Fabricated Fear and Fraudulent Follies

Nearly 13 years after 9/11 — the greatest false flag ever carried out on U.S. soil with the help of an appointed war criminal President and his administration with total impunity — Washington has capitalized on manufacturing fear to conduct a plethora of fraudulent follies around the globe. After unleashing a multitude of illegal wars, including the never-ending “War on Terror,” which have proved to be massive failures, Washington has had to create a new enemy to try and scare Americans into submission to continue its illegal activities and as usual the fear-filled fallacies being spewed by Washington and its faithful minions in its Ministry of Propaganda are overblown. After all this time, all the blatant lies and deceptions, everything we’ve been through and all we have lost Americans still haven’t learned a thing.

Concocting another crisis while manufacturing more fear and creating a new enemy also serves to deflect attention away from Washington’s involvement in Israel’s war crimes in Gaza and the losing proposition in Ukraine where Washington illegally overthrew a democratically-elected government which is beginning to self-destruct. Blaming Russia for crimes that were actually committed by Washington and its crooked European Union cohorts is only part of the game and when evidence revealed that shooting down a civilian jetliner was actually a false flag committed by the neo-Nazi fascist regime illegally installed by Washington in Kiev, another crisis and more fear had to be manufactured to take attention away from Washington’s growing laundry list of failed criminal endeavors.

As anyone who has ever been exposed to a dangerous or life-threatening experience is fully aware, fear does not serve as a particularly useful emotion. It can paralyze you and destroy the confidence needed to survive and move forward and it can undermine the mental clarity required to make pertinent decisions while reducing you to a cowering, panic-stricken wretched wreck. Learning how to recognize and ignore it is essential to making informed decisions and survival. We have grown too accustomed to living in a state of terror conveniently constructed for us by our government in Washington. Recognizing which threats are real as opposed to the myriad of those invented by Washington’s criminal regime will go a long way towards ridding ourselves of the fabricated fear and the fraudulent follies once and for all.


If you look back at the past 13 years at all the so-called terror plots, the corporate corruption of our legal and justice systems, all the illegal actions and false flags attributable to the CIA or the U.S. Department of State, the illegal out-of-control surveillance and invasions of privacy of every American by the NSA, the chaotic legacy of the George W. Bush cabal’s illegal wars and role in the 9/11 false flags, the collusion with Wall Street by our corrupt leadership in Washington responsible for a financial crisis for which there has been no accountability that continues profiting the criminals responsible for it and no one else, the failure to prepare for climate change and now the illegal activities in Ukraine, Iraq, Gaza, Libya and soon Syria where Washington’s desired endgame is regime change, it becomes obvious that putting our trust in Washington to get us out of the crises it constantly and purposely creates would be profoundly foolish. There are real threats in the world and most of them involve our illicit government which is owned by corrupt corporations that continue profiting at our expense.

That every government lies is a given, but the U.S. government specializes in lying to their citizens, exploiting their manufactured fear and cultivating that fear as standard operating procedure. It has become blatantly obvious since 9/11 that Washington specializes in perpetrating false flags too. Washington uses their manufactured fear to scare Americans into submission, to break U.S. and International Law, and to collude with other governments and terrorist organizations it helps create to purposely keep Americans in a perpetual state of fear while pursuing a plethora of criminal activities for which it constantly holds itself above the law and reproach. The current situation in Iraq is a perfect example of how Washington perpetuates endless fear in order to spend more than $7 million a day to bomb and prepare reinvading Iraq while covertly planning to bomb Syria, which it has wanted to do for quite a while.

Since 9/11 Washington has perfected the art of refining their fabricated fear machine to rid itself of Constitutional restrictions and create excuses for being able to intrude on everyone’s lives while eviscerating privacy, rights and freedoms under the dubious guise of keeping us safe — usually from terrorists they created. It’s impossible for any government to protect its people when said government is the one responsible for terrorizing its people. Occasionally Washington will protect its own people, but only when it serves their interest or purpose. When there is no threat of fear around for Washington to continue its illicit quest for world hegemony, it conveniently creates fear by perpetrating false flags while fabricating baseless insinuations to try and frame others for their actions.


