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Pandemic Corruption of American Politics

The ancient Greek philosopher Socrates taught his students that the pursuit of truth can only begin once they start to question and analyze every belief that they ever held dear. For instance, if your belief passes the tests of evidence, deduction and logic, you should keep that belief. If it does not pass those tests, the belief should be discarded, but then the thinker must question why he was led to believe the erroneous information in the first place. Applying that theory to U.S. politics and the path this country has been led down the past seven and a half years raises quite a few concerns and questions.

Dirty politics carried out by corrupted politicians helping the rich get richer while putting the screws to the rest of the population has been the standard practice in Washington for a long time. What has made it worse these past seven and a half years is a Congress with little ethics or morals that has been hell-bent on screwing the people they represent while bending over backwards to help the most corrupt, never-elected president responsible for killing thousands upon thousands of innocent victims and starting illegal wars. Congressional leadership has been responsible for covering up Bush’s crimes, due primarily to the fact that they’re just as guilty as Bush is.

President Bush, like many other ‘leaders’ throughout history, has always sought to mislead the thinking of the masses, and misinform the public as evidenced by his purposely misleading propaganda machines with help from what were once reputable news sources. Zionism has played a major role in the Bush administration. Zionism has played a much larger part in American politics and American history.

The reality of Bush’s presidency — in the words of NanceGreggs from the Democratic Underground in her aptly titled article “The Legacy of a Lunatic” which sums it up nicely — despite the pro-Bush pundits, the PNACers and the air-headed teleprompter readers passed off as journalists gathering on the political talk shows trying to rewrite history, will be the fact that it was never a true presidency at all. It was the result of selection rather than election, it was marked not by sound strategy, but by stagecraft; not by purposeful action, but an endless array of photo-ops meant to capture merely an image of leadership in a constant attempt to obscure the truth that no such leadership ever existed. Election fraud has been very good to president Bush. The Truth and the Law should be President Bush’s…as well as his incompetent cronies…downfall.

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