Pandemic Corruption of American Politics

The ancient Greek philosopher Socrates taught his students that the pursuit of truth can only begin once they start to question and analyze every belief that they ever held dear. For instance, if your belief passes the tests of evidence, deduction and logic, you should keep that belief. If it does not pass those tests, the belief should be discarded, but then the thinker must question why he was led to believe the erroneous information in the first place. Applying that theory to U.S. politics and the path this country has been led down the past seven and a half years raises quite a few concerns and questions.

Dirty politics carried out by corrupted politicians helping the rich get richer while putting the screws to the rest of the population has been the standard practice in Washington for a long time. What has made it worse these past seven and a half years is a Congress with little ethics or morals that has been hell-bent on screwing the people they represent while bending over backwards to help the most corrupt, never-elected president responsible for killing thousands upon thousands of innocent victims and starting illegal wars. Congressional leadership has been responsible for covering up Bush’s crimes, due primarily to the fact that they’re just as guilty as Bush is.

President Bush, like many other ‘leaders’ throughout history, has always sought to mislead the thinking of the masses, and misinform the public as evidenced by his purposely misleading propaganda machines with help from what were once reputable news sources. Zionism has played a major role in the Bush administration. Zionism has played a much larger part in American politics and American history.

The reality of Bush’s presidency — in the words of NanceGreggs from the Democratic Underground in her aptly titled article “The Legacy of a Lunatic” which sums it up nicely — despite the pro-Bush pundits, the PNACers and the air-headed teleprompter readers passed off as journalists gathering on the political talk shows trying to rewrite history, will be the fact that it was never a true presidency at all. It was the result of selection rather than election, it was marked not by sound strategy, but by stagecraft; not by purposeful action, but an endless array of photo-ops meant to capture merely an image of leadership in a constant attempt to obscure the truth that no such leadership ever existed. Election fraud has been very good to president Bush. The Truth and the Law should be President Bush’s…as well as his incompetent cronies…downfall.

Congressional Leadership Implicated in Bush’s Crimes

The reason for passage of illegal, unconstitutional legislation amending FISA is at least two-fold: Several members of Congress were bought by the Telecoms who pushed for passage of the bill containing retroactive immunity, and the Congressional Gang of Eight knew about the illegal wiretapping and condoned it — meaning that they’re just as guilty as President Bush and his administration — so allowing an investigation into Bush’s crimes would end up implicating Congressional leaders who knew long ago about the crimes. The Gang of Eight includes the leaders of each of the two parties from each of the two houses of Congress (The House of Representatives and The Senate) and the chairs and ranking members of the intelligence committees of each house.

The gang of eight, includes Nancy Pelosi, Jane Harman and Jay Rockefeller. Glenn Greenwald from Salon News wrote an indepth article covering the motivation for blocking investigations into Bush’s lawbreaking that details why key Congressional leadership is caught between a rock and a hard place since they’re compromised too. It’s also the biggest reason Bush and Cheney haven’t been impeached.

Pelosi, Harman and Rockefeller were well aware of the illegal spying and the torture and none of them did anything to stop it. Harman, who drafted the illicit ‘Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007‘ legislation, has long been a vocal supporter of the illegal spying. In her ignorant, Bush-like rationale, Harman has been under the belief that the illegal spying program is essential to U.S. national security and that its disclosure has damaged critical intelligence capabilities. Bush’s version of ‘national security’ is used more for keeping his illegal activities covered up than anything else as well as getting dirt on political opponents and foes. It wouldn’t be surprising, in keeping up with past traditions of at least one presidential administration, if blackmail was involved too.

All the lies used by Congress — including presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee Barack Obama — to pass illegal FISA amendment legislation, were probably told to keep the involvement of Congressional leadership quiet and covered up.

Bush’s orwellian Military Commissions Act legislation was designed to give immunity to the torturers and those who authorized the torture. The FISA amendment legislation was designed to give immunity to those who spied illegally, and those who authorized it. The illegal spying began long before the attacks of 9/11. Numerous Orwellian laws have been passed by Congress. For a good — or bad, depending on how you look at it — joke, check out the Code of Ethics for U.S. Government Service and see if you can find any that haven’t been violated by entirely too much of the 110th Congress.

Chickenhawks Trying To Rewrite History

Some members of the Bush administration, possibly freaking out at the prospect of facing multiple criminal charges, have been busy once again spreading a bunch of B.S. in attempts to cover everyone’s butts. Douglas Feith is one of those. Feith is one of Bush’s many neocons who has dual Israeli-American citizenship.

