washington’s criminal endeavors geared toward world hegemony and complete global control of finances and resources. Europe will learn the hard way after shooting itself in the foot to quit supporting Washington’s crimes or they will pay a heavy price for their collusion.

All of Washington’s lies and propaganda about Russia are due to the fact that Washington wants to control the flow of gas through Ukraine and because Russia and its alliances with China and Latin America will end up destroying the influence of American currency — and because of the failed attempted coup in Syria last year when Washington hired terrorists to try and topple their government for the same reason — to control the oil and gas resources Ukraine possesses. Like the false flag chemical attack in Syria, the false flag in Ukraine of shooting down a civilian airliner by the Ukrainian government failed. But this time there is more than ample evidence revealing that Ukraine shot down MH17. Putting covert support behind a neo-Nazi fascist regime will not bode well for Washington and no amount of lies or propaganda is going to change that fact. Stay tuned to see how Washington tries to weasel its way out of this one.

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