The politics of manufactured fear are tricky. When the government cries wolf too many times — as is happening now — manufactured fear becomes useless. Eventually people discount their government’s fabricated fear and start realizing they’ve been duped. Using Machiavellian scare tactics are impossible once the people realize the depths of deception and the astonishing lies their government perpetrates. When that happens it becomes necessary for said corrupt government to create new threats and crises which are often achieved through manufactured false flags in desperation. Sloppiness observed from those false flags has a tendency to come back and bite corrupted governments in the ass, and they become more easily recognizable as time goes on. We need to take a much closer look at the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) to recognize what it is and where it came from.

Governments often rely on corrupt corporations in the private sector to aid them in manufacturing fear. In the U.S., every corporation in cahoots with Washington usually performs their fear manufacturing for massive profits at taxpayer expense. “Defense” contractors specialize in deceiving the public to fabricate fear because they end up making billions of dollars. The fabricated fear industry is a conglomeration of corrupt people, think tanks and corporations whose only aim is to make ungodly profits regardless of the consequences. Fear works best during war time when a government can get away with raising your taxes and shredding your rights and freedoms in the name of “National Security” which is another fraudulent creation conveniently misused to allow governments to commit crimes against other nations and their own people with total impunity.

When you mix greed with fabricated fear it becomes more difficult for a government to get away with their criminal actions. Washington has been trying to remain the world’s solo super power for quite a while now but tossing ignorance into the mix continues causing their quests for world domination to implode. The U.S. Pentagon has a strategy for world domination that is unrealistic and unattainable. Current military policy is being geared towards Russia and China whose alliance will destroy America’s quest for world domination and Washington is freaking out. Try as they may Washington has unsuccessfully demonized Russia while painting Vladimir Putin as the new Hitler, despite the fact that the Obama regime installed a neo-Nazi fascist regime in Kiev in an attempt to back Russia into a corner and force a military confrontation. Those efforts and propaganda campaigns are failing and Washington is growing more desperate.


The rise of ISIS and all the manufactured fear we’re being subject to comes at a time when Washington’s efforts to demonize Russia are becoming comically obvious. Being able to escalate more U.S. military involvement in Iraq while dropping more bombs on an enemy Washington created to overthrow the Syrian regime comes with the added bonus of being able to fight both sides of a war in Syria. One short year ago U.S.-created terrorists were conducting chemical weapons false flags in Syria to try and frame the Syrian regime in a failed coup. That false flag failed miserably and Washington had to hold off on war with Syria. Now that ISIS is such a “spectacular” threat to Iraq and Syria, Washington can begin an illegal war in Syria under the guise of helping it remove ISIS. For Washington it’s a win-win situation.

The rise of ISIS also comes at a time when Europe is waking up to the fact that they have been supporting a criminal state in Washington whose illegality is starting to come back and bite them. Support for Washington’s criminal regime in Europe is fading at a time when Washington’s support for Israel’s genocide in Gaza is drawing too much negative attention for Israel and their enablers in Washington. How convenient that after realizing the blatant war crimes Israel conducted in Gaza a truce magically appears. Both Israel and Washington need to be held accountable for the crimes they routinely perpetrate against the Palestinian population and with any luck, that day of reckoning will come.

How the fabricated ISIS crisis plays out remains to be seen but we need to be wary of the fabricated fear Washington and it’s Ministry of Propaganda continue pushing on us, especially after all we’ve been through since 9/11. To gain better insight into Washington’s latest fabricated crisis you need to remember the Bush cabal and Cheney’s legacy of lies. There is no better example of the manifest failure of foreign interventionism than the renewed U.S. bombing in Iraq. Americans need to wake up from the fog of the lies and propaganda being used to befuddle them and start questioning everything their government does and tells them. Failing to understand the psychology involved in Washington’s perpetual fear-mongering means that the lies and deceptions will continue. The solution to the ISIS crisis will only appear when we accept the fact that the terrorists who should terrify us the most are the ones in Washington. After 13 years we should be shutting down the fear factory and taking a closer look at how we got here in the first place.

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