Feith has been pushing for war with Iran for some time now. Lately he’s had to back track and try to rewrite history as to why the Bush administration went to war with Iraq. Recently, Feith tried to say that the Bush administration prohibited torture during interrogations. That myth has been debunked many times. Feith was one of the many cheerleaders who tried developing the legal rationale for subjecting ‘terrorist’ suspects to torture. Wonder what kind of crap Feith will try to spread when some of the torturers start speaking out as they’re being hung out to dry…

John Bolton is another Bush neocon who has dual Israeli-American citizenship. Bolton has also been pushing for war with Iran for some time now, but he has recently changed his tune trying to imply that he has ‘always said’ striking Iran is ‘deeply unattractive.’ Bolton was a big supporter of going to war with Iraq too.

Meanwhile, another former architect of the Iraq war, Paul Wolfowitz, thinks the United States needs another crisis such as 9/11 or some other ‘compelling crisis’ to help bolster America’s stature in the world since it’s been so badly damaged by the Bush administration. Just what we need, another excuse for Bush to destroy even more of America to support his illegal actions. Wolfowitz is also one of Bush’s neocons who has dual Israeli-American citizenship.

Then there’s the idiot in Florida who put up a billboard with a photo of the Twin Towers burning. Next to the photo are the words “Please Don’t Vote for a Democrat.” Beneath that message is a web site that leads to a song being marketed with the same title. It’s pathetic to watch these morons try to blame that disaster on Democrats when Bush — a Republican — was in office.

Zionism And The American Way

Zionists dominate the American media, government, academia and Hollywood. ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine, Newsweek, People Magazine, US News and World Report as well as countless other media and Hollywood companies all have either a Zionist CEO, a Zionist News Chief, or are owned by a media conglomerate which has a Zionist CEO — which explains why there is no mention of Israel’s terror attacks against Palestine and why Palestinians are always portrayed as the terrorists. The corporately owned media controls the news and tells you what they want you to know, purposely omitting information they don’t want you to know. A lot more information can be found from The National Alliance.

AIPAC, the Israeli lobbying organization is apparently the most feared lobby in Washington DC. AIPAC consists of 60,000 members who donate millions of dollars to the vast majority of Congress. America has been under the control of Israel for quite a while.

Why is this important? Zionists played a key role in leading the U.S. into two world wars and are busily trying to start a third one. Zionists don’t care if Americans — or anyone else for that matter — are killed to further their goals and are capable of committing brutal acts and genocide. Zionists have a record of attacking Americans in order to frame Arabs and Zionists control the media. A Zionist is also running the Pentagon. Where do you think their loyalties lie? Hint: it’s not with America. All this and so much more easily verifiable information can be found from The American Patriot Friends Network.

Most people aren’t aware of the role that Zionism has played in America’s history, and the role it still plays. With the appointment of the Bush administration, Zionism has played a much larger, deadlier role and has led to the willful destruction of freedom and democracy. There is nothing wrong with being an ally to Israel or having Jewish friends, but there something majorly wrong when Israeli corruption undermines American democracy. Until America does something about it, things will never change.

It’s Time For Accountability in Washington

At the expense of millions of others, President Bush and his supporters have made billions of dollars which those of us who pay taxes — as opposed to the wealthiest who have tax breaks courtesy of President Bush — will be paying back for generations to come.

Speaker Pelosi finally loosened the chain around Senator Conyers’ neck and is allowing an impeachment hearing — although there will be no vote for impeachment…remember, having an impeachment hearing with the intent of impeachment would implicate Pelosi and the other Congressional leadership, so she wants to make sure that doesn’t happen. Senator Kucinich is leading the impeachment charge. An excellent assessment of Bush’s plans to turn America into a police state and to put himself above the law can be found from Buzz Flash. As usual, little if any mention of the impeachment has been made in the corporately owned media.

As I’ve said a few times in the past, there is a lot of evidence pointing to Bush’s willingness, with the help of some Israeli’s, to purposely destroy America for profit. America and the rest of the world will not fall for another false flag attack designed to scare America and the rest of the world into submission. It’s blatantly obvious why Bush does not want an investigation into the attacks of 9/11 — which is all the more reason to have an investigation into the attacks of 9/11.

A new movement is under way to hold those in Congress who have failed the American public miserably over the past seven plus years accountable for their actions. It’s coordinated by Accountability Now and Strange Bedfellows. The strategy and rationale for Accountability Now and Strange Bedfellows can be found in this article by Glenn Greenwald.

Despite giving Democrats control over Congress in the 2006 elections — as noted by Mr. Greenwald — the Bush-led Republican party has been the author of the radicalism, extremism and lawlessness of the last seven years, presiding over an endlessly expanding Surveillance State and accompanying war-making machine, and the dismantling of numerous core Constitutional principles. It needs to stop. To find out how you can make a difference, visit the Accountability Now PAC web site or click one of the banners below.

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