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Disreputable Politics & Corrupted Democracy

The FISA legislation fight continues running rampant — Senator Obama angered several of his supporters announcing he would support an unconstitutional bill that destroys the fourth amendment…a bill to replace the diabolical Protect America Act that did nothing but destroy Democracy in the name of Bush induced terrorism…and the opposition has made national news — more reasons behind Bush wanting to invade Iraq continues coming to light, more soldiers are being stuck in Iraq and Afghanistan for more extended tours of duty as suicide rates among soldiers continue to soar, and 9/11 debunkers continue making themselves look like idiots. That and more can be found below.

Mr. Obama and his campaign continue raising questions as to how much change this country will actually see, since his opinions keep changing. Congress — in all its neverending delusional, corrupted, profitable, fear-based faith — is preparing to once again pass controversial legislation offering immunity for telecoms who participated in Bush’s illegal wiretapping while covering Bush’s butt for all of his self-described powers that have already proven illegal more than once. Democratic Leadership in the House of Representatives continues caving into one of the most pathetic, corrupt and unpopular President’s in the history of this country, constantly doing everything…albeit with unconstitutional and illegal ‘legislation’…in their powers to keep Bush’s illegal activites covered up while trying to remove rights and freedoms of Democracy from those they’re elected to serve. If you want to make sure your Congress person knows how you feel about the illegal, unconstitutional FISA legislation, information can be found from FireDogLake.

Bush continues ignoring the real data on Iran — as Israel continues pushing for war with Iran — preferring instead to toss it aside while looking for any excuse to go to war with Iran. Iran is rich in oil. One Ex-CIA Agent was reportedly told five times to either falsify information regarding WMD in the near East, or not to file his reports at all. Bombing Iran would be a disaster since our troops in the Middle East would be affected drastically, and could potentially be annihilated.

For years, financial friends and supporters of President George Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney have received wealth and power beyond their dreams at the cost of financial ruin, freedom and rights to Americans, also paid for in the blood of our dead and wounded soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as citizens of both those countries. In all the wrong ways Bush has shown his support of the troops since beginning his illegal occupation of Iraq, few are quite as pathetic as trying to blame his torture policies on our troops. Then again, Bush’s complete tenure as a never-elected president has been one major disaster after another. Bush and his cronies have done some serious damage these past seven plus years.

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