Daily Archives: July 13, 2008

Dangers and Deceptions of Dual Citizenship

When a person has dual citizenship and is put in charge of the most powerful federal agencies in the United States, where do that person’s loyalties lie? How many premeditated and precalculated deceptions have to take place before people realize that they’ve been intentionally duped for almost eight years?

Many key members of the Bush administration have dual Israeli-American citizenship. Michael Mukasey, Bush’s Attorney General and Michael Chertoff, Bush’s Secretary of Homeland Security are a couple.

Instead of performing duties that a less-corrupted Attorney General would perform, such as investigating crimes instead of committing them, Mukasey has done his best from day one to obstruct every investigation into Bush’s corruption, recently arguing that those who authorized torture shouldn’t be investigated or punished.

In conjuring up the ‘global war on terror,’ the Bush administration has heard what it wants to hear, conveniently inflating the ‘threats’ — as confirmed by a 23 year CIA veteran to the Washington Post — it can use to coerce public opinion and keep the people in constant fear of being attacked. Chertoff and his crew, Mukasey and his crew, and several other facets of the corrupted Bush regime have done their best to make sure those fears stay fresh. The threats faced by America have been purposely overhyped to help Bush get his fascist policies instated in his quest to destroy Democracy and Freedom. Bush has repeatedly used terrorism against Americans to validate his illegal spying and other illegal activities.

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